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Dietary support with Boswellia resin in canine inflammatory joint and spinal disease.

Schweiz Arch Tierheilkd. 2004 Feb;146(2):71-9.

Dietary support with Boswellia resin in canine inflammatory joint and spinal disease.
Reichling J, Schmökel H, Fitzi J, Bucher S, Saller R.

Institut für Pharmazie und Molekulare Biotechnologie (IPMB), Abteilung Biologie, Ruprecht-Karls-University Heidelberg, Germany.

An open multi-centre veterinary clinical trial, comparing conditions before and after treatment with a herbal dietary supplement consisting of a natural resin extract of Boswellia serrata, was conducted by 10 practicing veterinarians in Switzerland. This traditional plant-based supplement is known for its anti-rheumatic and anti-inflammatory properties. 29 dogs with manifestations of chronic joint and spinal disease were enrolled. Osteoarthritis and degenerative conditions were confirmed radiologically in 25 of 29 cases. The resin extract (BSB108, product of Bogar AG) was administered with the regular food at a dose of 400 mg/10 kg body weight once daily for 6 weeks. Already after two weeks of treatment, an overall efficacy of the dietary supplement was evident in 71% of 24 eligible dogs. A statistically significant reduction of severity and resolution of typical clinical signs in individual animals, such as intermittent lameness, local pain and stiff gait, were reported after 6 weeks. Effects of external factors that aggravate lameness, such as "lameness when moving" and "lameness after a long rest" diminished gradually. In 5 dogs, reversible brief episodes of diarrhea and flatulence occurred, but only once was a relationship to the study preparation suspected. Because quality and stability of the resin extract were ensured, these data suggest that a standardized preparation can be recommended as a herbal dietary supplement providing symptomatic support in canine osteoarthritic disease.

PMID: 14994484 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]

FDA to Re-examine Anti-Bacterial Chemical in Soaps, Cleansers

FDA to Re-examine Anti-Bacterial Chemical in Soaps, Cleansers
Triclosan linked to hormonal changes, antibiotic resistance in recent studies

By Amanda Gardner
HealthDay Reporter

(HealthDay News) -- The U.S. Food and Drug Administration Thursday acknowledged that there could be safety concerns regarding triclosan, an ingredient found widely in consumer products, such as antibacterial soaps, toothpaste and cosmetics, clothing and toys.

In an update to its Web site, the agency stated that "triclosan is not currently known to be hazardous to humans. But several scientific studies have come out since the last time FDA reviewed this ingredient that merit further review."

The FDA did not recommend that consumers change their behavior with respect to these products.

At issue is whether or not triclosan alters hormone regulation in humans, as it has been shown to do in animals. Such disruptions can cause developmental or other problems.

There is also concern that triclosan may contribute to resistance to antibiotics, whereby bacteria develop ways around the potentially lifesaving drugs.

One public health advocacy group applauded the FDA announcement.

"It's about time FDA has finally stated its concerns about antibacterial chemicals like triclosan," Dr. Sarah Janssen, a medical doctor and staff scientist at the Natural Resources Defense Council, said in a news release issued Thursday. "The public deserves to know that these so-called antibacterial products are no more effective in preventing infections than regular soap and water and may, in fact, be dangerous to their health in the long run."

However, a representative of the cleaning-products industry defended triclosan's safety profile.

"With all due respect to the statement made by FDA, the agency has in its hands a wealth of scientific data showing a distinct germ-killing benefit of antibacterial soaps containing triclosan," said Brian Sansoni, spokesman for the Soap and Detergent Association (SDA). "We believe these products play a very important role in everyday hygiene routines for millions of Americans."

The FDA update may have come in response to a report in the Washington Post that said the agency had sent a letter to Rep. Edward J. Markey (D-Mass.), chairman of the House Energy and Commerce Subcommittee on Energy and the Environment. That letter acknowledged that research had recently raised "valid concerns" about the safety of triclosan, the Post reported.

That letter was a response to a letter Markey had sent to the FDA in January, asking for an update of the FDA's scientific review of the chemical.

According to the Post, Markey has called for a ban on triclosan in products geared toward children and any products that could contaminate food, such as cutting boards. Some countries have already banned or put restrictions on triclosan, the newspaper stated.

"We're certainly going to continue providing an informed perspective to FDA, to EPA [the Environmental Protection Agency] and Congressman Markey and others who might be challenging its safety and effectiveness," the SDA's Sansoni said.

While reiterating that triclosan is not known to pose any danger to humans, the FDA did state that it is "reviewing all of the available evidence on this ingredient's safety in consumer products. FDA will communicate the findings of its review to the public in spring 2011."

The agency also pointed out that it has no evidence that triclosan is any better than soap and water for cleaning purposes.

A University of Michigan review of data, published in 2007 in the journal Clinical Infectious Diseases, found that antibacterial soaps that contain triclosan as the main active ingredient are no better at preventing infections than plain soaps.

Dr. Kenneth Bromberg, chairman of pediatrics at The Brooklyn Hospital Center in New York City, said triclosan poses "no immediate health threat as it relates to individuals. I think the FDA is dealing with a more global issue of risk/benefit for something that may not add any real individual benefit but may, on the aggregate, have negative implications for everybody.

"I wouldn't go throw out all my toothpaste, but more chemicals in the world are not necessarily better," he added. "Every time someone raises an issue of risk/benefit, it doesn't mean we should go nuts, but sometimes less is more. Maybe we don't need all this stuff and, if there's no clear benefit, maybe we should reconsider."

More information

There's more on triclosan at the FDA's Web site.
SOURCES: April 8, 2010, news release and Web site posting, U.S. Food and Drug Administration; Brian Sansoni, spokesman, Soap and Detergent Association, Washington, D.C.; April 8, 2010, news release, Natural Resources Defense Council, Washington, D.C.; Kenneth Bromberg, M.D., chairman of pediatrics, The Brooklyn Hospital Center, New York City

Babies born in summer ‘more likely to develop multiple sclerosis’

From The Times April 30, 2010

Babies born in summer ‘more likely to develop multiple sclerosis’

David Rose 5 Comments
Recommend? (4) Babies born in the summer months have a higher risk of developing multiple sclerosis (MS) because their mothers do not get enough sun during pregnancy, a study says.

Mothers-to-be who failed to get enough sunshine — cutting off a main source of vitamin D — were nearly a third more likely to have offspring who developed MS, researchers from the Royal Children’s Hospital in Melbourne and the Australian National University claimed.

They said that exposure to sunlight in the first three to four months of pregnancy could affect how a baby’s central nervous and immune system developed. The study found that babies born in November and December (during the Australian summer) were 32 per cent more likely to develop MS than those born in May and June.

The research, published on the British Medical Journal’s website, looked at 1,524 patients with MS born between 1920 and 1950 and noted the month of birth and the region they were born in. They compared the data with levels of ultraviolet radiation across Australia.

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Let the sunshine in
Top up Vitamin D in the sun, urge doctors
Vitamin D ‘may cut birth risk’
Babies born in early summer months had a higher risk of MS than those born in early winter. No link was found between exposure to sunlight in the last four months before a woman gave birth and risk of MS. But those women who had low sunlight exposure in the first three or four months of pregnancy had a higher risk of their child developing the condition.

The researchers said: “Our results show a trough in multiple sclerosis in people born in May-June, when a protective effect is evident, compared with a peak in those born in November-December, thus mirroring the northern hemisphere pattern of a peak associated with May.”

More than 60 per cent of the British population have “sub-optimal” levels of vitamin D, with the problem being worse in Scotland, the North of England and among ethnic minorities. Rates of MS in Scotland and other northern countries are also among the highest in the world.

Recent studies indicate that vitamin D supplements could help asthma sufferers who do not respond to the usual steroid treatment, while others say that it can protect against bowel cancer and heart disease.

The Food Standards Agency said that “most people should be able to get all the vitamin D they need from their diet and by getting a little sun”.

Just 15 minutes exposure to sunshine is enough to provide the body with the equivalent of 500 micrograms (0.5mg) of vitamin D. Pregnant or breastfeeding women, and people over 60 are advised to take 10 micrograms of vitamin D each day.

“Taking 25 micrograms (0.025 mg) or less of vitamin D supplements a day is unlikely to cause any harm,” the agency said.

Doug Brown, head of biomedical research at the MS Society, said: “These results add to the weight of existing evidence suggesting vitamin D plays a role in the development of MS.”

Doctor Accuses PBS Frontline of Selling Out on Vaccine Concern

Doctor Accuses PBS Frontline of Selling Out on Vaccine Concern

Are vaccines harming us? -- The truth that doctors and the pharmaceutical industry don't want you to know. Acclaimed physician challenges news media about vaccinations and toxicity.

(I-Newswire) April 29, 2010 - What price journalistic integrity? That may well be the question that PBS needs to answer after this week’s airing of its top rated show Frontline. Entitled "Vaccine Wars", the episode offered a decidedly one-sided viewpoint on the issue of vaccine safety. Dr. Rashid Buttar, a renowned physician who has received worldwide attention for his innovative and groundbreaking work in ridding the human body of toxicities that cause illness and disease, gave the program's producers access to his clinic, his patients, and himself.

As Buttar recollects, "Frontline's film crew spent over seven hours in my offices, extensively interviewed three of my patients, and then spent almost three hours interviewing me one-on-one." Not one single second of this was shown on-air. Instead, Frontline recycled dated video footage previously released on the internet. Frontline violated Buttar’s trust and wasted his valuable time; producing a slanted report designed to intimidate and scare the public.

While disappointed at their lack of ethics, Dr. Buttar is not really surprised. He and his colleagues continue to crusade against a medical profession that hides behind antiquated theories and ineffective, costly treatments; and media outlets such as Frontline who further the agenda of the lucrative vaccine industry.

Buttar also questions what role lobbying by the U.S. Department of Heath & Human Services played in Frontline`s decision to air such a skewed report. In a recent Readers' Digest interview, HHS Secretary, Kathleen Sebelius, admitted to meeting with media in an effort to undermine vaccine detractors saying, "We have reached out to media outlets to try to get them to not give the views of these people equal weight in their reporting to what science has shown and continues to show about the safety of vaccines.”

Concerns about vaccines are legitimate and growing. Once proclaimed as one of greatest achievements of modern medicine, vaccines, their frequency and the combinations, have become the subject of increasing unrest within the medical and scientific community since 1989. Parents questioning the need and the prudence of their child receiving so many shots, and the administration of previously singularly administrated vaccines combined into "super shots" (such as the MMR Triple Shot) are often met with scorn, derision, and admonishment from doctors.

The fact is that vaccines do contain dangerous toxic substances. One of the most dangerous of these is mercury, which is present as a preservative in most vaccines, including the flu shot. While many believe mercury was removed from vaccines in 2002, Thimerosal -- or ethyl mercury -- is still used in the manufacturing process of almost all vaccines, but that fact is no longer disclosed on the vaccine labels.

Dr. Buttar is not alone in his Frontline experience; fellow vaccine critics Dr. Jay Gordon and Dr. Robert Sears were also interviewed extensively but then edited out of the piece. "The show made a mockery of journalism," says Buttar, "because it showcased the opinions of a group of "experts", some of whom benefit financially from vaccine developments, while at the same time it minimized the real concerns in question as nothing more than unsubstantiated hysteria." Why didn’t they show a single physician who agreed with the parents who were against vaccinations?

Frontline purposely pitted pro-vaccine doctors, painted as tireless advocates for children, against anti-vaccine parents who were portrayed as selfish, irrational and paranoid individuals lacking medical knowledge and common sense. The end result was a biased piece of tabloid journalism that only serves to further confuse, frighten and divide those who question vaccines from those who blindly follow medical rhetoric; creating needless controversy rather than an intelligent forum for discussion.

Dr. Buttar remains steadfast in the challenge he made during his unaired interview with Frontline. ”Tell the NIH, CDC, FDA or any vaccine manufacturer that I publicly challenge them to select any 20 cases of autism, send them all to an independent university and have that university’s independent pediatric neurologists evaluate all 20 children. Let those neurologists identify the 10 most severe cases and I will take them on as patients and treat them using my methods. Let the other 10 cases be treated with whatever conventional “standard of care” treatment they see fit. But it all must be filmed and followed so that the world can determine the truth for itself,” says Buttar. ”After having treated over a thousand patients in my own clinic, and having tens of thousands of children treated using our methodologies all over the world, I already know what the results will be. The problem is – so do they!”

The death of an American hospital

The death of an American hospital
By Jerry Mazza
Online Journal Associate Editor

Apr 30, 2010, 00:29

Former Nazi Bank To Rule The Global Economy

Former Nazi Bank To Rule The Global Economy

Paul Joseph Watson
Friday, April 30, 2010

European Central Bank chief Jean-Claude Trichet’s announcement that the Bank for International Settlements is to become the primary engine for global governance is a shocking admission given the fact that this ultra-secretive menagerie of international bankers was once controlled by top Nazis who, in collusion with global central banks, funneled money through the institution which directly financed Hitler’s war machine.

During a speech to the elitist CFR organization earlier this week, ECB head Trichet said that the Global Economy Meeting (GEM), which regularly meets at the BIS headquarters in Basel, “Has become the prime group for global governance among central banks”.

The GEM is basically a policy steering committee under the umbrella of the Bank for International Settlements. In its current form, the BIS, which itself is not accountable to any national government, is comprised of banking chiefs from global central banks, most of which are private and also have no responsibility to their nation states or their citizens.

The board of directors who control the BIS include Federal Reserve chief Ben Bernanke and Bank of England head Mervyn King, as well as Trichet himself.

So how did the Bank for International Settlements get started? The BIS was founded in 1930 by Governor of The Bank of England, Montague Norman and his German colleague Hjalmar Schacht, who later became Adolf Hitler’s finance minister.

The bank was initially founded in order to facilitate money transfers related to German reparations arising out of the Treaty of Versailles, but by the start of the second world war, the BIS was largely controlled by top Nazi officials, people like Walter Funk, who was appointed Nazi propaganda minister in 1933 before going on to become Hitler’s Minister for Economic Affairs. Another BIS director during this period was Emil Puhl, who as director and vice-president of Germany’s Reichsbank was responsible for moving Nazi gold. Both Funk and Puhl were convicted at the Nuremberg trials as war criminals.

Other BIS directors included Herman Schmitz, the director of IG Farben, whose subsidiary company manufactured Zyklon B, the pesticide used in Nazi concentration camp gas chambers to kill Jews and political dissidents during the Holocaust. IG Farben worked closely with John D. Rockefeller’s United States-based Standard Oil Co during the second world war.

Baron von Schroeder, the owner of the J.H.Stein Bank, the bank that held the deposits of the Gestapo, was also a BIS director during the war period.

As Charles Higham’s widely acclaimed book Trading With The Enemy, How the Allied multinationals supplied Nazi Germany throughout World War Two points out, several parties at the Bretton Woods Conference in July 1944 wanted to see the Bank for International Settlements liquidated, because its role in aiding Nazi Germany loot occupied European countries during the war. Norway called for the bank to be shut down, a view supported by Harry Dexter White, U.S. Secretary of the Treasury and Henry Morgenthau, but the BIS survived despite its highly contentious Nazi influence.

A d v e r t i s e m e n t
Higham writes that the BIS became, “A money funnel for American and British funds to flow into Hitler’s coffers and to help Hitler build up his machine,” founded by Nazi finance minister Hjalmar Schacht on the basis that the “Institution that would retain channels of communication and collusion between the world’s financial leaders even in the event of an international conflict. It was written into the Bank’s charter, concurred in by the respective governments, that the BIS should be immune from seizure, closure or censure, whether or not its owners were at war.”

“The BIS was completely under Hitler’s control by the outbreak of World War II,” writes Higham. “Among the directors under Thomas H. McKittrick were Hermann Shmitz, head of the colossal Nazi industrial trust I.G. Farben, Baron Kurt von Schroder, head of the J.H. Stein Bank of Cologne and a leading officer and financier of the Gestapo; Dr. Walther Funk of the Reichsbank, and, of course, Emil Puhl. These last two figures were Hitler’s personal appointees to the board.”

Higham details how the gold looted from countries invaded by the Nazis was packed into vaults controlled by the Bank for International Settlements, and how Nazis who controlled the bank then forbade any discussion of the theft.

“The BIS was an instrument of Hitler, but its continuing existence was approved by Great Britain even after that country went to war with Germany, and the British director Sir Otto Niemeyer, and chairman Montagu Norman, remained in office throughout the war,” writes Higham, explaining how Washington State Congressman John M. Coffee objected to American money being invested with the bank in 1944.

“The Nazi government has 85 million Swiss gold francs on deposit in the BIS. The majority of the board is made up of Nazi officials. Yet American money is being deposited in the Bank,” complained Coffee.

In 1948, the BIS was finally compelled to hand over a mere £4 million in looted Nazi gold to the allies, and thanks to people like Harry Truman and the Rockefeller family, the bank was not dissolved. One of its most influential directors, Nazi banker Emil Puhl was later invited to the United States as a guest of honor in 1950.

Despite its inglorious past, the Bank For International Settlements continues today as a major management arm of the global elite. The bank wields power through its control of vast amounts of global currencies. The BIS controls no less than 7% of the world’s available foreign exchange funds, as well as owning 712 tons of gold bullion, presumably a sizeable portion of which is the bullion which was stolen from occupied countries by the Nazis who controlled the bank during the war.

“By controlling foreign exchange currency, plus gold, the BIS can go a long way toward determining the economic conditions in any given country,” writes Doug Casey. “Remember that the next time Ben Bernanke or European Central Bank President Jean-Claude Trichet announces an interest rate hike. You can bet it didn’t happen without the concurrence of the BIS Board.”

The BIS is basically a huge slush fund for global government through which secret transfers of wealth from citizens are surreptitiously handed to the IMF.

“For example, U.S. taxpayer monies can be passed through BIS to the IMF and from there anywhere. In essence, the BIS launders the money, since there is no specific accounting of where particular deposits came from and where they went,” writes Casey.

The fact that top Nazis were intimately involved in the activity of a global central bank that is now being touted as the primary powerhouse of the economic arm of world government is frightening. Every time we delve into the origins of the march towards world government, we find that top Nazis were instrumental in setting up and managing the same institutions that today seek to manage the imposition of global government.

Just as with the institutions that comprised the embryonic stages of the European Union, Nazi fingerprints are all over the origins of the move towards a global authority ruling the planet with nation states and sovereignty playing second fiddle. This fact demolishes any notion that global government is benevolent, humanitarian or progressive. Centralization of power into the hands of the few is inherently undemocratic, elitist, and to the detriment of the people.

The Nazis who breathed life into the same framework of global authoritarianism being used to set up world government today may have been usurped by an elite altogether more patient in their bid to impose a dictatorship run by banking dynasties, but the ultimate agenda remains the same – world government by consent or conquest.

Health freedom alert: Congressman Waxman sneaks anti-vitamin amendment into Wall Street reform bill

Health freedom alert: Congressman Waxman sneaks anti-vitamin amendment into Wall Street reform bill
Friday, April 30, 2010
by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger
Editor of (See all articles...)

(NaturalNews) Of all the sneaky tactics practiced in Washington D.C., this recent action by Congressman Henry Waxman (D-CA) is one of the most insidious: While no one was looking, he injected amendment language into the Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act of 2009 (H.R. 4173) that would expand the powers of the FTC (not the FDA, but the FTC) to terrorize nutritional supplement companies by greatly expanding the power of the FTC to make its own laws that target dietary supplement companies.

This is a little-known secret about the FTC and the nutritional supplements business: The FTC routinely targets nutritional supplement companies that are merely telling the truth about their products. Some companies are threatened by merely linking to published scientific studies about their products.

For example, here's an important article that describes how to FDA criminally extorts money out of supplement companies:

The FTC does much the same thing. They target a particular company that's having success in the natural products marketplace, then they accuse that company of "inferring" that their products have some health benefit. From there, the FTC demands that the company engage in paying a massive fine to the FTC, which the FTC calls "consumer redress" even though none of the money actually goes to the consumers.

If you try to fight the FTC, they haul you into their own special "FTC courts" which are not public courts where you have the benefit of a jury, but rather they are courts where the judges are actually FTC employees and you have no rights. You are essentially guilty until proven innocent, and virtually no one has been found innocent by the FTC.

If the King says you're guilty, then you're guilty
The FTC also forces you to sign a "consent decree" which involves you admitting to committing crimes that you have actually never committed. These crimes include the "criminal misrepresentation of a product" by, for example, explaining that walnuts help support healthy cholesterol levels or that cherries ease symptoms of inflammation.

Using these methods, the FTC has extorted tens of millions of dollars out of nutritional supplement companies. More importantly, it has terrorized the industry and put several companies out of business, denying the American public access to products that could improve their health and prevent disease.

Waxman wants the FTC to have even more power over your vitamins
Now Congressman Henry Waxman wants to give the FTC even more powers by allowing the FTC to write its own laws without Congressional approval. This would allow a rogue agency to simply invent any new law it wants, such as requiring nutritional supplement companies to spend hundreds of millions of dollars "proving" the efficacy of a vitamin before they can sell it.

This will allow the FTC to utterly circumvent DSHEA -- the law passed in 1994 that provides basic protections to vitamin and supplement manufacturers. This will result in an FTC war on vitamins and supplements that would no doubt see this rogue agency attempting to destroy the entire industry and imprison the founders and executives of all the top supplement manufacturers.

This is how bad things have become in America today: The criminal CEOs of drug companies are allowed to commit felony crimes, engage in routine price fixing fraud and fix their research with fraudulent clinical trials, yet the FTC and FDA do nothing. But when an honest nutritional supplement company says something like, "Walnuts are good for your heart," they get threatened with imprisonment or have their entire life savings stolen away from them by the FTC through a series of "fines."

Your help is urgently needed to halt this madness
Join and the Alliance for Natural Health to protest this deceptive action by Henry Waxman -- a lifelong opponent of natural medicine who is trying to covertly inject this expansion of FTC powers into the Finance Reform Bill.

Click here to sign the online petition now.

This petition is being organized by the Alliance for Natural Health (, a health freedom organization we strongly support here at NaturalNews. Read their announcement and call to action on this bill right here:

Your help is urgently needed. I don't send out a lot of "urgent call to action" articles and emails, but this is one that definitely demands our collective attention. Please call, fax or email your representatives in Washington and strongly voice your opposition to any expansion of powers of the FTC over dietary supplements. The FTC is already a loose cannon. We don't want to now hand it nuclear weapons that could destroy the entire industry.

Protect your health freedoms or you will lose them! The U.S. Congress is literally just one vote away from granting the FTC dangerous new powers to destroy the natural products industry. A vote could take place as early as this weekend.

Attorney Jonathan Emord had this to say about this issue:

"The provision removing the ban on FTC rulemaking without Congressional preapproval contained in H.R. 4173 invites the very same irresponsible over-regulation of the commercial marketplace that led Congress to enact the ban in the 1980s. FTC has no shortage of power to regulate deceptive advertising; this bill gives it far more discretionary power than it needs, inviting greater abuse and mischief from an agency that suffers virtually no check on its discretion."

You need to see this video
I interviewed Jonathan Emord recently at the Health Freedom Expo in California. Watch Jonathan talk about global censorship of health freedom in this YouTube interview:

I know the audio quality is a little poor (we were at the Health Freedom Expo, and there's a lot of background noise), but Jonathan Emord's words are so important for you to hear that I wanted to share this video with you anyway.

Jonathan Emord is also the author of an important new book called Global Censorship of Health Information ( The book exposes the truth behind what Emord calls state-sponsored drug monopolies.

Click here to protect your health freedom now.

P.S. For your amusement, did you know that Henry Waxman looks exactly like Admiral Ackbar from the Star Wars motion pictures? See for yourself: http://totallylookslike.files.wordp...

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Dr. Leonard Horowitz

Profitable Depopulation Plot Links JP Morgan-Chase
And Goldman Sachs To Vaccination Contaminations

And BigPharma Corruption
By Dr. Leonard Horowitz

A medical investigation into suspicious outbreaks and propaganda used to sell drugs and vaccines has exposed investment bankers at JP Morgan-Chase (JPMC) and Goldman Sachs (GS) for plotting to shock/stress, frighten, poison, and kill billions of people most profitably--pharmaceutically--according to the Editor-in-Chief of Medical Veritas journal.

While researching a powerful Partnership for New York City (PFNYC), uniting Wall Street's wealthiest industrialists, Harvard-trained public health expert, Dr. Leonard Horowitz, and investigative journalist, Sherri Kane, discovered shocking evidence of a conspiracy to commit global genocide by generating diseases and death to advance profitable pharmaceutical depopulation.

Population planners at the highest levels of government and industry conspired to spread diseases, vaccines, drugs, and death most profitably, according to research published in the latest issue of Medical Veritas.

In a related Special Report posted on YouTube, Dr. Horowitz urged humanitarian organizations and activist groups worldwide to issue investigations, alerts, civil complaints, and criminal charges to stop the pharmaceutical depopulation plot because it risks genetic inheritance, new pandemics, and the possible extinction of the human race.

"Corruption in the drug industry is rampant and transparent," Dr. Horowitz explains. "Investment bankers at JPMC and GS, who acquired controlling interests in the largest drug firms during mergers and acquisitions, have placed 'depopulation' near the top of their list of geopolitical priorites. Their depopulation agents are now in top positions of government, finance, and industry.

The depopulation plan is supported by the world's wealthiest people, including Bill Gates, who admittedly funds vaccinations to reduce global populations by 10-15%. Leading population planners and economic developers advance identical plans to cull the world's population to 1 billion.

"Killing 6-out-of-7 people globally, most profitably, requires planning and an unprecedented conspiracy to commit genocide by applying advances in genetic biotechnologies exclusively available and affordable to drug companies controlled by the investment bankers," Dr. Horowitz adds.

The doctor points to the fact that US Treasury Department officials previously operated JPMC and GS on behalf of majority stock holders and their partners in pharmaceutical companies heavily represented in the PFNYC and the trade organizations that negotiate multi-billion dollar government purchases of drugs and vaccines.

Researchers, including vaccination contamination expert Dr. Viera Scheibner, reports in the current issue of Medical Veritas that polio virus vaccines are produced in African green monkey kidney cell cultures routinely contaminated with transmissible cancer viruses.

By reviewing drug company patents, Dr. Horowitz learned that the makers of H1N1 swine flu and rotavirus vaccines use the same cultures risking recombinations, genetic mutations, and unstoppable transmissions of deadly agents threatening new pandemics.

"This best explains why public health officials are preparing for vaccine-transmitted H1N1s cloned in monkey cells to recombine with bird H5N1s currently circulating. This threatening and most deadly recombination of flu viruses, officials herald may happen in the Fall," Dr. Horowitz warned.

Besides the inadequacies of safety testing new vaccines without using placebo controls, it is this issue of reliability of information that concerns more than half of the medical physicians polled since they became aware that the entire medical industry has been hijacked by Wall Street's pharmaceutical profiteers. Now they are learning from famous people, like Gates, that the world's wealthiest people are administering vaccinations for depopulation.

"I love vaccines," Gates stated at a TED conference in February, 2010, while lecturing on ways to reduce global populations to stem environmental pollution.

The links between the directors of major drug companies, mainstream media moguls, and investment bankers at JPMC and GS are so obvious and incriminating, and the dispersion of unsafe vaccines so common and disturbing, only profitable depopulation as a planned outcome of pharmaceutical investments can explain the current situation.

"Complete censorship was the only option officials have had to prevent a meltdown in public opinion about medicine and the pharmaceutical industry," said Ingri Cassel, a leading vaccine risk awareness activist. "This explains why news of this vaccination depopulation plan has been neglected by the special-interest-influenced media."

Investigating conflicting pharmaceutical interests influencing news coverage, Sherri Kane, previously a writer for FOX News in Los Angeles, learned that the majority shareholders in FOX, TimeWarner, News Corp., and the Wall Street Journal, are heavily invested in GlaxoSmithKlein and Merck's CSL Laboratories, both makers of risky drugs and vaccines.

Lloyd Blankfein, the CEO of Goldman Sachs, became a major shareholder in AstraZeneca following his direction of the company's acquisition of the H1N1 FluMist maker, MedImmune. Blankfein has also leveraged ABC-Disney following their merger with money he raised through GS investors. This resulted in Dr. Oz's heavy promotion of H1N1 vaccines on ABC last year, when officials learned that the vast majority of Americans were unwilling to risk the exposure.

Rupert Murdoch and Lloyd Blankfein co-chair the PFNYC, founded by CHASE principal, World Bank ambassador, and America's leading energy industrialist and medical monopolist, David Rockefeller. The PFNYC was chartered by the Royal Family of England--a majority share holder in General Electric--the world's largest company--that controls NBC/Universal/Comcast, and MSNBC with Bill Gates.

The PFNYC was pledged to play a central role in reconstructing Ground Zero following the 9/11 attacks, according to Kathryn Wylde, President & CEO of the Partnership and current Director of The Federal Reserve Bank of New York. The organization compiled the economic report on the damage done, advanced financial plans for reconstructing the World Trade Center, and advised leading financiers regarding reconstruction investments.

According to 911-Truth movement directors, Wylde and other members of the PFNYC are implicated in the treasonous attacks that scientific evidence says involved thermitic explosives used in controlled demolitions.

These allegations and PFNYC connections to 9/11 events implicating investment bankers at Goldman Sachs are additionally scrutinized in a new feature-length film produced by Dr. Horowitz. PHARMAWHORES: The SHOWTIME Sting of Penn & Teller premieres in theaters across North America this summer. (Quicktime and MP-4 downloadable versions are available through

The PFNYC is co-directed by Jeffrey B. Kindler, the Chairman and CEO of Pfizer--the world's largest drug company. Kindler stewards Pfizer through multi-billion dollar acquisitions also involving JPMC and GS financing.

The Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America (PhRMA), the drug industry's main trade organization, is also directed by Kindler. PhRMA officials engage White House and Pentagon officials in private negotiations determining pricing for stockpiles of drugs and vaccines.

Dr. Horowitz views this covert administration of multi-billion dollar pharmaceutical contracts as symptomatic of the industry's corruption. The "corporate shell game" is played using mergers and acquisitions directed by the same people. Their creation of the PhRMA trade organization provides the illusion of their legitimacy and fair competition. Price fixing occurs behind closed doors, explaining why prices vary so widely internationally.

Another gross example of corrupt government pharmawhores sucking Wall Street's slime, is Congressman Henry Waxman's (D-CA) treason against the American people for sneaking dietary supplement regulation language into 'The Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act of 2009,' (H.R. 4173).

For years, Waxman has attempted to pass legislation restricting consumer access to nutritional supplements on behalf of BigPharma. The FDA, largely controlled by BigPharma, contends regulating vitamins, minerals, herbs, homeopathics, oils, colloidal silvers, and more natural products protects consumers.

During health care reform negotiations with PhRMA, Waxman feigned concern that drug companies were driving too hard a "bargain" on pharmaceutical prices, but still voted in favor of the cartel's freedom to set their own limits.

Most telling and ironic, PhRMA's official negotiator to whom Waxman complained, "PhRMA should contribute more than PhRMA wants to contribute," was Billy Tauzin, the former congressman who held Waxman's job as chair of the Energy and Commerce committee.


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Clarence Thomas to Hear Major Monsanto Case

Conflict of Interest: Ex Monsanto Lawyer
Clarence Thomas to Hear Major Monsanto Case
Fox, meet henhouse...
...the U.S. Supreme Court will hear arguments in a case which could have an enormous effect on the future of the American food industry. This is Monsanto's third appeal of the case, and if they win a favorable ruling from the high court, a deregulated Monsanto may find itself in position to corner the markets of numerous U.S. crops, and to litigate conventional farmers into oblivion... Here's where it gets a bit dicier. Two Supreme Court justices have what appear to be direct conflicts of interest. Read More...

Take Action
Tell Your Legislators: Say no to Monsanto's Dirty Money
List of members of Congress taking Monsanto's Money
Take Action against GMOs in the Global Food Security Act
Do the Right Thing Home Depot: Dump Monsanto's RoundUp!
Send a letter to the editor of your local newspaper and let the world know that consumer pressure campaigns work!
Boycott Kellogg's until they discontinue sourcing sugar from Monsanto's GE Sugar Beets.

Source Watch on Monsanto
How pressure from Monsanto led Fox TV to fire two of its award-winning reporters
Spanish version of The Ecologist's special issue on Monsanto
Activist music opposing Monsanto
Health and environmental effects of Monsanto's Roundup pesticide
Monsanto Fails to Identify GE Risks to Its Investors {pdf}
Campaign Leaflet
Download the leaflet: 10 Things Monsanto Does Not Want You To Know
Monsanto's Past
Stories: Persecuting Farmers | rBGH | PCBs |
Agent Orange | Poisoning the Third World | Roundup Pesticide | Water Privatization | GE Crops | Farm Bankruptcies

Monsanto Sues More Small Family Farmers
Percy Schmeiser is a farmer from Saskatchewan Canada, whose Canola fields were contaminated with Monsanto's genetically engineered Round-Up Ready Canola by pollen from a nearby farm. Monsanto says it doesn't matter how the contamination took place, and is therefore demanding Schmeiser pay their Technology Fee (the fee farmers must pay to grow Monsanto's genetically engineered products). According to Schmeiser, "I never had anything to do with Monsanto, outside of buying chemicals. I never signed a contract.

If I would go to St. Louis (Monsanto Headquarters) and contaminate their plots - destroy what they have worked on for 40 years - I think I would be put in jail and the key thrown away."

Rodney Nelson's family farm is being forced into a similar lawsuit by Monsanto.

Support Schmeiser, Nelson and hundreds of other farmers who are being forced to pay Monsanto to have their fields contaminated by genetically modified organisms.

Monsanto Brings Small Family Dairy to Court
Oakhurst Dairy has been owned and operated by the same Maine family since 1921, and Monsanto recently attempted to put them out of business. Oakhurst, like many other dairy producers in the U.S., has been responding to consumer demand to provide milk free of rBGH, a synthetic hormone banned (for health reasons) in every industrialized country other than the U.S.
Monsanto, the number one producer of the rBGH synthetic steroid, sued Oakhurst, claiming they should not have the right to inform their customers that their dairy products do not contain the Monsanto chemical. Given the intense pressure from the transnational corporation, Oakhurst was forced to settle out of court, leaving many other dairies vulnerable to similar attacks from Monsanto.

Monsanto Hid PCB Pollution for Decades
ANNISTON, Ala. -- On the west side of Anniston, the poor side of Anniston, the people grew berries in their gardens, raised hogs in their back yards, caught bass in the murky streams where their children swam and played and were baptized. They didn't know their dirt and yards and bass and kids -- along with the acrid air they breathed -- were all contaminated with toxic chemicals. They didn't know they lived in one of the most polluted patches of America.

Now they know. They also know that for nearly 40 years, while producing the now-banned industrial coolants known as PCBs at a local factory, Monsanto Co. routinely discharged toxic waste into a west Anniston creek and dumped millions of pounds of PCBs into oozing open-pit landfills. And thousands of pages of Monsanto documents -- many emblazoned with warnings such as "CONFIDENTIAL: Read and Destroy" -- show that for decades, the corporate-giant concealed what it did and what it knew... (Read more...)

Monsanto's Agent Orange: The Corporation Continues to Refuse Compensation to Veterans and Families for Exposure to the Toxic ChemicalThe negative health effects, due to exposure to Monsanto's Agent Orange, have been well documented over the past three decades. The dioxin in Agent Orange has been accepted internationally as one of the most toxic chemicals on the planet, causing everything from severe birth defects, to cancer, to neurological disorders, to death. But Monsanto has successfully blocked any major movement towards compensating veterans and civilians who were exposed to the company's Agent Orange.

Long before Agent Orange was used as a herbicide in the Vietnam war, Monsanto knew of its negative health impacts on humans. Since then, Monsanto has been unsuccessful at covering its tracks and has even been convicted of fabricating false research documentation that claims Agent Orange has no negative health effects, other than a possible skin rash. Thanks to Monsanto's influence, the Center for Disease Control also released a report claiming veterans were never exposed to harmful levels of Agent Orange.

As a note, from 1962 to 1970, the US military sprayed 72 million liters of herbicides, mostly Agent Orange, on over one million Vietnamese civilians and over 100,000 U.S. troops. As a result, within ten years of the close of the war, 9170 veterans had filed claims for disabilities caused by Agent Orange. The VA denied compensation to 7709, saying that a facial rash was the only disease associated with exposure.

In 2002, Vietnam requested assistance in dealing with the tens of thousands of birth defects due to Agent Orange. In order to avoid medical compensation expenses, Monsanto continues to claim this now banned chemical is not toxic. (Read more..)

Taxpayers Forced to Fund Monsanto's Poisoning of Third World
Monsanto has also been implicated in the indiscriminate sale and use of RoundUp Ultra in the anti-drug fumigation efforts of Plan Colombia. Of the some $1.3 billion of taxpayers' money earmarked for Plan Colombia, Monsanto has received upwards of $25 million for providing RoundUp Ultra.

RoundUp Ultra is a highly concentrated version of Monsanto's glyphosate herbicide, with additional surfactants to increases its lethality. Local communities and human rights organizations charge that Ultra is destroying food crops, water sources and protected areas in the Andes, primarily Colombia.

Paradoxically, the use of RoundUp Ultra has actually increased coca cultivation in the Andes. As local farming communities are increasingly impacted by RoundUp Ultra fumigations, many turn to the drug trade as a means of economic survival. Regional NGOs have estimated that almost 200,000 hectares have been fumigated with Ultra under Plan Colombia.

Monsanto's Roundup Pesticide Killing Wheat
Monsanto also produces the most commonly used broadleaf pesticide in the world, glyphosate--or Roundup. In addition to its inherent toxicity as a chemical pesticide, Roundup has now been found to aid the spread of fusarium head blight in wheat. This disease creates a toxin in the infected wheat, making the crop unsuitable for human or animal consumption. Canada's wheat industry is currently being ravaged by this disease. At the same time, the widespread use of Roundup has resulted in the formation of "super weeds" --- unwanted plants that have developed an immunity to these pesticides. Read study linking Monsanto's Roundup to Cancer.

Monsanto Takes Ownership of Public Water Resources
Over the past century, global water supplies have been contaminated with the full gamut of Monsanto's chemicals, including PCBs, dioxin and glyophosate (Roundup). So now the company, seeing a profitable market niche, is taking control of the public water resources they polluted, filtering it, and selling it back to the people. In short, Monsanto is making a double profit by polluting the world's scarce freshwater resources, privately taking ownership of that water, filtering it, and selling it back to those who can afford to pay for it.

Monsanto's GE Seeds are Pushing US Agriculture into Bankruptcy
Genetically engineered crops are causing an economic disaster for farmers in the U.S. So says a new report released by Britain's Soil Association. The report is a massive compilation of data showing GE crops have cost American taxpayers $12 billion in farm subsidies in the past three years. "Within a few years of the introduction of GM crops, almost the entire $300 million annual US maize exports to the EU had disappeared, and the US share of the soya market had decreased," the report said. In addition, the study says that GE crops have lead to an increased use of pesticides, while resulting in overall lower crop yields. (Read more...)

Cotton Farmers Going Bankrupt from Monsanto's GE Cotton
In India the financial figures for the recent cotton growing season have finally been crunched. Although Monsanto convinced many of India's farmers that buying the more expensive GE cotton seeds would result in higher yields and better cotton, the reverse is actually true. Crop yields for GE cotton were 5 TIMES LESS than traditional Indian cotton and the income from GE cotton was 7 TIMES LESS than conventional cotton, due to Monsanto's cotton having lower quality short fibers. As a result of the insurmountable deluge of debt accrued from paying more for the GE seeds and having a weak crop, more than 100 Indian farmers committed suicide in the last year. (Read more...)

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Greece is just the 'tip of the iceberg', Nouriel Roubini warns

Greece is just the 'tip of the iceberg', Nouriel Roubini warns
Greece is just the "tip of the iceberg” of a sovereign debt crisis that has the potential to derail a global recovery, Nouriel Roubini has warned.

Published: 6:00AM BST 29 Apr 2010

Nouriel Roubini was one of the few to anticipate the scale of the crisis Photo: Getty Images Professor Roubini, the New York-based academic who was one of the few to anticipate the scale of the financial crisis, told a panel in California that the buildup of debt is likely to lead to countries defaulting or resorting to inflation to ease the burden on their populations.

“While today markets are worried about Greece, Greece is just the tip of the iceberg,” Roubini told the Milken Institute Global Conference in Beverly Hills, California. "The thing I worry about is the buildup of sovereign debt.”

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Credit rating agencies are clowns of the Greek crisis
Greece curbs speculators as debt crisis escalates
Britain 'risks Greek-style crisis'
What to do when share prices fall Although Greece's misreporting of the scale of its own debt has helped shatter investors' faith, the southern European country is not alone in its struggle. The depth of the property bust in both Spain and Portugal has prompted the ratings agency Standard & Poor's to downgrade the creditworthiness of both.

European leaders, led by German chancellor Angela Merkel, the International Monetary Fund and Greece's leaders are scrambling to approve a bail-out for Greece as financial markets drive its borrowing costs higher.

"The ripple effects across the market are now more visible," said Ciaran O'Hagan, an analyst at Societe Generale. "Contagion is amplifying."

Italy's sale of up to €8bn euros of debt today will, according to analysts, provide a good gauge of whether the concerns about Greece and Portugal are spreading to other members of the Eurozone.

Whatever Happened To The Erupting Iceland Volcano?

Another Computer Model Failure, Mainstream Media lurching from one hysteria, to the next
Whatever Happened To The Erupting Iceland Volcano?
By Dr. Tim Ball Thursday, April 29, 2010
This photo (left) taken on April 27, 2010 shows that the Eyjafjallajokull volcano continues to erupt in Iceland, but the story has fallen off the very small mainstream media tabletop. We need to put in perspective what happened and what it means.

There are two major stories. The first was the information provided by the United Kingdom Meteorological Office (UKMO) that was used to ground all the flights. They provided maps of the distribution of the ash cloud and made these available on their web site.

The site is still providing information but it is also providing an analysis of the model used to generate the forecasts. This is the Numerical Atmospheric Modelling Environment (NAME) that uses information from their larger Met Office Unified Model (UM). The NAME model was using wind and precipitation data from the UM and those are two of the most unreliable variables in any model. This is frequently a problem, for example, we now know wind and ocean currents explained much of the variation in Arctic Ice attributed solely to temperature. It is clear the models did not work in their prediction of Iceland volcanic dust distribution and the UKMO basically says so, “Throughout the event Met Office scientists compared our forecasts with the observations of volcanic ash. The main conclusion is that the forecasts of ash have been consistent with the observations available at the time. Although, it is important to note that there are limitations in both the forecast model and the observations.”

We knew this already because computer model expert Tim Palmer, leading climate modeler at the European Centre for Medium Range Weather Forecasts, said; “I don’t want to undermine the IPCC, but the forecasts, especially for regional climate change, are immensely uncertain.” They could also have known the model predictions would fail because the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) failed to determine vertical profiles of aerosols that include volcanic ash because of meteorological conditions.

“Comparisons of in situ measurements against those from global atmospheric models are complicated by differences in meteorological conditions and because in situ measurements are representative of conditions mostly at or near the surface while the direct and indirect RFs depend on the aerosol vertical profile.”

The failed UKMO forecast comes on the heels of previous disastrous summer and winter forecasts. Many have called for closing down the agency.

This will increase those demands especially if, as is expected, the airlines sue the government for the lost revenue caused by groundings based on the model outputs. Of course, as usual, the taxpayer will pay the bill.

Composition of the Atmosphere
The second story is the continued output of the volcano and the implications for long-term atmospheric change. All volcanic activity releases gases especially water vapor and CO2. There are various estimates of the CO2 output but they are only estimates. Willis Eschenbach, in a crude estimate based on outputs from nearby volcanoes, said it was 200,000 tonnes per day. It is a minute fraction of the global total, but a bigger percentage of the human production and the longer the eruption continues the greater the volume. However, the output of volcanic dust is a more important factor.

One of the problems with attempts to determine how much volcanic dust was in the atmosphere from Iceland is we don’t know the normal background levels. Hubert Lamb, founder of the Climatic Research Unit (CRU) at East Anglia, who would turn in his grave to know what has transpired there, in 1970 created what he called a Dust Veil Index (DVI). “Lamb’s Dust Veil Index (DVI) is a numerical index that quantifies the impact of a particular volcanic eruption’s release of dust and aerosols over the years following the event, especially the impact on the Earth’s energy balance. DVIs have been calculated for eruptions occurring from 1500 through 1983. The methods used to calculate the DVI have been intercalibrated to give a DVI of 1000 for the eruption of Krakatoa in 1883.”

Historical Examples
Global temperatures are currently declining as solar activity declines. A continuation of dust particle injections from the Iceland volcano will add to the cooling, especially in the Northern Hemisphere. This relationship is important because the impact of previous volcanic eruptions varies depending on what the temperature was doing at the time. For example, Laki, which erupted in 1783, was at the beginning of lower temperatures associated with the Dalton Minimum (Figure 2.) Similarly, the eruption of Tambora in 1815 was within the same period and trend. It also shows the projected sunspot numbers for the upcoming two solar cycles.

Figure 2: Sunspot cycle from 1700 with Dalton Minimum and expected levels.
Source: Badalyan, Obridko and Sykora

Figures 3 shows a human response to the effects of the combined cooling of the Dalton Minimum and the eruption of Laki. The vegetable garden at the English country house at Trengwainton, Cornwall was tilted up because of the lack of solar heat. More direct solar rays means greater energy going into the surface. The sign in the corner of the closest bed reads, “These Walls were built C-1820 to provide Early Crops, the unique Sloping Beds obtain the full benefit of the Sun.” This is a region of England where they grow some vegetables year round today.

Figures 3: Trengwainton Gardens Cornwall England.
Source: Tim Ball

A brief examination of climate history shows how much it changes naturally and how those changes are a great influence on nature and human history. The planes may be flying again but the fallout from the eruption is just beginning. The mainstream media direct their telescopes and microscopes and look through the wrong end. They quickly lurch on to the next hysteria leaving the outcome and fallout of previous hysterias unreported.

New York Considers Stealing Organs from Citizens

New York Considers Stealing Organs from Citizens

Kurt Nimmo
April 28, 2010

It is the height of authoritarian arrogance — the state of New York wants to take the organs of its citizens without permission.

New York State Assemblyman Richard Brodsky has introduced a bill that would automatically enroll all New Yorkers as organ donors unless they specifically opt out of organ donation.

It is called “presumed consent,” doublespeak for theft. It should be called grave robbery.

Presumed consent is the same thing as a thief stealing your car and when you confront him he says, “Since you didn’t tell me I couldn’t steal your car, I presume you granted permission to steal it.”

Brodsky told Fox News he just wants to force all New Yorkers to make the decision. And if they don’t the state will presume consent and steal their organs. The disgusting part is Brodsky makes it sound like the state wants to make sure citizens retain control of their organs (see video above).

The message is crystal clear — the state owns the bodies of its subjects and they will be required to come crawling to officialdom in order to prevent the looting of their organs.

Dynamic view of the MS genomePosted by Megan Scudellari

Dynamic view of the MS genomePosted by Megan Scudellari
[Entry posted at 28th April 2010 06:00 PM GMT]
Comment on this news story

In the first ever sequencing of twin genomes, researchers searched deep into the genetics of multiple sclerosis, coupling DNA sequencing with a panoramic look at the regulation and expression of genes, only to come up empty-handed.

"It's really a tour de force," said Eric Topol, director of the Scripps Translational Science Institute, who was not involved in the research. "It's a fascinating study. It's sobering that they didn't find obvious [genetic factors]."

Identical twins
Image: National Institute of
General Medical Sciences

The study, published this week in Nature, included three pairs of identical twins, two female pairs and one male, in which one had multiple sclerosis (MS) and the other did not. No one knows the cause of MS. Some evidence points to a genetic root of the neurodegenerative disorder: In thirty percent of identical twins where one has MS, so does the other. Changes to the human leukocyte antigen (HLA) region of chromosome 6 has been linked to an increased susceptibility to MS, and 6 genome-wide association studies implicate 12 other loci in the disease.

However, strong evidence also suggests environmental risk factors for MS: In the majority of identical twin cases, only one has MS, and epidemiological studies have suggested month of birth and decreased sunlight exposure can increase risk of developing MS. "It's one of those complicated diseases where there are both genetic effects and environmental effects," said Stephen Kingsmore, senior author on the study and CEO of the National Center for Genome Resources in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

In order to systematically dissect the effects of genetics versus environment in MS, Kingsmore and collaborators, including researchers at the Multiple Sclerosis Genetics Research Laboratory at the University of California, San Francisco, first sequenced the genomes of CD4+ lymphocytes -- cells believed to attack brain tissue and strip myelin from neurons in patients with MS. They sequenced the entire genome of one pair of female identical twins, one of whom had MS, and confirmed that they indeed had identical genomes.

"Then we started to look under more rocks," said Kingsmore. Adding an additional two pairs of discordant twins to the study, the team moved onto the epigenome, analyzing the methylation of each twin's genome, genetic modifications that alter gene expression. They found no differences there either. Finally, the team looked at the expressed genome, the transcriptome, for any significant differences in levels of gene expression. There were none.

"For everything we did, we tried to use several different technologies to validate our findings," said Kingsmore, including assessing variation in single nucleotide polymorphisms, copy number variations, and HLA sequences. In the end, with three levels of genomic analysis, the team found no significant genetic, epigenetic, or transcriptome differences between individuals with MS and those without.

"There was nothing obvious, which is amazing considering how much effort they put in," said Topol. This type of panoramic view of the genome, or pan-omics, as Topol calls it, is a comprehensive method that will likely be used to study other complex diseases.

The results, or lack thereof, point to a strong environmental trigger for MS, said Kingsmore, yet neither he nor others are ready to rule out a genetic component. "It's a problem of missing heritability," said Topol. "There's lots more to be done before we wave our hands," he added. For example, the researchers only looked at the genomes of T cells, believed to be the aggressors in MS but not the only possible players. Kingsmore hopes to repeat the analysis with brain tissue, where the actual demyelination of neurons occurs. "It is possible the [cause] is in the brain, just being recognized by the CD4 lymphocytes," said Kingsmore. "It's a missing piece before we can definitively say we looked at twins and there are no differences."

"Obviously this would be an easier sell if we'd found something," added Kingsmore, "But we did rule out a lot of things."

S.E. Baranzini et al., "Genome, epigenome and RNA sequences of monozygotic twins discordant for multiple sclerosis," Nature 464(29):1351-6, 2010.

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[5th May 2003]
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Read more: Dynamic view of the MS genome - The Scientist - Magazine of the Life Sciences

Trichet Calls For Corrupt BIS To Boss Global Government In CFR Speech

Trichet Calls For Corrupt BIS To Boss Global Government In CFR Speech

ECB President tells insiders that secretive group of international bankers – responsible to no nation state – will become primary engine of world government

Paul Joseph Watson
Thursday, April 29, 2010

In a speech before the elitist Council On Foreign Relations organization in New York earlier this week, President of the European Central Bank Jean-Claude Trichet called for the imposition of global governance to be bossed by the G20 and the corrupt Bank of International Settlements in the name of safeguarding the global economy.

In an address entitled “Global Governance Today,” Trichet proclaims how the elite need to impose “A set of rules, institutions, informal groupings and cooperation mechanisms that we call “global governance”.

During the course of the speech, Trichet uses the term “global governance” well over a dozen times, outlining how “global governance is of the essence” to avoid another financial crisis.

Section one of Trichet’s speech is entitled, “Why we need global governance,” and from then on he constantly invokes the economic downturn as a justification for empowering secretive, undemocratic and corrupt global institutions with the power to rule the world.

Highlights of Trichet’s speech can be viewed below via the official Council on Foreign Relations You Tube channel.

A full transcript of the speech was also carried by the Bank for International Settlements, an international organization of central banks that has constantly lobbied for a centralized global currency to replace that of nation states. Trichet praises the BIS as being “ahead of the curve” in dealing with the financial crisis during the speech.

The primary outfit that will boss the institutions of global governance, according to Trichet, is the Global Economy Meeting (GEM), which regularly meets at the BIS headquarters in Basel. This group, states Trichet, “has become the prime group for global governance among central banks”. The GEM is basically a policy steering committee under the umbrella of the Bank for International Settlements.

The BIS is a branch of the of the Bretton-Woods International Financial architecture and closely allied with the Bilderberg Group. It is controlled by an inner elite that represents all the world’s major central banking institutions. John Maynard Keynes, perhaps the most influential economist of all time, wanted it closed down as it was used to launder money for the Nazis during World War II.

Financial website Investors Insight describe the BIS as “the most powerful bank you’ve never heard of,” labeling it “the most powerful financial institution on earth”.

The bank wields power through its control of vast amounts of global currencies. The BIS controls no less than 7% of the world’s available foreign exchange funds, as well as owning 712 tons of gold bullion.

“By controlling foreign exchange currency, plus gold, the BIS can go a long way toward determining the economic conditions in any given country,” writes Doug Casey. “Remember that the next time Ben Bernanke or European Central Bank President Jean-Claude Trichet announces an interest rate hike. You can bet it didn’t happen without the concurrence of the BIS Board.”

The BIS is basically a huge slush fund for global government through which secret transfers of wealth from citizens are surreptitiously handed to the IMF.

“For example, U.S. taxpayer monies can be passed through BIS to the IMF and from there anywhere. In essence, the BIS launders the money, since there is no specific accounting of where particular deposits came from and where they went,” writes Casey.

“The bank was a major player promoting the adoption of the euro as Europe’s common currency. There are rumors that its next project is persuading the U.S., Canada and Mexico to switch to a similar regional money, perhaps to be called the “amero,” and it’s logical to assume the bank’s ultimate goal is a single world currency. That would simplify transactions and really solidify the bank’s control of the planetary economy,” adds Casey.

The Bank of International Settlements is responsible to no national government whatsoever. Trichet’s acknowledgment that an offshoot of the corrupt BIS will boss the main engine global government is a startling revelation, and emphasizes once again that world government is inherently undemocratic and dictatorial in nature.


The fact that Trichet unveiled this new approach in the march towards global governance before an audience of CFR insiders is fully appropriate.

The Council On Foreign Relations comprises of influential elitists and powerbrokers from all sectors of government, business, academia and the media. It is the public face of the more secretive Bilderberg Group. The CFR only recruits members sympathetic to its agenda for global government and the elimination of U.S. sovereignty.

The scope of the CFR’s mission was best encapsulated by former Deputy Secretary of State under Clinton and CFR luminary Strobe Talbott, who told Time Magazine in July 1992, “In the next century, nations as we know it will be obsolete; all states will recognize a single, global authority. National sovereignty wasn’t such a great idea after all.”

As we have emphasized, the global elite have already announced the birth of world government and who will run it. People expecting the UN to be at the helm have been distracted as the G20, alongside the BIS, was being empowered with the tools through which global governance is being coordinated.

In his speech, Trichet acknowledges the role of the G20 in using the financial crisis to mandate developing countries’ “full integration into the institutions of global governance.”

“The G20 has been effective in addressing the global crisis. We are now at the stage where this forum is making the transition from acting in a crisis resolution mode to contributing to crisis prevention,” said Trichet. In other words, the elite exploited the financial crisis in order to allow the G20 to pose as saviors and consequently empower itself to impose global governance regulations on nation states in the name of avoiding another economic crisis.

As EU President Herman Van Rompuy stated during his speech in Brussels, 2009 marked the first official year of world government powers being directly exercised to control the economies of nation states.

“2009 is also the first year of global governance, with the establishment of the G20 in the middle of the financial crisis. The climate conference in Copenhagen is another step towards the global management of our planet,” said Van Rompuy.

People who have the highest intakes of vitamin K2, not vitamin K1, may significantly lower their risk of cancer and cancer mortality

Could This ‘Humble’ Vitamin Hinder Future Cancers? Posted by Dr. Mercola | April 29 2010 | 20,599 views Share50 retweet
3 69 People who have the highest intakes of vitamin K2, not vitamin K1, may significantly lower their risk of cancer and cancer mortality, according to results from the European Prospective Investigation into Cancer and Nutrition (EPIC) study.

After analyzing data from over 24,000 participants who were followed for over 10 years, those who had the highest intakes of vitamin K2 were 14 percent less likely to develop cancer and 28 percent less likely to die of cancer compared to those with the lowest intakes.

A separate study by researchers at the Mayo Clinic also revealed impressive anti-cancer effects from vitamin K. Those with the highest dietary vitamin K intakes had a 45 percent lower risk of developing Non-Hodgkin lymphoma, a cancer of the immune system, than those with the lowest.
NutraIngredients March 30, 2010

American Journal of Clinical Nutrition May 2010

101st Annual Meeting of the American Association for Cancer Research (AACR) 2010, Washington, DC April 17-21, 2010

Science Daily April 19, 2010

Dr. Mercola's Comments:

Vitamin K is sometimes referred to as the “forgotten” vitamin because it is often overshadowed by more well-known nutrients. However, vitamin K is not only essential for many bodily functions, it also offers an impressive array of benefits, not the least of which is lowering your risk of cancer.

These two new studies, the first of which connected vitamin K2 with a nearly 30 percent reduction in your risk of cancer mortality and a 14 percent lowered risk of cancer altogether, add to a growing arsenal of research highlighting vitamin K’s cancer-fighting potential.

Vitamin K: Your Ally in the Fight Against Cancer
Vitamin K is emerging as a powerful player in cancer prevention, and it may soon join the ranks of vitamin D for its health-boosting potential.

Most recently, the Mayo Clinic study noted above found a massive 45 percent lower risk of Non-Hodgkin lymphoma among people with the highest dietary intakes -- and the association held true even after accounting for other cancer influencers like smoking, alcohol use, obesity, and eating lots of foods that are high in antioxidants.

Vitamin K has also been found beneficial in the fight against other cancers, including liver, colon, stomach, nasopharynx, and oral cancers, and some studies have even suggested vitamin K may be used therapeutically in the treatment of patients with lung cancer, liver cancer, and leukemia.

One 2008 study by the European Prospective Investigation into Cancer and Nutrition (EPIC) also found that increased intake of vitamin K2 may reduce your risk of prostate cancer by 35 percent.

Interestingly, the potential benefits of vitamin K2 were most pronounced for advanced prostate cancer.

Are You Deficient in This Important Vitamin?
Many people in both the United States and the UK are not getting the currently recommended intakes, which are likely already too low to begin with. In fact, according to What We Eat In America NHANES 2001–2002, only one in four Americans are meeting the recommended levels of dietary vitamin K.

Further, the Institute of Medicine’s recommended daily intake of 120 micrograms for men and 90 for women are based on levels that will ensure adequate blood coagulation. But vitamin K is important for more than just blood clotting; it impacts the health of your bones, arteries and immune system as well.

Well, emerging research, including the “triage theory” from Joyce McCann, PhD and Bruce Ames, PhD, suggests that these other non-clotting functions that depend on vitamin K may need higher levels than are currently recommended.

Although the exact dosing is yet to be determined, one vitamin K expert, Dr. Cees Vermeer, recommends between 45 mcg and 185 mcg daily for adults. You must use caution on the higher doses if you take anticoagulants, but if you are generally healthy and not on these types of medications, I suggest at least 100 mcg of vitamin K2 daily.

Which Type of Vitamin K is Best?
There are three types of vitamin K. Vitamin K1, or phylloquinone, is found naturally in plants and vitamin K2, also called menaquinone, is made by the bacteria that line your gastrointestinal tract. Vitamin K3, or menadione, is a synthetic form that is manmade, and which I do not recommend.

You should strive to include both vitamin K1 and vitamin K2 in your diet.

K1 is found in dark green leafy vegetables, and makes up about 90 percent of the vitamin K in a typical Western diet. The following table lists some vegetable sources of K1 that you should consider eating frequently:

Food Vitamin K*
Collard Greens 440
Spinach 380
Salad Greens 315
Kale 270
Broccoli 180
Brussels Sprouts 177
Food Vitamin K*
Cabbage 145
Olive Oil 55
Asparagus 60
Okra 40
Green Beans 33
Lentils 22

The best natural source of vitamin K2 is derived from an ancient Japanese food called Natto. Natto is made from fermented soybeans and significant amounts of vitamin K2 are produced during the fermentation process.

Although natto would be the highest source, other fermented foods like cheese are also loaded with it. If you find yourself not consuming enough fermented foods, you will certainly want to consider taking a supplement, especially if you have osteoporosis. Vitamin K2 is probably one of the least appreciated supplements to regain bone density.

It’s important to note that vitamin K is a fat-soluble vitamin. This means that in order for your body to absorb it effectively, you need to eat some fat along with it.

So please do make a point to increase your intake of vitamin-K rich foods, including fermented varieties. Given all the new research coming in, ensuring your body has adequate levels of vitamin K is too important to pass up.

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Green Tea Extract May Be More Effective than You Thought

Green Tea Extract May Be More Effective than You Thought Posted by Dr. Mercola | April 29 2010

Previous ArticleNext ArticleGreen tea could raise your energy expenditure, and possibly even help battle obesity, according to a new study.

Epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG), a compound found in green tea, was shown to increase fat oxidation by 33 percent.

This result comes from one of many studies that have looked at green tea's potential in weight loss. EGCG has been shown to be a key component in many of these studies.

There are a number of ways the EGCG could help aid weight loss:

•It could increase metabolism and fat oxidation
•It could inhibit fat cell development
•It could increase fat excretion
NutraIngredients April 9, 2010

European Journal of Clinical Nutrition April 7, 2010 [Epub ahead of print]

Dr. Mercola's Comments:

Epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG), the active component of green tea, is again on the radar as a potential weight loss aid. The authors of this randomized, placebo-controlled, double-blind crossover trial state:

“This pilot study provides for the first time evidence that a single green tea catechin, EGCG, can increase fat oxidation in obese men, at least within 2 h after meal intake.”

The potential of green tea, or EGCG specifically, to promote weight loss has been studied for some time now, and many of the findings are positive.

Green tea does appear to have fat-burning properties, which are related to a class of polyphenols called catechins. Catechins are naturally occurring antioxidants, which have been reported to have a number of physiological and pharmacological properties.

For example, previous studies indicate that epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) in particular may also be helpful in preventing and/or treating:

•High blood lipid
•Cerebral thrombus
•Pain and inflammation related to rheumatoid arthritis
•Prostate cancer
It may also offer protection against heart disease, and may even help protect fatty livers after a liver transplant.

These are all beneficial, but what about the fat burning? Will it really help melt your excess pounds away?

Is Green Tea Extract a Magic Weight Loss Potion?
There is some evidence that long-term consumption of tea catechins is beneficial for burning fat. At least one study attributes the effects, in part, to the activation of hepatic lipid catabolism, which involves the release of energy resulting in the breakdown of complex materials.

Another study proposed that catechin polyphenols may work with other chemicals to increase levels of fat oxidation and thermogenesis, where your body burns fuel such as fat to create heat.

However, there’s another side to this story as well.

A review published in the Journal of Nutrition in January of this year stated that “there is emerging evidence that high doses of tea polyphenols may have adverse side effects,” and:

“Given that the results of scientific studies on dietary components, including tea polyphenols, are often translated into dietary supplements, understanding the potential toxicities of the tea polyphenols is critical to understanding>their potential usefulness in preventing obesity.”

Yes, too much of a good thing can be just as bad as not enough, and when it comes to avoiding or treating obesity with a supplement – whether it’s natural or not – I would strongly suggest using caution and common sense.

I’ve previously written about the negative health effects of overdosing on antioxidants, and unfortunately, when it comes to weight loss aids, many people tend to go overboard.

That’s not to say that green tea can’t be a healthy part of your diet. As mentioned earlier, green tea has been shown to have a number of health boosting properties.

Just avoid looking at it as a magic potion that will miraculously make you shed pounds, or worse, prevent you from gaining weight if your diet is less than ideal.

Drinking Green Tea as Part of a Healthy Diet
There is a misconception that it takes pot upon pot of green tea to add up to any significant benefits. In reality, much of the research on green tea has been based on about three cups daily.

A cup of green tea will give you anywhere from 20-35 mg of EGCG, so three in a day will supply you with 60-105 mg. Three cups would amount to just over one-third of the amount given to the low-dose group in the study above. The high-dose group received 600 mg.

However, even though the article in NutraIngredients above states that “green tea may increase energy expenditure and help men beat the bulge,” the actual study concluded that:

“Low EGCG [300mg dose] increases postprandial fat oxidation in obese men and this to the same extent as 200 mg caffeine, whereas high EGCG [600mg] does not exert this effect.

Fasting fat oxidation is increased only by caffeine (with or without EGCG). There is no synergism of low EGCG and 200 mg caffeine.

Energy expenditure is not affected by EGCG.”

So wait… Where did NutraIngredients get that from then?

Well, the fat burning benefit of EGCG turned out to be during the first 2 hours directly after eating. During those two hours, a dose of 300 mg of EGCG helped boost fat oxidation by 33 percent. But at the higher dosage, this effect was reduced to 20 percent.

Clearly, in this case, more antioxidants did not equate to more weight loss potential.

My advice?

If you enjoy green tea, add a few cups to your day as an overall healthy addition to your diet.

My personal favorite is Matcha green tea, as it has a wonderful flavor and superior nutrient content as it has not been damaged through processing. The best Matcha green tea comes from Japan and is steamed, rather than roasted or pan-fried. As a result, Matcha green tea retains all the nutrient-rich value possible from the tea leaf.

Perhaps it will help you in your weight loss efforts, maybe it won’t. Just don’t expect any miracles. Because when it comes to serious weight loss, a tandem regimen of diet and exercise simply can’t be beat.

Diet and Exercise are the “Magic Pills” You’re Looking for
One of your most basic health principles is to eat a diet of whole, nutritious foods rather than the processed ones that line most grocery store shelves. This includes cutting out grains and sugar, which are two of the MAJOR culprits behind weight gain.

What your body needs is nutrition, not artificial fillers and flavors.

You also cannot be optimally healthy, nor successfully lose excess weight without exercise. The two go hand-in-hand.

Why Most Exercise Does Not Work Very Well
As many of you know I have been an exercise fanatic for the last 42 years. But I only recently became aware that some of my foundational understanding of exercise was seriously flawed about exercise and weight loss.

Most exercise works just fine for most people so long as they are under 30 years old. At that time one’s growth hormone dramatically starts to drop.

It turns out that nearly ALL exercises that are typically done in this country by those over the age of 30 do not generate growth hormone. This is because they are not exercising the super fast muscle fibers.

Cardio, aerobics and even most all strength training do NOT increase growth hormone. The only way to do that is by using anaerobic exercises.

These are typically sprint type workouts but they don’t have to be done by running. You can do them on many pieces of aerobic equipment. One of the best is a recumbent bike.

The principle is simple. You warm up for two minutes then increase the intensity to as high as you can and pedal as hard as you can for 30 seconds. If you can pedal for 45 seconds you are not working out hard enough. You simply have to push it very hard.

After your 30 second workout you pedal at comfortable relaxed pace for 90 seconds, and then you repeat this 7 times for a total of 8 cycles. If you are doing it correctly you will be sweating profusely and it will likely be one of the best workouts of your life.

The beauty of this approach is that it is only requires 20 minutes of your time. If you do it properly I can assure you that it will improve your health far more than HOURS of regular cardio.

For the next two hours you will radically increase your level of growth hormone as long as you avoid sugar.

This really is some radical new information that can change your life. Once I started doing this I was able to easily drop extra weight I had picked up and could not lose despite doing my standard cardio.

The master educator who taught me this was Phil Campbell and his term for it is Sprint 8. I recently met him at a fitness camp in Mexico. He has a book that you can get more information on called Ready Set Go, available on Amazon.

I plan on introducing more detailed articles on this in the future.

Additional TIps
If you are overweight, you will need at least 30 minutes of exercise a day to experience any weight loss benefits. Major studies have shown that 60 minutes a day is best, and according to the latest research, you’re wasting precious time if your regimen does not include anaerobic, sprint-type exercises.

Ideally, your exercises should also be broken up with short breaks in between for maximum effectiveness.

I’ve published many stories about the benefits of interval training, just one of which is saving you from having to do hour-long cardio workouts!

I’ve written extensively about the countless health benefits of exercise, which go far beyond weight management. If you need some direction to get started, I urge you to review my beginner's exercise page that includes links to my most important exercise articles.

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With Diet, Exercise and Friendship, Man Loses 400 Pounds

Foods that Might Let You Live to See Your 100th Birthday

Foods that Might Let You Live to See Your 100th Birthday
Here’s where it gets really interesting, because contrary to popular dietary advice, one of the primary keys here is the elimination of starchy carbohydrates. In addition, the diet included “unlimited amounts of certain fats and oils,” such as:

•Raw nuts and seeds
•Olive oil
Participants that did not exercise limited their protein intake to approximately 1 gram per kilo of body mass per day, while those who exercised were allowed 1.25 grams/kg of body weight per day. (This equated to 50-80 grams of protein per day for most participants.)

Sources of protein included:

•Fish, sardines, and other seafood
•Chicken and turkey
•Wild game
•Cheeses like cottage cheese, ricotta and Swiss
•Veggie burgers
As for carbohydrates, only non-starchy, fibrous vegetables were allowed, such as:

•Lettuce and other greens
•Broccoli and cauliflower
Most of the participants ended up eating a diet consisting of 20 percent (non-starchy) carbs, 20 percent protein, and 60 percent fat, and as a result the participants lost an average of about 7 pounds over the course of about three months.

Now, I have to add that although this ratio of carbs/protein/fat did cause significant weight loss for the participants in this study group, it may or may not be the ideal ratio for everyone, especially long-term. We’re all different, and depending on your nutritional type, you may need more or less of each of these three types of nutrients. Additionally, some of the sources of protein on this list could do more harm than good.

For more information about nutritional typing and developing an individualized dietary plan, please refer to my free optimized nutrition plan.

However, the main point here is that the elimination of starchy carbs (grains) led to significant health benefits for all participants.

In addition to the above dietary recommendations, participants were also instructed to limit their beverages to 6-8 eight ounce glasses of water and/or herbal tea -- again, completely eliminating sugary drinks like sodas and fruit juices.

Nutritional supplements “to support fat metabolism and enhance insulin sensitivity” were also recommended, including:

•L-carnitine 2000 mg
•Alpha-lipoic acid 400 mg
•CoQ10 100 mg
•Cod liver oil 1tbsp
•Magnesium 300 mg
•Vitamin C 1000 mg
•Vitamin E 800 mg
•Multivitamin that included all essential B vitamins and minerals
Last, but certainly not least, lipid-lowering or sulfonylurea medications were discontinued before starting the diet, and those taking blood pressure medications had their dosages reduced or discontinued once their blood pressure normalized.

Now, in addition to significant weight loss, the participants also saw significant improvements in all the areas that impact longevity, including:

•Reduced systolic and diastolic blood pressure (by about 10 and 11 mmHg, respectively)
•Reduced leptin levels (by about 48 percent)
•Reduced insulin levels (by about 40 percent)
•Reduced fasting glucose levels (by about 7 percent)
•Reduced free T3 (by about 10 percent)
•Reduced triglyceride levels (by 28 percent)
The average triglyceride/HDL ratio (a potent heart disease predictor) also decreased by approximately 50 percent!

The authors concluded that “in the context of an outpatient medical clinic, a high-fat, adequate-protein, low-carbohydrate diet with nutritional supplementation led to improvements in serum factors related to the aging process.”

No kidding!

I can’t think of any drug that can boast beneficial health results like these.

Leptin – As Important as Insulin for Health and Longevity
Of particular note is the fact that the above diet was able to reduce leptin levels by a healthy 48 percent in about three months! Because there’s evidence that leptin could possibly be even more important a factor for optimizing your health and increasing your lifespan.

Just like insulin, the hormone leptin has also been implicated in a vast number of chronic diseases that are typically associated with the aging process. Leptin is produced by your fat cells, and tells your body whether more energy is needed (thereby controlling your appetite) and what to do with the energy available.

Leptin also largely influences, if not controls, the functions of the hypothalamus in your brain, which impacts your:

•Thyroid function
•Adrenal function
•Sympathetic nervous system
So just like your insulin levels, if your leptin levels become elevated, your body systems will develop a resistance to this hormone, which will wreak havoc in your body.

Final Thoughts
The study above is a beautiful illustration of how you can significantly improve your health and extend your life by eliminating sugar and starchy carbs, and eating a diet high in healthy fats, fresh veggies and lean proteins – all in as little as THREE MONTHS!

No meds required.

How wonderful is that?!

So, what are you waiting for?

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