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How to Get Rid of Head Lice Naturally

How to Get Rid of Head Lice Naturally
Saturday, February 27, 2010 by: Fleur Hupston, citizen journalist
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(NaturalNews) Head lice are easily transmitted by head-to head contact or by sharing combs, brushes or caps. Infestations are common in school children but this is not an indication of poor hygiene or dirty hair. Lice lay their eggs along the base of the hair shaft, close to the scalp. Conventional cures include the application of strong smelling insecticides or shampoos which can be harmful to health, especially in the case of small children. Go the natural route in preventing and treating head lice infestations.

Preventing Head Lice

Do not think a problem with lice will not affect you or your family. Inspect your child's head regularly for lice and nits, paying particular attention to the hairline, neck and areas above the ears. If there is an outbreak at your child's school, be even more thorough. To repel lice, comb the hair twice a week with a comb dipped in a mug of warm water containing a few drops of tea tree oil.

Treating Head Lice

Ensure that the affected family members use separate towels and face cloths and wash bedding, pillowcases and brushes in hot water.

Use a fine toothed nit comb to remove lice from the hair, working through the hair section at a time. Repeat the treatment regularly and newly hatched lice will gradually be removed. Diligently repeating this process for at least two weeks is one of the most effective ways of removing head lice without the use of insecticidal shampoos.

Essential Oils to Treat Lice Infestations

To kill lice and soothe an itching scalp, add two drops each of lavender, geranium and eucalyptus oils to a teaspoon of natural, unscented body lotion. Massage into the scalp and leave for 30 minutes to an hour. Run a fine-toothed, nit comb through the hair, then rinse well. Make a final rinse by adding two drops each of eucalyptus, lavender, rosemary and geranium oils and 3 teaspoons of vinegar into half a jug of water. Rinse and leave the hair to dry naturally.

Nigella Sativa is said to be an excellent cure for head lice and other skin parasites. One cup of finely ground seeds blended with a cup of apple cider vinegar, filtered and then applied to the hair is said to be an excellent natural cure for head lice.

Be sure to visit a qualified homeopath if a child's scalp becomes inflamed or infected or if the above treatment proves to be ineffective. Women who are pregnant or trying to get pregnant should exercise caution when it comes to the use of certain essential oils or herbs and it would be best to get the advice of a homeopath or herbalist in this case.


Where There is No Doctor, page 200, by David Werner, Published by The Hesperian Foundation, 1994 edition.
October 28, 2009
UN Agenda 21 - Coming to a Neighborhood near You
By Scott Strzelczyk and Richard Rothschild
Most Americans are unaware that one of the greatest threats to their freedom may be a United Nations program known as Agenda 21. The United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs, Division for Sustainable Development created Agenda 21 as a sustainability agenda which is arguably an amalgamation of socialism and extreme environmentalism brushed with anti-American, anti-capitalist overtones.

A detailed history on sustainable development, definitions, and critical actions can be found here. Section III of the Agenda 21 Plan addresses local community sustainable development. The Preamble and Chapter 28 discuss how Agenda 21 should be implemented at a local level. The United Nations purposely recommends avoiding the term Agenda 21 and suggests a cleverly named alternative: "smart growth." The United Nations Millennium Papers - Issue 2 (page 5) says this of Agenda 21 and smart growth:

Participating in a UN-advocated planning process would very likely bring out many of the conspiracy-fixated groups and individuals in our society such as the National Rifle Association, citizen militias and some members of Congress. This segment of our society who fear 'one-world government' and a UN invasion of the United States through which our individual freedom would be stripped away would actively work to defeat any elected official who joined 'the conspiracy' by undertaking LA21. So, we call our process something else, such as comprehensive planning, growth management, or smart growth [emphasis added].

Undoubtedly, residents of any town, county, or city in the United States that treasure their freedom, liberty, and property rights couldn't care less whether it's called Agenda 21 or smart growth. A recent example of this can be found in Carroll County, Maryland, where a smart growth plan called Pathways was drafted by the County Planning Department. The plan, if enacted, proposed a breathtaking reshuffling of land rights:

•Rezoning of thousands of acres of beautiful, low-density agricultural farmland and protected residential conservation land into office parks
•Down-zoning of agriculture land to prevent future subdivision by farmers
•Up-zoning of low-density residential land around small towns into higher density zoning to permit construction of hundreds or possibly thousands of inclusive housing units, including apartments and condominiums
•Inclusive housing with placement of multi-family construction on in-fill lots within existing residential single family communities
•Endorsement of government-sponsored housing initiatives (subsidies) to ensure healthier, balanced neighborhoods

Carroll County, Maryland is one of 1,168 cities, towns, and counties worldwide that are members of the International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives (ICLEI) - Local Governments for Sustainability, which is an international association of local governments as well as national and regional local government organizations that have made a commitment to sustainable development. The ICLEI mission statement closely resembles that of Agenda 21. In fact, the ICLEI has Special Consultative Status with the UN Economic and Social Council and coordinates local government representation in the UN processes related to Agenda 21.

Community leaders working together in Carroll County recently defended their county against overreaching smart growth initiatives. Richard Rothschild, a candidate for Commissioner, emphatically remarks, "Smart growth is not science; it is political dogma combined with an insidious dose of social engineering. Smart growth is a wedding wherein zoning code is married with government-sponsored housing initiatives to accomplish government's goal of social re-engineering. It urbanizes rural towns with high-density development, and gerrymanders population centers through the use of housing initiatives that enable people with weak patterns of personal financial responsibility to acquire homes in higher-income areas. This has the effect of shifting the voting patterns of rural municipalities from Right to Left."

Smart growth plans usurp property rights and constitutional rights. Local officials, at the behest of State Government, revise zoning laws to fit into a "smart code" zoning template. A massive reshuffling of property rights ensues. Farmers may lose subdivision rights; conservation land adjacent to population centers may be rezoned into commercial employment centers; and low-density land in small towns is re-designated as growth area and rezoned to accommodate diverse housing including high-density apartments and condominiums.

Finally, a healthy dose of federal- or state-sponsored housing initiatives is embraced to ensure communities are properly balanced. The net effect of these plans is to create highly urbanized population centers throughout otherwise-rural counties, while simultaneously limiting the availability of land for suburban and estate subdivisions, as these are considered an unsustainable waste of land by Agenda 21 disciples.

Clearly, smart growth plans will impact Americans' future choices in where and how they live. Furthermore, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and other federal and state agencies may attempt to deny grant funds to states and cities that do not adopt smart growth plans.

Most Americans will remain unaware of the implications of smart growth and Agenda 21 until after it is promulgated in their own backyards. Ironically, these plans are more insidious than the Eminent Domain ruling by the Supreme Court in the case of Kelo v City of New London. Under Eminent Domain rulings, property owners usually receive compensation for their losses.

Conversely, smart growth municipal plans, required by statute, enable municipalities to change zoning laws and engage in other regulatory actions that devalue property, restrict off-conveyances, and otherwise erode property values without payment of any compensation to the property owner.

Smart growth has another interesting unintended consequence: it can disrupt conventional alliances and lead to strange political bedfellows. Rural urbanization plans may raise the ire of environmental groups while simultaneously stirring the wrath of both conservative and liberal residents that want to maintain the rural fabric of their communities. Conversely, developers, sensing opportunity, may side with government smart growth bureaucrats in support of these plans.

Regardless of political orientation, two indisputable facts remain. Agenda 21 is a direct assault on private property rights and American sovereignty, and it is coming to a neighborhood near you.
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The U.N. Plan for Your "Sustainable" Community

Agenda 21
The U.N. Plan for Your "Sustainable" Community

By Berit Kjos - 1998

This Global action plan matches PCSD report: Sustainable America

See also The U.N. Plan For Global Control: The Habitat II Agenda
Skip down to Maurice Strong

UNESCO's Philosophy


[11-6-09] Democrats Bury ‘Community Transformation’ Plans in Health Care Bill: "In the bill, the Affordable Health Choices Act, community transformation plans would be carried out using federal money and be overseen by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). The CDC would distribute the money as well as coordinate the various state, local, and 'community' entities responsible for carrying out the plans.

"...both state and local governments are eligible for the grants, as are 'national networks of community-based organizations'.... The transformation plans must include 'activities' for all ages, beginning in public schools, which focus on eating healthy food, adequate amounts of physical activity....'Every time our friends on the other side start talking about community organizations, we usually think ACORN..."

"...current lifestyles and consumption patterns of the affluent middle class - involving high meat intake use of fossil fuels, appliances, home and work-place air-conditioning, and suburban housing - are not sustainable. A shift is necessary. which will require a vast strengthening of the multilateral system, including the United Nations..." [1] Maurice Strong , opening speech at the 1992 UN Conference on Environment and Development

Note: This global contract binds all nations and spreading regions to the the collective vision of "sustainable development." They must commit to pursue the three E's of "sustainability": Environment, Economy and Equity referring to the UN blueprint for environmental regulations, economic regulations, and social equity.


Agenda 21, the UN blueprint for global transformation, sounds good to many well meaning people. Drafted for the purpose of creating "sustainable societies", it has been welcomed by nations around the world. Political, cultural, and media leaders have embraced its alluring visions of social justice and a healthy planet. They hide the lies behind its doomsday scenarios and fraudulent science. Relatively few consider the contrary facts and colossal costs.

After all, what could be wrong with preserving resources for the next generation? Why not limit consumption and reduce energy use? Why not abolish poverty and establish a global welfare system to train parents, monitor intolerance, and meet all our needs? Why not save the planet by trading cars for bikes, an open market for "self-sustaining communities," and single dwellings for dense "human settlements" (located on transit lines) where everyone would dialogue, share common ground, and be equal?

The answer is simple. Marxist economics has never worked. Socialism produces poverty, not prosperity. Collectivism creates oppression, not freedom. Trusting environmental "scientists" who depend on government funding and must produce politically useful "information" will lead to economic and social disaster. 3

Even so, local and national leaders around the world are following the UN blueprint for global management and "sustainable communities," and President Clinton is leading the way. A letter I received from The President's Council on Sustainable Development states that -

"In April 1997, President Clinton asked the council to advise him on: next steps in building a new environmental management system for the 21st century... and policies that foster U.S. leadership on sustainable development internationally. The council was also charged to ensure that social equity issues are fully integrated..." (Emphasis added)

Many of our representatives are backing his plan. In a 1997 letter congratulating the Local Agenda 21 Advisory Board in Santa Cruz for completing their Action Plan, Congressman Sam Farr wrote,

"The Local Agenda 21 Action Plan not only has local significance, it also will have regional and national impacts. As you know, the President's Council on Sustainable Development is beginning Phase III of its work with an emphasis on sustainable communities."4 (emphasis added)

This agenda may already be driving your community ís "development", so be alert to the clues. Notice buzzwords such as "visioning," "partners," and "stakeholders." Know how to resist the consensus process. Ask questions, but don't always trust the answers. Remember, political activists, like self-proclaimed education "change agents", have put expediency above integrity. As North Carolina school superintendent Jim Causby said at a 1994 international model school conference, "We have actually been given a course in how not to tell the truth. You've had that course in public relations where you learn to put the best spin on things."5

To recognize and resist this unconstitutional shadow government of laws and regulations being imposed on our nation without congressional approval, take a closer look at its history and nature.

Agenda 21
This global contract binds governments around the world to the UN plan for changing the ways we live, eat, learn, and communicate - all under the noble banner of saving the earth. Its regulations would severely limit water, electricity, and transportation - even deny human access to our most treasured wilderness areas. If implemented, it would manage and monitor all lands and people. No one would be free from the watchful eye of the new global tracking and information system

This agenda for the 21st Century was signed by 179 nations at the UN Conference on Environment and Development in Rio de Janeiro in 1992. Among other things, it called for a Global Biodiversity Assessment of the state of the planet. Prepared by the UN Environmental Programme (UNEP), this GBA armed UN leaders with the "information" and "science" they needed to validate their global management system. Its doomsday predictions were designed to excuse radical population reduction, oppressive lifestyle regulations, and a coercive return to earth-centered religions as the basis for environmental values and self-sustaining human settlements.

The GBA concluded on page 763 that "the root causes of the loss of biodiversity are embedded in the way societies use resources." The main culprit? Judeo-Christian values. Chapter 12.2.3 states that-

"This world view is characteristic of large scale societies, heavily dependent on resources brought from considerable distances. It is a world view that is characterized by the denial of sacred attributes in nature, a characteristic that became firmly established about 2000 years ago with the Judeo-Christian-Islamic religious traditions.

"Eastern cultures with religious traditions such as Buddhism, Jainism and Hinduism did not depart as drastically from the perspective of humans as members of a community of beings including other living and non-living elements."6

Maurice Strong, who led the Rio conference, seems to agree. His ranch in Colorado is a gathering place for Buddhist, Bahai, Native American, and other earth-centered religions. Yet, while spearheading the restructuring of the United Nations (see " World Heritage Protection?"), he also helped design the blueprint for the transformation of our communities. And in his introduction to The Local Agenda 21 Planning Guide, he called local leaders around the world to "undertake a consultative process with their populations and achieve a consensus on 'Local Agenda 21' for their communities."

Achieving that consensus meant painting scary scenarios of a hurting, dying planet that frighten children, anger youth, and persuade adults to submit to the unthinkable regulations. (See "Saving the Earth") It means blaming climate change on human activities and ignoring the natural factors that have - throughout time - brought cyclical changes in climate, storm patterns, wildlife migration, and ozone thinning (there has never been a "hole").

Natural factors you seldom hear about:

the earth's orbit around the sun
the gravitational pull of the moon (affects tidal forces and trigger volcanoes which cool the earth and produce El Ninos)
major volcanic eruptions which affect the ozone layer far more than all human activity
sunspot activity (times of great solar turbulence which heat the earth and recurs every nine to thirteen years)
the earth's relationship to other stars and planets
storm tracks
the earth's magnetic field (deflects storm tracks)
the annual decrease of stratospheric ozone each southern winter (our summer) when the sun's seasonal absence prevents ultraviolet rays from interacting with oxygen and producing ozone.

Local Agenda 21
Chapter 28 of Agenda 21 specifically calls for each community to formulate its own Local Agenda 21:

"Each local authority should enter into a dialogue with its citizens, local organizations, and private enterprises and adopt 'a local Agenda 21.' Through consultation and consensus-building, local authorities would learn from citizens and from local, civic, community, business and industrial organizations and acquire the information needed for formulating the best strategies." (Agenda 21, Chapter 28, sec 1,3.)

This tactic may sound reasonable until you realize that the dedicated "Stakeholder Group' that organizes and oversees local transformation is not elected by the public. And the people selected to represent the 'citizens' in your community will not present your interests. The chosen 'partners', professional staff, and working groups are implementing a new system of governance without asking your opinion.

They probably don't even want you to know what they are doing until the regulatory framework is well under way. You may read in your local paper about "visioning", working groups, Total Quality Management, and partnership between churches, welfare and social service agencies, and other community groups. These are clues that, behind the scenes, the plan is moving forward.

The goals and strategies are outlined in Sustainable America, the report from our President's Council on Sustainable Development (PCSD). President Clinton's PCSD is merely one of about 150 similar councils established by nations around the world, all following guidelines from the United Nations Commission on Sustainable Development.

The same steps and strategies are detailed in The Local Agenda 21 Planning Guide: An introduction to Sustainable Development. This "planning framework for sustainable development at the local level" was prepared by The International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives (ICLEI) in partnership with the United Nations Environmental Programme (UNEP) and the International Development Research Centre of Canada. Remember, UNEP also prepared the GBA which supposedly proves the environmental "crisis." Could there be a conflict of interest here?

ICLEI's step-by-step plan for transforming communities was made available to reporters during the 1996 UN Conference on Human Settlements (Habitat II). I started to read my bulky copy on the flight home from Istanbul. I soon learned how Stakeholders can broaden their working base and still maintain the original consensus: they simply seek partners who share their vision. After all, partners who challenge the Stakeholders' ideology would cause gridlock and slow progress. (Such gridlock is one of many criticism of the American political system voiced at various global conferences.)

The ICLEI Planning Guide suggests that Stakeholders select two kinds of people to serve their agenda: (1) ordinary people who don't have "a stake" in the old system and would expect to gain power by establishing a new political system, and (2) media, business, political, church, and education leaders who must be wooed and persuaded to promote the transformation within their sphere of influence. The following ICLEI list includes both:

A. Community Residents: women, youth, indigenous people, community leaders, teachers

B. Community-Based Organizations: churches, formal women's groups, traditional social groups, special interest groups

C. Independent Sector: Non-governmental organizations (NGO). academia, media

D. Private/Entrepreneurial Sector: environmental service agencies, small business/cooperatives, banks

E. Local Government and Associations: elected officials, management staff, regional associations

F. National/Regional Government: planning commission, utilities, service agencies, financial agencies.7

All participants must embrace the collective vision of a "sustainable community". They must commit to pursue the three E's of "sustainable development": Environment, Economy and Equity referring to the UN blueprint for environmental regulations, economic controls, and social equity.

"Sustainable development is a process of bringing these three development processes into balance with each other," states ICLEID's Agenda 21 Planning Guide on page 21. "The implementation of a sustainable development strategy therefore involves negotiation among the primary interest groups (stakeholders) involved in these development processes. Once an Action Plan for balancing these development processes is established, these stakeholders must each take responsibility and leadership to implement the plan."

Meanwhile, opposing voices must be silenced. "Implementing the 'sustainable agenda' requires marginalizing critics," says Craig Rucker, Executive Director of CFACT, a conservative public interest group in Washington, D.C. dealing with consumer and environmental issues. He explains,

"Distinguished scientists who disagree with the globalist agenda are ridiculed and said to speak for conservative interests or industry (whether or not they receive industry funding) and their scientific arguments are never heard. Some of these marginalized critics are very distinguished scientists, like Dr. Frederic Seitz, former president of the National Academies of Science and a sharp critic of ozone depletion and global warming theories, Dr. S. Fred Singer, who help establish the satellite and balloon measuring devices to track global warming, and Dr. Edward Krug, who served on NAPAAP, among others. Some, like Dr. William Happer were even fired from their jobs questioning environmental dogma (in his case, on the issue of ozone depletion)."8

Ignoring these facts, nearly two thousand communities around the world are following this UN blueprint for change with support from ICLEID - and subject to its tracking system. Apparently the Santa Cruz model is leading the way in the United States.

Local Agenda 21-Santa Cruz was birthed in 1993 by the local chapters of the United Nations Association and ACTION (Agenda 21 Community Team Work in Operation). The original stakeholders began to "envision a sustainable future," choose compatible "partners", and organize the twelve Round Tables which evolved into twelve Special Focus Areas (for summaries of each plan, read Local Agenda 21 Pt.2 -Santa Cruz - Key points from the twelve Focus Groups):

Biodiversity & Ecosystem Management
Public Health
Resources and Recycling
Social Justice
Toxic Technology & Waste Management
Viable Economy

Each item is linked to special interest groups, non-governmental organizations, and globalist advocates who have been given authority (by no elected official) to plan the regulations that will control our lives.

Would you like a glimpse of the special interest groups that guide this Agenda? Its list of donors and supporters includes feminist, globalist, environmental, and welfare organizations such as the Sierra Club, Earthlinks, Women's International League for Peace and Freedom, Greener Alternatives, Pacific Bell, Peace Child, United Nations Association-USA, Environmental Ecological Services, Change Management System, Countywide Joint Task Force on Sexual Harassment, Prevention and Education, and the Human Care Alliance (about 80 service providers and community groups), and the Welfare and Low-Income Support Network. Remember, "welfare" means far more than caring for the needy. Social service leaders tend to push a socialist agenda and many have little tolerance for Christians who resist their intrusive family policies.

The National Organization for Women (NOW), The Regional Alliance for Progressive Policy, Women's International League for Peace & Freedom, and Beyond Beijing (primarily feminists who attended the 1995 UN Conference on Women) are all part of a Task Force helping establish the guidelines for the Social Justice (Equity) and welfare branch of the Agenda. According to Local Agenda 21-Santa Cruz, their focus is the exploration of viable means to "alleviate the violence of poverty."

To eliminate poverty and to create the laws and incentives that will establish environmental, social and economic "equity", the people must embrace the new paradigm (or world view). They must accept the new global values touted by the GBA and learn to see social issues from a global perspective. "Local efforts should focus on community education and outreach, grassroots organizing, and monitoring the impacts of federal welfare reform implementation," states Santa Cruz' Local Agenda 21 Action Plan. Indeed, life-long education is the heart of the agenda. Who would willingly give up cars, private back yards, and freedom to hike in local forests unless they share a vision that's worth the sacrifice?

The agenda for education. In the fall of 1994, President Clinton's Council on Sustainable Development (PCSD) came to the Presidio - the former army base in San Francisco that now houses the Gorbachev Foundation USA and dozens of other globalist and environmental organizations networking with the United Nations. Here, overlooking the Golden Gate Bridge, they met with The National Forum on Partnerships supporting Education about the Environment.

Their joint report, "Education for Sustainability," became a model for sustainable education. According to the Santa Cruz Action Plan, it focused on 6 themes:

Interdisciplinary approaches

Lifelong Learning

Systems thinking (See "World Heritage Protection?)


Multicultural perspectives


To understand these terms and the new international education system they represent, you may want to read Brave New Schools. Those who don't realize that today's change agents hide globalist ideology behind traditional words, can easily be drawn into the web of deception by the noble sentiments. These arguments from the Education section of Santa Cruz Local Agenda 21 show how persuasive their propaganda can be to an unsuspecting public:

"In light of the current world situation, including the obvious degradation of the global ecosystem, population crisis, outbreaks of violence... there is an obvious need for education that puts forth a clear vision of a whole system of ecological thinking. In recent years, there has been a great deal of emphasis on environmental education and nature studies, but little has been done to teach about eco-efficiency, sustainable lifestyle practices, and the worldwide movement concerning sustainable development.

"The overall understanding is that we must learn from nature how to create sustainable communities--- observing: interdependence and organization, form and substance, the pattern of life, cooperation and partnership, and diversity.... A broader perspective (beyond schools) must be encouraged, including proactive learning opportunities throughout the community.

"Educational and rewarding volunteer opportunities exist throughout SCC. Most Americans are ill equipped to make the lifestyle changes necessary to turn the degradation around. Our collective experience over time has shown that knowledge alone does not necessarily change behavior and incite people to action. Support structures and incentives are also needed."

This UN directed education plan has already become familiar to many of us. The international system - built on the UNESCO goals that our government embraced with the introduction of America 2000 and the adoption of Goals 2000 - has already transformed our schools. Listen to these familiar policies listed in the Local Agenda 21.

"Educational systems encourage relevant, experiential learning and promote a sustainable, healthy life for all beings. Students embrace. global interdependence and the need to adopt fully sustainable practices locally and globally.... Focus is placed on teaching how to learn and how to enjoy learning. This involves:

Cooperative learning in groups which is learner-directed, empowering and participatory

Development of an integrated core curriculum at all levels which emphasized the theme of unity and interdependence of humanity, all species and the Earth.

Development of an integrated core curriculum at all levels which emphasized the theme of unity and interdependence of humanity, all species and the Earth.

Student participation in developing their own curriculum.

Mixed age groups in the learning process."

Learning that seems "democratic" (in contrast to authoritative) and cooperative (in contrast to individual) is key to winning the consent of the masses. All ages must participate, and each group member becomes accountable to the group - and to the politically correct "science" information used by the trained facilitator to move the dialogue toward the "right" choices and actions. Few realize the extent of the manipulation. See Brainwashing in America

In the Soviet Union, this Hegelian dialectic (consensus) process was used to shift the loyalties of Soviet children from absolute truths to the evolving soviet ideology. Today it is used in American schools, communities, and workplaces - with support and direction from the President's Council on Sustainable Development and other NGOs that share its global vision.

Far-reaching Networks. Are you confused by all the organizations, programs, and buzzwords that fit into the big picture? Do you find it hard to match the pieces in this immense puzzle? I do. One reason so few people try to understand the patterns of change is its complexity. And it gets worse.

"Encourage networking," states the Santa Cruz Action Plan. You saw the links between feminist, environmental, welfare, and government groups. But countless other groups and organizations are also involved in the endless web of deception. No wonder, since networking, like dialogue, helps spread the nets that will pull in the masses.

Last year, I received from the PCSD a published report titled Public Linkage, Dialogue, and Education. It was prepared by the PCSD Task Force on Public Linkage, Dialogue, and Education. To plan the initial draft, this group met in the Officers Club at the Presidio with various global, UN, and environmental leaders now housed at the former armor base. This draft included a call for a linkage between "job opportunities" and education standards for politically correct "understanding" of environmental, economic, and social issues from a global perspective:

"Develop essential learning standards on sustainable development for all students in order to promote a basic understanding of the interrelationship between environmental, economic and equity issues and a basic competency in sustainable living. Meeting learning performance standards will help ensure job opportunities in an emerging sustainable economy and promote responsible citizenry in a global, interdependent society."9

Considering the background of this "international roundtable", it's no wonder that the final report calls for a shift in public consciousness from the old nationalistic-free enterprise system to the new globalist-socialist paradigm. Its main three objectives were to-

Ensure that awareness, knowledge, and understanding of sustainability become part of the mainstream consciousness, both nationally and internationally.
Awareness and concern about environmental, economic, and equity issues must become firmly rooted in public consciousness.
Engage key domestic constituencies in a dialogue about sustainability to produce consensus.
Foster the skills, attitudes, motivation, and values that will redirect action to sustainable practices and produce the commitment to work individually and collectively toward a sustainable world.
Individuals must bring their actions into accord with a sustainable future. Conflict resolution skills must be applied to organize groups to act on issues related to sustainability."10
Remember, those who define the terms will write the rules. Those whose "science" will "educate" the masses, will control public beliefs and behavior.

In Santa Cruz, the PCSD Task Force on Linkage, Dialogue, and Education helped launch The Household EcoTeam Program and Sustainable Lifestyle Campaign in Santa Cruz County.
Household EcoTeam? Sustainable Lifestyle Campaign? We know the government wants to train parents in politically correct child-raising. Do they also want to train households in politically correct lifestyles?

They certainly do. In partnership with Global Action Plan and ACTION-Santa Cruz, the above PCSD Task Force "helped participants implement sustainable lifestyle practices in their own households as they worked together on a team with a trained coach and followed a workbook focusing in 6 action areas" (reducing garbage, water efficiency, home energy efficiency, transportation, eco-wise consuming, & empowering others).11

Other links include the National Association of Counties and the U.S. Council of Mayors. Following recommendations from the PCSD, they "have established a Joint Center for Sustainable Communities to facilitate collaborative planning."

Remember, the PCSD is linked to the UNCSD (UN Commission on Sustainable Development), which is linked to more than 150 other nations implementing Agenda 21, which are linked to ICLEID, which is linked to the Canadian government, which is linked to the United Nations, which Is linked to the Presidio, which is linked to ACTION-Santa Cruz, which is linked to Global Rivers Environmental Network, which is linked to the American Heritage Rivers Initiative, which is linked to the White House, which is linked to the Department of Education. and on and on.

Everything is linked to Total Quality Management, the process for managing and monitoring the development of human and natural resources as well as commercial products. Schools, corporations, and government are adopting TQM management, and Santa Clara County is no exception. The concept of "continual change" is central to TQM, and the Santa Cruz Action Plan follows suit. Every part of this list from its education plan relates to TQM:

"Continue to prepare students for rapid change by teaching: ...critical thinking, creative thinking, problem solving, cooperative learning, student self assessment, multi-cultural equity, the use of interactive technologies to foster learning & collaborative problem solving."

Social Justice. Remember the stakeholders that are defining social justice and preparing its standards? They include NOW, Beyond Beijing, social welfare leaders, environmental groups - all the voices that demand the abolition of Western culture, male leadership, and biblical absolutes. Look at their vision for Santa Cruz County:

"Desired State: A Paradigm Shift
We envision a community that stretches itself from its historical conditioning and ethnocentric comfort zones to increased cross-cultural empathy and understanding - a community that avoids oppressive hierarchies, but instead passionately advocates for inclusion, respect and cooperation with all members."

Politically correct tolerance sets a new standard for communication and inclusiveness. It immediately disqualifies biblical Christianity as exclusive, hateful, patriarchal, and intolerant. Their list of practical suggestions for change matches their vision:

Train facilitators for the "paradigm shift" to be wholistic supporters of the value of diversity
Develop an interagency approach to intolerance abatement
Encourage the business sector to hold managers accountable for promoting minorities and women into management.
Create a design for teaching the principle of universal security
Continue with forums, meetings, events, and expand our social justice library with books, tapes, video tapes for community TV, and literature available for interested people...
Involve college students and professors in social justice issues
Bring in speakers; support individual clubs.
Of course, their utopian plan won't work. People aren't naturally good. Fifty years ago, the Holocaust opened our eyes to human depravity, but many have forgotten its message.

Modern socialist leaders claim to know how to manipulate human nature. "We have to make better people," urged Shirley McCune at the 1989 Governors Conference on Education. Nineteen years earlier, the ASCD (Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development, the curriculum branch of the NEA) published To Nurture Humaneness in which Professor Raymond Houghton wrote,

"The critical point of behavior control, in effect, is sneaking up on mankind without his self-conscious realization that a crisis is at hand. Man will not even know that it is about to happen."12

This horrendous mission is now pressing forward under the banners of Agenda 21 and its partners around the world. Only a solid, unshakable commitment to truth will enable us to stand our ground. Only a clear understanding of the evil forces driving this agenda will enable us to resist the mental manipulation used to induce compliance.

If we didn't know that our God has the future well under His control, we would have every reason to fear. Many live in denial, refusing to face the painful facts that expose this covert revolution and the gradual loss of our freedoms - including the freedom to express our faith and share the gospel.

I don't know when my Lord will return, but I have no doubt that Americans will soon face the hostilities that are part of the normal Christian life. "If they persecute me, they will persecute you," said Jesus - and there is no reason to believe that Americans has somehow earned the right to escape the suffering that has molded faithful, single-minded, pure-hearted Christian for almost 2000 years.

As we stand together against the forces of evil, let's pray that God show each of us how we can best serve His plan and purpose.

Let's not get sidetracked by peripheral issues, but "let us lay aside every weight, and the sin which so easily ensnares us, and let us run with endurance the race that is set before us, looking unto Jesus." (Hebrews 12:1-2)

Remember, when Jesus told His disciples about the hard times ahead, He added these words of comfort,

"These things I have spoken to you, that in Me you may have peace. In the world you will have tribulation; but be of good cheer, I have overcome the world." (John 16:33)

For more information about the global education program and the role of the feminist movement in this transformation, read Brave New Schools and A Twist of Faith


1 Henry Lamb, " Meet Maurice Strong," Eco-Logic, November/December 1995.

2 Ibid. Maurice Strong was vice-president of Dome Petroleum (by age 25), first executive director of the UN Environmental Programme, founder of Planetary Citizens, director of the World Future Society, founder and co-chair of the World Economic Forum, member of the Club of Rome, trustee of the Rockefeller Foundation and Aspen Institute, and member of the UN Commission on Global Governance. He heads the Earth Council, which works with the UN to implement an Earth Charter-a global code of conduct based on earth-centered spirituality and globalist values. Its publication, Earth Ethics, suggests that apes, our "fellow animals", should be treated as "full members of the community of equals."

3 Much of the "peer reviewed" science which "proves" that human activity causes ozone holes and global warming is countered by award-winning non-politicized scientists who are appalled that their names are used to validate the hoax. See "The UN Plan for Global Control."

4 U.S. Congressman Sam Farr represents the 17th district in California. I have a copy of this letter written June 3, 1997 on Congressional stationary.

5 Cynthia Weatherly, "The Second Annual Model School Conference," The Christian Conscience (January 1995); 36.

6 Global Biodiversity Assessment, 837-838, 839. This information was provided by a friend who has a copy of the GBA but is traveling abroad at this time. She had copied many quotations from this report and gave them to me along with chapter and page numbers. I cannot personally verify these references at this time. If you have a copy of the GBA and discover a mistake in my references, please inform me so that I can make corrections. Thank you.

7 ICLEID, p. 21. A similar list is given in the PCSD report, Sustainable America.

8 From a personal note from Craig Rucker, January 20, 1998. To contact CFACT for scientific data refuting ozone holes and global warming theories, write CFACT, P.O. Box 65722, Washington, D.C. 20035.

9 Booklet titled The Seventh Meeting of the President's Council on Sustainable Development, The Presidio of San Francisco, April 27-28, 1995, p. 39.

10 Public Linkage, Dialogue, and Education (The President's Council on Sustainable Development) 1997, p.16.

11 Local Agenda 21--Santa Cruz, Education section, p. 21.

12. Raymond Houghton, To Nurture Humaneness: Commitment for the '70's (The Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development of the NEA, 1970).


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Unhealthy Devolpment

Unhealthy Devolpment
February 28, 2010 by anticorruptionsociety

by AL Whitney (C) copyright 2010 All Rights Reserved

Part I
Why making your medical records electronic will not improve your medical care, but will cost you privacy, health freedom and more . .

The U.S. Personal Income Tax: It Goes to The Family Rothschild

The U.S. Personal Income Tax: It Goes to The Family Rothschild
By William Dean A. Garner
The more people like me speak out about this, the more will scratch their heads and go, “No way!” or “You’re an idiot, Garner!” or, worst of all, “You’re not an American!”

I’ve heard this crap before, and it always comes from ignorant souls who just don’t understand how the political and economic systems work in the western world.

After more than 30 years of anecdotal research, connecting thousands of dots across an endless sky, a distinct pattern begins to emerge, something I’ll share a bit with you here. First, there’re other brave souls out there who also have researched this contentious topic, and have drawn similar conclusions. And we’ve all done so independently, which makes our conclusions all the more striking. I’ve said this before and it bears repeating: the evil family Rothschild, which controls what I term The First Sphere of Influence in the western world, hides in plain sight. They even flaunt their wealth and control and power over us with such arrogance and contempt that it cannot be ignored, even by like-minded people as they.

Where shall I start?

The U.S. income tax was a long sought-after tax the Rothschilds had attempted to bring on since the late 1770s, but it was strongly resisted by Thomas Jefferson, Ben Franklin, James Madison and John Adams, among other less-known (to contemporary audiences) American Patriots. Traitor Alexander Hamilton, a bastard child born in the warm Caribbean, was our first Secretary of the Treasury, sent to the US by the Rothschilds to establish the first central bank. Hamilton had been groomed from the start by the Rothschilds, although few people actually knew of his true identity. Aaron Burr, Hamilton’s killer, knew of his background and often chided and bullied him over it, until Burr finally slapped Hamilton across the face with a leather glove, thus issuing the challenge that killed Hamilton.

While Thomas Jefferson vehemently fought against the creation of such a bank, George Washington believed that Hamilton knew what he was doing and thus must be correct. They bank was started . . . and suddenly plunged the nascent United States into debt.

When the central bank’s charter expired, it was not renewed, so the Rothschilds punished the “Colonies” by having the British attack the US again to commence the War of 1812. When the US “won” the war, once again expelling the RedCoats from our lands, the Rothschilds reveled in their own victory, having established yet another central bank that drained the US taxpayers of their Personal Income.

When this bank’s charter ran its course, the whole Rothschild-US President [Fill In The Blank] battle started again, with one side winning a victory over the other in the ensuing 70 years. Without dredging up reams of references from our beloved annals of history, please note that President Andrew Jackson was instrumental in fighting the Rothschilds, although they tried on numerous occasions to assassinate him.

It wasn’t until 1913 that Senator Nelson Aldrich and his fascist “American Rothschilds” managed to sneak through a bill, during the winter break of the House of Representatives, that imposed a formal personal income tax on all Americans.

Our notion that our personal income taxes go to paying for our country’s infrastructure, social services, military, etc. is inaccurate, to say the least. Our personal income taxes first are collected by the US Treasury via the Internal Revenue Service, which sends the funds to the Federal Reserve, which is NOT a federal bank of any sort. The privately owned Federal Reserve, which is owned by the Rothschilds and, to a smaller extent, other banking families, then sends our tax dollars to its own Bank of England, which is located in the sovereign area of London called The City of London.

Interestingly, The City of London has its own laws, security forces and military, completely independent of the rest of London and the entire United Kingdom. It is considered the most elite banking and economic center in the western world.

The Bank of England, again, owned by the Rothschilds, sends our tax dollars to other central banks, all privately owned, and located in Europe.

Why do we even pay this illegal personal income tax, when our own government can operate without it?

Because our government borrows heavily from the Rothschilds and must pay interest on these loans. Our personal income tax offsets these interest payments. All usurious, of course. And all illegal.

In the coming months, I’ll share more with you. I realize that this information is hard to take, given we’ve been raised on the notion that we live in a free and democratic society, and our hard-earned money goes toward our benevolent US government.

In effect, my fellow Americans, it is all a lie.

The good news is that these bare facts are now more visible than ever and, with sufficient time and effort, people like me will get this word out. We have already seen the power of the American people against the healthcare reform bills: a stunning backlash against the Brzezinski Cartel and The First Sphere of Influence.

Backlashes like we’re seeing now are just the beginning of a new American Revolution, one that we actually win. This time.

More to follow. . . .
Bill Gates - "We can lower the population through vaccines"
Profiting From the Hysteria They Stoked
Make War on Goldman Sachs


In recent weeks there has been much discussion about what to do about Greece. These questions become all the more relevant as the country attempts to float a multibillion-euro bond issue later this week. The Financial Times has called this fund-raising a critical test of Greece’s credibility in financial markets as it battles with a spiraling debt crisis and strikes. The “credibility” of the financial markets is an important consideration in a country which has functionally ceded its sovereign ability to create currency, and thus remains dependent on the vagaries of the very banking institutions which helped create the mess in the first place.

Maybe Greece should secede from the European Union and default on its euro debt? Or go hat-in-hand to the International Monetary Fund (IMF) to beg for loans while promising to clean up its act? Or to the stronger Euro nations, hoping for charitable acts of forgiveness? Unfortunately, all of these options are going to mean a lot of pain and suffering for an economy that is already sinking rapidly.

And it is questionable whether any of them provide long term viable answers. Polls show that given the perception of fiscal excesses of Greece and the other countries on the periphery, the public in Germany opposes a bailout of these countries at its expense by a significant margin. Countries such as Ireland that have already undertaken harsh austerity measures also oppose the notion of a bailout, despite—nay, because of--the tremendous pain already inflicted on their own respective economies (in Ireland’s case, the banks are probably insolvent as well). The IMF route is also problematic, given that Greece probably doesn't qualify under normal IMF standards, and many euro zone nations would find this unpalatable from an ideological standpoint, as it would mean ceding control of EU macro policy to an external international institution with strong US influence.

The Wall Street Journal recently highlighted an article by Simon Johnson and Peter Boone, lamenting that the demands being foisted on Greece and other struggling Euro-nations would “massively curtail demand, lower wages and reduce the public sector workforce. The last time we saw this kind of precipitate fiscal austerity—when nations were tied to the gold standard—it contributed to the onset of the Great Depression in the 1930s”. Where we disagree with Johnson and Boone is the suggestion that the IMF be brought in to craft a solution. Any help from this organization will come with tight strings attached—indeed, with a noose around Greece’s neck. Germany and France would be crazy to commit their scarce euros to a bail-out of Greece since they face both internal threats from their own taxpayers and external threats from financial vampires who are looking for yet another nation to attack.

Here’s a more appropriate action: declare war on Goldman Sachs and other global financial firms that created this mess. Send the troops, the planes, the tanks, and the ships. Attack every outpost of the saboteurs on European soil. Blockade the airports and ports. Make Wall Street traders and CEOs fear for their lives, or at least for their freedom to travel. Build some Guantanamo-like facility to hold these enemy financial combatants until they can be tried, convicted, and properly punished.

Ok, if a literal armed attack on Goldman is too far-fetched, then go after the firm using the full force of the regulatory and legal systems. Close the offices and go through the files with a fine-tooth comb. Issue subpoenas to all non-clerical staff for court appearances. Make the internal emails public. Post the names of all managers and traders on Interpol. Arrest anyone who tries to board a plane, train, or boat; confiscate their passports; revoke their visas and work permits; and put a hold on their bank accounts until culpability can be assessed. Make life at least as miserable for them as it now is for Europe’s tens of millions of unemployed workers.

We know that the Obama administration will not go after the banksters that created this global financial calamity. It has been thoroughly co-opted by Wall Street’s fifth column—who hold most of the important posts in the administration. Europe has even more at stake and has shown somewhat more willingness to take action. Perhaps our only hope for retribution lies there.

Some might believe the term “banksters” is too mean. Surely Wall Street was just doing its job—providing the financial services wanted by the world. Yes, it all turned out a tad unfortunate but no one could have foreseen that so many of the financial innovations would turn into black swans. And hasn’t Wall Street learned its lesson and changed its practices? Fat chance. We know from internal emails that everyone on Wall Street saw this coming—indeed, they sold trash assets and placed bets that they would crater. The crisis was not a mistake—it was the foregone conclusion. The FBI warned of an epidemic of fraud back in 2004—with 80 per cent of the fraud on the part of lenders. As Bill Black has been warning since the days of the Saving and Loan crisis, the most devastating kind of fraud is the “control fraud”, perpetrated by the financial institution’s management. Wall Street is, and was, run by control frauds. Not only were they busy defrauding the borrowers, like Greece, but they were simultaneously defrauding the owners of the firms they ran. Now add to that list the taxpayers that bailed out the firms. And Goldman is front and center when it comes to bad apples.

Lest anyone believe that Goldman’s executives were somehow unaware of bad deals done by rogue traders, William Cohan reports that top management unloaded their Goldman stocks in March 2008 when Bear Stearns crashed, and again when Lehman collapsed in September 2008. Why? Quite simple: they knew the firm was full of toxic waste that it would not be able to continue to unload on suckers—and the only protection it had came from AIG, which it knew to be a bad counterparty. Hence on March 19, Jack Levy (co-chair of M&As) sold over $5 million of Goldman’s stock and bet against 60,000 more shares; Gerald Corrigan (former head of the NY Fed who was rewarded for that tenure with a position as managing director of Goldman) sold 15,000 shares in March; Jon Winkelried (Goldman’s co-president) sold 20,000 shares. After the Lehman fiasco, Levy sold over $6 million of Goldman shares and Masanori Mochida (head of Goldman in Japan) sold $56 million worth. The bloodletting by top management only stopped when Goldman got Geithner’s NY Fed to produce a bail-out for AIG, which of course turned around and funneled government money to Goldman. With the government rescue, the control frauds decided it was safe to stop betting against their firm. So much for the “savvy businessmen” that President Obama believes to be in charge of Wall Street firms like Goldman.

From 2001 through November 2009 (note the date—a full year after Lehman) Goldman created financial instruments to hide European government debt, for example through currency trades or by pushing debt into the future. But not only did Goldman and other financial firms help and encourage Greece to take on more debt, they also brokered credit default swaps on Greece’s debt—making income on bets that Greece would default. No doubt they also took positions as the financial conditions deteriorated—betting on default and driving up CDS spreads.

But it gets even worse: An article by the German newspaper, Handelsblatt, (“Die Fieberkurve der griechischen Schuldenkrise”, Feb. 20, 2010) strongly indicates that AIG, everybody’s favorite poster boy for financial deviancy, may have been the party which sold the credit default swaps on Greece (English translation here - ).

Generally, speaking, these CDSs lead to credit downgrades by ratings agencies, which drive spreads higher. In other words, Wall Street, led here by Goldman and AIG, helped to create the debt, then helped to create the hysteria about possible defaults. As CDS prices rise and Greece’s credit rating collapses, the interest rate it must pay on bonds rises—fueling a death spiral because it cannot cut spending or raise taxes sufficiently to reduce its deficit.

Having been bailed out by the Obama Administration, Wall Street firms are already eyeing other victims (and for allowing these kinds of activities to continue, the US Treasury remains indirectly complicit, another good reason why one shouldn’t expect any action coming out of Washington). Since the economic collapse is causing all Euro-nations to run larger budget deficits and at the same time is raising CDS prices and interest rates, it is easy to pick off nation after nation. This will not stop with Greece, so it is in the interest of Euro- land to stop the vampires now.

With Washington unlikely to do anything to constrain Goldman, it looks like the European Union, which is launching a major audit, just might banish the bank from dealing in government debt. The problem is that CDS markets are essentially unregulated so such a ban will not prevent Wall Street from bringing down more countries—because they do not have to hold debt in order to bet against it using CDSs. These kinds of derivatives have already brought down an entire continent – Asia – in the late 1990s, and yet authorities are still standing by and basically doing nothing when CDSs are being used again to speculatively attack Euro-land. The absence of sanctions last year, when we had a chance to deal with this problem once and for all, has simply induced even more outrageous and fundamentally anti-social behavior. It has pitted neighbor against neighbor—with, for example, Germany and Greece lobbing insults at one another (Greece has requested reparations for WWII damages; Germany has complained about subsidizing what it perceives to be excessive social spending in Greece).

Of course, as far as Greece goes, the claim now is that these types of off balance sheet transactions in which Goldman and others engaged were not strictly "illegal" under EU law. But these are precisely the kinds of "shadow banking transactions" that almost brought down the global financial system 18 months ago. Literally a year after the Lehman bankruptcy - MONTHS after Goldman itself was saved from total ruin, it was again engaging in these kinds of deals.

And it wasn't exactly a low-level functionary or “rogue trader” who was carrying out these transactions on behalf of Goldman. Gary Cohn is Lloyd "We're doing God's work" Blankfein's number 2 man. So it's hard to believe that St. Lloyd did not sanction the activities as well in advance of collecting his “modest” $9m bonus for last year’s work.

If these are examples of Obama’s “savvy businessmen”, then heaven help the global economy. The transaction highlighted, if reported that way in the private sector, would be accounting fraud. Fraud - "Go to jail, do not pass Go" fraud. That senior bankers had no problem in structuring/recommending/selling such deals to cash-strapped governments should probably not surprise us at this point. However, it would be interesting to know if the prop trading desks of those same investment banks, purely by coincidence of course, then took long CDS (short the credit) positions in the credit of the countries doing the hidden swaps. A proper legal investigation by the EU could reveal this and certainly help to uncover much of the financial chicanery which has done so much destruction to the global economy over the past several years.

In this country, we have had a “war on terror” and a “war on drugs” and yet we refuse to declare war on these financial weapons of mass destruction. We all remember Jimmy Carter’s “MEOW”—the attempt to attack creeping inflation that was said to sap the strength of the US economy in the late 1970s. But Europe—and indeed the entire globe—faces a much more dangerous and immediate threat from Wall Street’s banksters. They created this mess and are not only profiting from it, but are actively preventing recovery. They are causing unemployment, starvation, destruction of lives, and even violence and terrorism across the world. They are certainly more dangerous than the inflation of the 1970s, and arguably have disrupted more lives than Osama bin Laden—whose actions led the US to undertake military actions in at least three countries. That should provide ample justification for Greece’s declaration of figurative war on Manhattan.

However, in an ironic twist of fate, it was just announced that Petros Christodoulou will take over as the head of Greece’s national debt management agency. He worked as the head of derivatives at JP Morgan, and also previously worked at Goldman—the firm that got Greece into all this trouble!

Dimitri Papadimitriou has recently made what we consider to be an important plea for moderation of the hysteria about Greece’s debt. Writing in the Financial Times, he complained that “The plethora of articles in your pages and others, some arguing in favor and other against a bail-out, contribute to market confusion and drive the country’s financing costs to record levels. It is not yet clear that a bail-out is even needed, but this market confusion is rendering the government’s ability to achieve its deficit goals ever more difficult.”

Indeed, we suspect that the same financial firms that helped to get Greece into its predicament are profiting from—and stoking the fires of—the hysteria. He goes on, “what Greece really needs now is a holiday from further market confusion being created by contradictory, alarmist public commentary”. Greece, Euroland in general, and the rest of the world all need a holiday from the manipulation and destruction of our economies by Wall Street firms that profit from speculative bubbles, from burying firms, households, and governments under mountains and debt, and even from the crises that they create. Governments all over the globe should use all legal means at their disposal to ferret out the bad faith and even fraudulent deals that global financial behemoths are foisting on us.

Marshall Auerback is a market analyst and commentator. He is a brainstruster for the Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt Intitute. He can be reached at

L. Randall Wray, a professor of economics at the University of Missouri at Kansas City (UMKC).

California is a greater risk than Greece, warns JP Morgan chief

California is a greater risk than Greece, warns JP Morgan chief
Jamie Dimon, chairman of JP Morgan Chase, has warned American investors should be more worried about the risk of default of the state of California than of Greece's current debt woes.

California attorney general Jerry Brown is trying to sabotage the state anti-cap-and-trade ballot initiative by changing its name.

The ballot initiative would rollback the California cap-and-trade law
California AG tries to sabotage anti-cap-and-trade ballot initiative

By Steve Milloy Saturday, February 27, 2010
California attorney general Jerry Brown is trying to sabotage the state anti-cap-and-trade ballot initiative by changing its name.

The ballot initiative would rollback the California cap-and-trade law (AB 32) pending a decline in state unemployment.

The original name of the ballot initiative was the:

California Jobs Initiative

The initiative’s new Brown-ized name is the:

Suspends Air Pollution Control Laws Requiring Major Polluters To Report And Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions That Cause Global Warming Until Unemployment Drops Below Specified Level For Full Year Initiative

Who wouldn’t vote for that?

The official announcement is below:

25 February 2010 – Update

Assemblyman Dan Logue, along with Congressman Tom McClintock and
Edward J. Costa INITIATIVE –

Received by Attorney General Office 25 November 2009- assigned number 09-0094 to the initiative titled California Jobs Initiative

On 03 February 2010, was renamed by Attorney General Jerry Brown to:


The INITIATIVE is to SUSPEND implementation of AB 32 (Global Warming Solutions Act of 2006) until unemployment in California drops below 5.5% for four consecutive quarters; it also prevents any agency from implementing any regulation of AB 32.

Negotiations are underway to modify the title authored by Attorney General Brown to more satisfactorily and truthfully reflect what the INITIATIVE really is intended.

To monitor progress of this INITIATIVE (Look for 2009 and then number 09-0094).

Or Click here.

Al Gore could become world’s first carbon billionaire

Al Gore could become world’s first carbon billionaire
Stop Al Gore Before He Lies Again..and Again…and Again!
By Alan Caruba Saturday, February 27, 2010

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Sustainable Development Agenda 21

Michael Shaw

The Nature of Sustainable Development59:14 - 2 years ago
Michael Shaw of explains the real purposes of United Nations Sustainable Development (UN AGENDA 21) He goes over the goals of these designs, which would make any freedom loving person gasp. Sustainable Development isn’t as it sounds, its not about “Sustainable” “Development”, its not about people being “self sustaining” and its not about “Development” as the American mind understands it. You will learn about how they redefine words and give them new meanings to “fool” we the people. You will learn how poison is sold as sugar; basically that’s what’s going on. Do you think your “private property” is an evil thing? Well the United Nations does. You will be amazed and upset at what is going on in the name of “saving the Earth”. We all love the Earth, its our home, but some very powerful people understand that we do care and they have found that’s the best way to fool us towards their desires and against us. Come and learn what is being played out today on mankind towards our very destruction towards the glory of a few fat cats who really don’t care about us or the world, only their “Vision” under themselves for the world, and its not very nice at all, in fact its very evil. Michael Shaw of explains the real purposes of United Nations Sustainable Development (UN AGENDA 21) He goes over the goals of these designs, which would make any freedom loving person gasp. Sustainable Development isn’t as it sounds, its not about “Sustainable” “Development”, its not about people being “self sustaining” and its not about “Development” as the American mind understands it. You will learn about how they redefine words and give them new meanings to “fool” we the people. You will learn how poison is sold as sugar; basically that’s what’s going on. Do you think your “private property” is an evil thing? Well the United Nations does. You will be amazed and upset at what is going on in the name of “saving the Earth”. We all love the Earth, its our home, but some very powerful people understand that we do care and they have found that’s the best way to fool us towards their desires and against us. Come and learn what is being played out tod...all » Michael Shaw of explains the real purposes of United Nations Sustainable Development (UN AGENDA 21) He goes over the goals of these designs, which would make any freedom loving person gasp. Sustainable Development isn’t as it sounds, its not about “Sustainable” “Development”, its not about people being “self sustaining” and its not about “Development” as the American mind understands it. You will learn about how they redefine words and give them new meanings to “fool” we the people. You will learn how poison is sold as sugar; basically that’s what’s going on. Do you think your “private property” is an evil thing? Well the United Nations does. You will be amazed and upset at what is going on in the name of “saving the Earth”. We all love the Earth, its our home, but some very powerful people understand that we do care and they have found that’s the best way to fool us towards their desires and against us. Come and learn what is being played out today on mankind towards our very destruction towards the glory of a few fat cats who really don’t care about us or the world, only their “Vision” under themselves for the world, and its not very nice at all, in fact its very evil.« Email this videoDownload video - iPod/PSP
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Leaked UN Document Reveal Plan for “Green World Order” by 2012

Sunday, February 28, 2010
Leaked UN Document Reveal Plan for “Green World Order” by 2012

Leaked UN Documents Reveal Plan For “Green World Order” By 2012"

Massive $45 trillion transfer of wealth to fund creation of “global governance structure”

Paul Joseph Watson
Friday, February 26, 2010

Leaked policy documents reveal that the United Nations plans to create a “green world order” by 2012 which will be enforced by a structure of global governance and funded by a gargantuan $45 trillion transfer of wealth from richer countries, as the globalists’ insidious plan to centralize power, crush sovereignty while devastating the economy is exposed once again.

As we warned at the time, the failure of Copenhagen in December did not spell the end of the global warming heist, but merely a roadblock in the UN’s agenda to create a world government funded by taxes paid by you on the very substance you exhale – carbon dioxide.

Using the justification of the vehemently debunked hoax that carbon dioxide is a deadly threat to the planet, the UN is already working to resurrect the failed Copenhagen agreement, with a series of new Copenhagen process negotiations set to take place in April, May and June.

Leaked planning documents (PDF) obtained by Fox News lift the lid on the UN’s plan to impose global governance by the time of their 2012 World Summit on Sustainable Development in Rio, which will mark the 20th anniversary since the notorious “Earth Summit” held in the same city.

“The new Rio summit will end, according to U.N. documents obtained by Fox News, with a “focused political document” presumably laying out the framework and international commitments to a new Green World Order,” reports Fox News’ George Russell

“Just exactly what that environmental order will look like, and the extent of the immense financial commitments needed to produce it, are under discussion this week at a special session in Bali, Indonesia, of the United Nations Environment Program’s 58-nation “Governing Council/Global Ministerial Environmental Forum,” which oversees UNEP’s operations.”

The document outlines the globalist’s mission to enact a “radical transformation of the world economic and social order” by putting “a new treaty in place as the capstone of the Green World Order”.

This system will be managed by “an additional governing structure composed of exactly those insiders,” writes Russell.

“Moving towards a green economy would also provide an opportunity to re-examine national and global governance structures and consider whether such structures allow the international community to respond to current and future environmental and development challenges and to capitalize on emerging opportunities,” states the white paper (emphasis mine).

The imposition of such “global governance structures” will be achieved with the help of “vast wealth transfers” from richer countries (in the form of carbon taxes levied on citizens) to poorer nations, amounting to no less than $45 trillion dollars. The paper also outlines the need to change the “consumption patterns” of people living in richer countries, which undoubtedly is a euphemism for lowering living standards.

The policy proposes that the old economic model be discarded in pursuit of a new global green economy focused around “green jobs”.

As we have previously highlighted, the promise that the creation of “green jobs” will offset the inevitable damage to the economy that a 50 per cent reduction in carbon dioxide emissions will cause is a complete fallacy.

The implementation of so-called “green jobs” in other countries has devastated economies and cost millions of jobs. As the Seattle Times reported back in June, Spain’s staggering unemployment rate of over 18 per cent was partly down to massive job losses as a result of attempts to replace existing industry with wind farms and other forms of alternative energy.

In a so-called “green economy,” “Each new job entails the loss of 2.2 other jobs that are either lost or not created in other industries because of the political allocation — sub-optimum in terms of economic efficiency — of capital,” states the report.

As we have documented, a reduction in carbon dioxide emissions of 50-80 per cent would inflict a new great depression in the United States, reducing GDP by 6.9 percent – a figure comparable with the economic meltdown of 1929 and 1930.

The UN’s mission to create a legally binding treaty on the reduction of CO2 emissions is running parallel with measures already being enforced at state level in the U.S. which bypass stuttering federal efforts to impose the cap and trade fraud.

The very foundation of the global warming argument has been completely eviscerated by the Climategate scandal, which proved that United Nations IPCC scientists forged and exaggerated data to “hide the decline” in global temperatures while engaging in witch hunts to cull dissenting opinions from appearing in IPPC reports.

Despite this, control freaks intent on taxing the life-giving gas carbon dioxide have signaled that they no longer care about the truth behind man-made climate change and have resolved to slam through their totalitarian agenda anyway. EPA head Lisa Jackson told reporters this week that “The science regarding climate change is settled, and human activity is responsible for global warming,” even though she failed to refute the fact that there had been no global warming since 1995, as was admitted by CRU scientist Professor Phil Jones

The Nature of Sustainable Development~documentary)

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Time For The Rothschild
Gang To Pay Damages

The Untold Story of the Woolworth Building Incidents on 9-11-01


The Untold Story of the Woolworth Building Incidents on 9-11-01

Additional Important Sightings of the 9-11 Attacks

Quotes Relating to a Missile Firing Off the Roof of the Woolworth Building
"Someone had fired missiles at the World Trade Center's north tower from atop the nearby Woolworth Building."


"...we just had a second explosion, possibly a missile from the roof of the Woolworth Building."

Port Authority Police Officer

"They're shooting at the Trade Center from the Woolworth Building."

Radio Dispatch
NY Daily News

"The first one they think was a guy shooting the missiles off the Woolworth Building."

WTC Police Channel 07
Mercury News

"Woolworth Building! They're firing missiles from Woolworth Building!"

Police Channel
Portland Inymedia
"...there was a missile launch at the Woolworth building."

Police Officer, 09:18AM
Mailgate News

"...the police had a report that a missile had been fired at the World Trade Center from the Woolworth building."

Alan Reiss, WTC Police Desk
9-11 Commission Hearing

"[About 50 yards from the Tower] There was a 'swooshing' sound, then an explosion, and it sounded really low. It was if someone, one or two floors above me, had launched a shoulder-fired missile."

Lance Cpl. Alan Reifenberg
Marine Corps News

As we pulled ‘round the corner, we stopped the rig, and a cop walked over to us and said, `I saw them shoot a missile launcher off that [Woolworth] building, you guys better be careful up there.’

NYC Fireman
Mr.Bellers Neighborhood

Unobstructed View of the World Trade Center from the Woolworth Building

The red arrow is the suspected video angle that Bush Junior had of the first plane hitting the North tower before he went inside to read the goat story to an elementary school class the morning of Sept. 11, 2001.

Perfect Line of Sight to the First Attack of the North Tower

The Flight 11 crash was directly visible from the rooftop of the Woolworth.

The First of Three Anomalous Flashes

An aircraft appears to materialize just long enough to drop a flashing/flare-like object.

Close-up of the Flash Reveals the Strong Possibility of a Stealth Delivery Vehicle

Auto-Levels of the Sequence Original Sequence

Was it a B2 Bomber? This Wasn't the Only Stealth Sighting at the WTC on 9-11-01.

Auto-Levels Auto-Contrast

Two Additional Anomalous Flashes Surrounding the Woolworth Building

Second Anomalous Flash Third Anomalous Flash

Combined Diagram of the Three Anomalous Flashes and the Flight Path of the Orb

All Three Flashes in Comparitive Positions Red = Overall Flight Path of the Orb (A to E)

A = The starting point of the orb in the video clip (Approx. 4:04 p.m. 9-11-1)
B = The point where the orb passes over the same Woolworth Building roof position where smoke billows forth about five seconds later.
C = The point where the orb appears to seek cover in a nearby cloud simultaneous to the Woolworth Building rooftop erupting in smoke.
D = As the "fire" appears to move up to the peak of the roof the orb darts quickly across the roof again, but from the opposite direction this time.
E = The point where the orb literally streaks into the black smokey remains of the World Trade Center Towers.
A to C = Took eleven seconds of flight time during which the orb seems to be continually flashing
C to E = Took six seconds of flight time during which the orb streaks across the sky about twice as fast as it approached without any noticable flashing.

Did the Orb Make the Woolworth Building Rooftop Go Up in Smoke?

The Orb Passes by Previous to the Fire. Seconds Later the Rooftop Erupts in Smoke.

Traces Left by the Orb on its Curious 17-Second Round Trip

Traces of the Orb Moving Right to Left Slowly. Traces of the Orb Moving Left to Right Swiftly.

WTC Alignment to Woolworth Building Smoking Rooftop Video

The spire on the North corner of the Woolworth Building went up in smoke, then the top of the roof.

Sequence of Events
1. Bush saw
2. People saw
3. Audio sound shows
4. Naudet angle hides
5. Motive for lower explosion

The Woolworth Building rooftop incident ocurred sometime around 4:04 p.m. on 9-11-1.
Play by Play Examination of Orb Flight
Upon close examination it appears that an "orb" flew just up above the height of the corner spires of the Woolworth building and may have delivered an explosive projectile at the crest of its arching flight path over the roof. Because the orb moved so slowly this seems a likely explaination, then dipped into a cloud mass at the exact moment, and at the same altitude, as the roof erupted in smoke, and then the orb streaked from the white cloud (on the left), just as the majority of the smoke from the roof was finished billowing, at about twice the speed. The orb approached the Woolworth building from the dust cloud left by the recently collapsed world trade center towers. Thus, there is absolute synchronicity in the path and timing of the orb flyby with the smoke from the roof of the Woolworth Building . In fact, the round-trip made by the or coincides seconds before and after the rooftop smoking occured, an odd 17 second complete U-turn.

Analysis of the Additional Flashes
In addition to this there was a bright flash, suspended in the sky, high above the Woolworth building seconds previous to its roof erupting in smoke. When the sequence is analysed closely it becomes appearant that when the flash becomes brightest there appears to be what looks like a scale version of a B2 bomber (or perhaps the real thing at a distance) that becomes visible, or temporarily materializes, just long enough for the bright single-flashing object to be dropped out of its bay doors/hatches. In addition to this flash there were two more suspicious flashes again from positions suspended in the atmosphere nearby the Woolworth building - completely ruling out the possibility of a flash from a conventional camera!

Why the Woolworth Building of All Places?
The Northern tip of the roof of the Woolworth Building would have provided the best angle for viewing the attack of the North Tower compared to all other corners of the rooftop. Plus there are no buildings in the way to block the view. Now isn't it interesting that it was the North corner spire that was the section smoking, as if on fire? Is this perhaps evidence of the destruction of a video surveillance camera installed in that exact location for viewing the 9-11 attacks World Trade Center, and specifically the closer North Tower? Was there anyone who has admitted to seeing the 9-11 attack on the North Tower? Ironically, there is one person who admits to having seen the attack on the North Tower... Bush Junior!

Why the Missile Launching Was Absent from the Naudet Brothers Video
A missile firing off the rooftop of the Woolworth Building into the lower levels of the North Tower would certainly not have been caught on tape by the Naudet brothers filming. This is because all of the footage of the first plane to attack was actually shot from street level in New York City and because of the many buildings in the way there was no way for the lower fourty floors to be viewable or filmable from that position.

Masked Multiplicity of Attacks
In the North Tower there was extensive damage to the 22nd floor, so much so that survivors had to "tunnel through the debris", in their own words, to escape. Exntensive damage also occured in the lobby of the North Tower making one firefighter on the scene say at the time that it "looked like a plane hit the lobby". To add to this there were people in the sub-basement levels that witnessed the destruction of equipment on a nearby level weighing many tons. After putting together all of the pieces, it seems likely that the North Tower was targeted on at least three different levels using separate methods of attack approximately at the 96th floor, the 22nd floor, and the lobby, plus sub-basement levels. The 96th floor for dramatic theatrical effect, the 22nd floor to destroy evidence in the FBI offices located there, in the lobby to shut down the building's surveillance camera systems, and the sub-basement levels to inhibit access to the vaults there which contained over $100 million dollars in gold that was never recovered! Evidence suggested that the 96th floor was attacked by a small airplane, the 22nd floor by a slightly delayed almost synchronous missile that fired off of the Woolworth building rooftop, and the lobby and sub-basement via pre-implanted explosives all timed to initiate in synch.

Related Questions
Q: Is there any other footage that shows this same orb flying around elsewhere at the WTC during the 9-11 attacks?
A: Yes, there was an orb that hovered over the both WTC Towers which seemed to be tracking Flight 175. The movement and authenticity of the orb sighting was determined by looking at two separate photographs taken from different locations plus an additional video clip that was shot from yet a third location.

Q: Has anyone seen orbs since 9-11?
A: Yes, they have been spotted in the skies throughout the USA. Usually they are associated with covert chemical spraying of cities, "invisible" weather modification operations, and aerial surveillance.

Q: Does anyone know what an orb actually is?
A: On one occasion a stealth fighter was seen hovering in the sky motionless, then a couple of minutes later in the exact same position in the sky a white orb was in its place alluding to a transformation from stealth fighter to an orb (real cloaking).

Bush saw the first plane hit the World Trade Center before he even got out of the car to read a story at an elementary school that Black Tuesday. Read the qoutes and weap disbelievers!

"The President was on Highway 301, just north of Main Street, heading toward Booker Elementary when... he received the news that a plane had crashed in New York City."

November 2001
Sarasota Magazine

"Bush was driving to the school in a motorcade when the phone rang. An airline accident appeared to have happened. He pressed on with his visit."

September 16, 2001
The Observer

"President Bush had emerged from his car and was shaking hands with local officials standing outside the school when Chief of Staff Andrew Card sidled up to him with the news."

Nov. 1, 2002
CBS News

"I was sitting outside the classroom waiting to go in, and I saw an airplane hit the tower -- the TV was obviously on."

George W. Bush
Orlando, Florida
December 4, 2001
Whitehouse New Release

"At 8:55 Tuesday morning... an aide had just whispered to Miller the news of the first plane crash in New York, but if the President yet knew, his greeting as he got out of the limo did not give it away. He did, however, make an unscheduled stop in a communications room, where he talked with Condoleeza Rice in Washington."

November 2001
Sarasota Magazine

"Just as we were arriving at the school, I received a notification from our operations center than an airliner had struck one of the towers of the World Trade Center," says LTC Herman, "and that Dr. [Condoleezza] Rice, the national security advisor, was requesting the president on the telephone."

Marist Magazine

"I had seen this plane fly into the first building."

George W. Bush
Ontario, California
January 5, 2002
Whitehouse New Release

Linda Carson from Channel 40... had been one of the two or three pool reporters with the President in the classroom when White House aide Andrew Card whispered into the President's ear that a second plane had hit the twin towers... Linda described to Rebecca and me what had happened next. Mr. Bush absorbed the news without changing his expression. For the next six minutes he let the second graders and their reading lesson proceed. He seemed to be going in and out of focus. At one moment he would listen carefully and smile at the kids, then a faraway look would come into his eyes as he stared out into the distance... A reporter called out a question about the attacks. The President held up his hand. "We'll talk about that later," he said.

November 2001
Sarasota Magazine

A reporter then asked, "Mr. President, are you aware of the reports of the plane crash in New York? Is there anything...", But Bush interrupted, and no doubt recalling his order, "Don't say anything yet," Bush responded, "I'll talk about it later."

- First Reporter to Question Bush About the 9-11 Attacks

"Bush's remark implies he saw the first plane hit the tower. But we all know that video of the first plane hitting did not surface until the next day. Bush couldn't have meant he saw the second plane hit because he said he was in the classroom when Card whispered in his ear that a second plane hit."

- Boston Newspaper

Individual profiles (from the Dietl website) for the executives of the company in charge of security at the Woolworth Building.

...more coming soon!

© 2006 Orbwar

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Top 7 Foods That Slow Your Aging
Posted by: Dr. Mercola
February 27 2010 | 37,505 views

By Dr. Mercola

Healthy foods not only provide you with life-giving nutrients and fuel for all the organs in your body, they also help you keep an ideal weight. And as study after study proves, and regular readers of this newsletter know, maintaining an optimum weight can add years of healthy vitality to your life.

You are What You Eat

I’m sure you’ve heard that old saying, and it’s as true today as it ever was.

It all boils down to this: if you want to optimize your health, you must return to the basics of healthy food, ideally, chosen specifically for your nutritional type, because it’s all about eating the proper ratios of the right types of food for your personal biochemistry.

There is no way around this simple fact. It may not be as convenient as you would like. It may be more costly in the short term, both in dollars and cents and in the amount of time required to obtain and prepare healthy foods. But make no mistake -- there are no short-cuts when it comes to this single most important thing you can do for your health.

In today’s world, the need for speed has taken over our lives. Fast and processed foods are what most working people and families seek out for the sake of convenience and speed.

Then when years of bad food choices take their toll on health, people want to feel better by tomorrow. They want to be at their ideal weight by next week. And as luck would have it, there is an endless supply of drugs and fake foods available promising to do just that.

Unfortunately, nearly all of these “magic pills” and diets can worsen your health even more in the long run.

Ultimately, the simplest and most effective way to achieve good health and a long life is to focus on the nutrition you are putting in your body on a daily basis.

Seven Superfoods That Will Keep You Young

The following seven foods are among the most highly nutritious you can consume.

Keep in mind that to get the most out of them, you must first understand the best foods for your nutritional type. Even the healthiest foods aren’t ideal for everyone, so it’s important to know which foods serve your body best.

1. Whey Protein

You may be wondering why the first food on this list is actually a supplement and not a whole food. Great question. The answer is fascinating, if a bit complex.

Whey has been shown to increase your body’s stores of the antioxidant glutathione, or GSH. Glutathione is known to increase the integrity of telomeres. Telomeres are bundles of DNA found in every cell, and they shorten with age.

Stem Cell Information, The National Institutes of Health resource for stem cell research, Appendix C: Human Embryonic Stem Cells and Human Embryonic Germ Cells,

Researchers suspect telomeres shorten due to damage by free radicals. Free radicals play a role in DNA mutations, and there is evidence that mutations in your telomeres can cause larger chunks than normal to be lost during cell division.

Low levels of GSH are always found in people with oxidative stress-related diseases like cancer and AIDS. Further, as glutathione levels drop, these patients get sicker.

In November 2009, I had the privilege of attending a gathering of some of the leading anti-aging biologists and experts in the world. In a discussion I sparked about telomere lengthening, we agreed it is, without question, one of the most exciting methods that holds great promise to actually REVERSE aging.

Much of the research is on proprietary chemicals to lengthen telomeres, but I was surprised to learn that there are studies in progress that show increasing glutathione levels will actually provide similar results.

Glutathione is not a compound you can ingest directly. It is manufactured inside your cells from its precursor amino acids, glycine, glutamate and cystine.

But what is really exciting is that you don’t have to take expensive glutathione supplements. I confirmed with some of the leading scientists there that you can actually increase your levels through dietary manipulation.

And guess what the most potent dietary way to increase your glutathione levels happens to be?

Whey protein!

The best way to increase and maintain your GSH levels is to make sure your diet includes foods (such as animal foods and eggs) rich in the sulfur amino acids your cells need to synthesize glutathione.

Whey protein is the easiest and most convenient way to do this. But not just any whey protein will do, it needs to be high quality and very carefully processed from grass fed organic cows to preserve the fragile amino acid precursors. I am so convinced of this research that I take our Miracle Whey protein every morning, typically after my morning exercise program.

2. Raw, Organic Eggs

Eggs are another super food. Research has ended the debate -- there is no link between egg consumption and heart disease.[1]

A single egg contains:

•Nine essential amino acids.

•Six grams of the highest quality protein you can put in your body. Proteins are nutrients that are essential to the building, maintenance and repair of your body tissues such as your skin, internal organs and muscles. They are also the major components of your immune system and hormones.

•Lutein and zeaxanthin (for your eyes).

•Choline for your brain, nervous- and cardiovascular systems.

•Naturally occurring vitamin D.

However, it’s critical to understand that not all eggs are created equal. There is a major nutritional difference between TRUE free-range chicken eggs and commercially farmed eggs.

The USDA defines “free-range” chickens as those with “access to the outside.” “Outside,” however, can be a field or a cement courtyard and has nothing to do with what the chickens eat. Commercially farmed hens are fed corn, soy and cottonseed. True free-range chickens eat a natural, nutrient-dense diet of seeds, green plants, insects and worms.

I recommend you try to get your eggs locally. To find free-range pasture farmers in your area, ask at your health food store or visit or

If you have no choice but to buy your eggs at the grocery store, look for free-range organic. Avoid all omega-3 eggs, as they typically come from hens fed poor quality omega-3 fat sources that are already oxidized.

Eat your eggs raw whenever possible. Allergic reactions to eggs are generally caused by the changes that take place in the cooking process. Eating eggs raw also helps preserve many of the highly perishable nutrients they contain.

Avoiding raw egg yolks is conventional nutritional dogma, as raw egg whites contain a glycoprotein called avidin that is very effective at binding biotin, one of the B vitamins. The concern is that this can lead to a biotin deficiency.

The simple solution is to cook the egg whites, as this completely deactivates the avidin. The problem is that this also impairs the structure of nearly every other protein in the egg. While you will still obtain nutritional benefits from consuming cooked eggs, from a nutritional perspective it would seem far better to consume them uncooked.

What is important to realize is that there is plenty of biotin in the egg yolk. Egg yolks have one of the highest concentrations of biotin found in nature. So it is likely that you will not have a biotin deficiency if you consume the whole raw egg, yolk and white.

It is also clear, however, that if you only consume raw egg whites, you are nearly guaranteed to develop a biotin deficiency unless you take a biotin supplement.

So to be clear, my advice is that you can safely eat WHOLE raw eggs, from a healthy fresh source. I eat four whole raw eggs each morning with my breakfast. I would strongly advise against eating raw egg whites alone. They simply need to be consumed with the yolks.

3. Leafy Greens

Like eggs, leafy greens such as spinach, kale, turnip greens, collard greens, and romaine lettuce, are great sources of lutein and zeaxanthin. Studies have shown eating foods rich in these antioxidants can significantly reduce your risk of AMD (age-related macular degeneration), as well as non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma.

Leafy greens like spinach and kale are also packed with cancer-fighting antioxidants like beta carotene, vitamin C, and sulforaphane.

Spinach provides folate, which research shows can dramatically improve your short-term memory. Eating folate rich foods may lower your risk for heart disease and cancer by slowing down wear and tear on your DNA.

Spinach has a very high ORAC score. ORAC stands for Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity, which is a measurement of a food’s ability to destroy the free radicals that cause damage in your body. The higher the ORAC score, the better a food is for you.

Naturally grown fresh vegetables are also rich in sun stored energy in the form of minute particles of light called biophotons.

Sunlight is vital to life, and you can actually absorb this sun energy through the food you eat, in addition to absorbing it through your skin.

Every living organism emits biophotons or low-level luminescence. The higher the level of light energy a cell emits, the greater the potential for transfer of that energy to the individual who absorbs it. This light energy manifests as a feeling of well-being and vitality.

Research shows that, in addition to the chemical composition of our food, light energy (biophotons) is also a key factor in its quality. The more biophotons a food is able to store, the more nutritious it is.

Some leafy greens like collard and salad greens and spinach, contain vitamin K1, which is linked to good vascular health[2] , including fewer varicose veins.

Vitamin K1, a fat-soluble vitamin, is also vital for:

•Blood clotting

•Strong bones

•Prevention of heart disease

•Prevention of Alzheimer’s disease

•Regulation of your insulin and blood sugar levels

•Treatment of certain cancers, including lung and liver cancer

It is important to realize, though, that the vitamin K in vegetables is vitamin K1. Fermented foods like natto and cheeses also have vitamin K2, which provides even more potent benefits for your bones and reduces the risk of calcification of your arteries.

Whenever possible, buy organic greens. Organic produce has been shown to have higher nutrient-content than conventional fresh produce. On average, conventional produce has only 83 percent of the nutrients of organic produce.

4. Broccoli

Broccoli is another dark green, antioxidant rich vegetable in the cruciferous family, with near miraculous powers of healing and disease prevention.

Broccoli contains the highest amount of isothiocyanates, a cancer-fighting compound, of all the crunchy vegetables.

Isothiocynates work by turning on cancer-fighting genes and turning off others that feed the disease.

Other vegetables containing isothiocyanate include:

•brussel sprouts






Research shows eating cruciferous vegetables can significantly reduce your risk of breast, bladder, lung and prostate cancer.

You don’t need to eat large amounts of these veggies to take advantage of their health benefits, either. Studies have shown men who eat more than one portion of cruciferous vegetables a week are at lower risk of prostate cancer.

One serving of broccoli is about two spears, so just 10 spears a week can make a difference in your health.

5. Blueberries

Blueberries not only taste delicious, they are powerhouses of nutrition, ranking at the very top of the list of fresh fruits and vegetables. They are full of antioxidants which help your body neutralize free radicals, molecules that can harm brain cells and brain function.

A study published by Tufts University showed that anthocyanins in blueberries (the pigments that give them their deep color), appear to combat oxidative stress.[3] Oxidative stress is one of the main causes of aging.

Anthocyanins also aid your brain in the production of dopamine, a chemical that is critical to coordination, memory function, and your mood.

Blueberries, especially grown wild, can give an enormous boost to your health. They can help:

•Reduce your cancer risk

•Reduce cholesterol levels

•Prevent heart disease and stroke

•Protect you from Alzheimer’s and other neurological diseases

•Reverse short term memory loss and prevent brain aging

•Relieve symptoms of arthritis

•Fight infection and support your immune system

•Improve urinary tract health

•Improve your vision and the health of your eyes

Blueberries are low in sugar, but it’s still best to eat them in moderation to keep your insulin levels from spiking. And as with all fruits and vegetables, try to buy organic.

Other varieties of berries also have powerful healing and disease-prevention properties. Examples:

•Black raspberries are potent cancer fighters as well, with about three times the amount of antioxidants found in blueberries. These berries can be harder to find than other varieties because they’re grown in smaller quantities. It’s harder still to find them fresh, so you may need to look for them frozen.

•Cherries are rich in queritrin, a flavonoid, and ellagic acid. Both are potent anti-cancer agents.

•Strawberries contain phytonutrients, natural anti-inflammatory agents that also protect your heart and have cancer fighting properties.

•Blackberries contain antioxidants, ellagic acid, and vitamins C and E, all of which may reduce cancer risk and fight chronic disease.

•Cranberries are loaded with polyphenols, a powerful antioxidant. Studies show they may inhibit the growth of breast cancer cells and reduce the risk of stomach ulcers and gum disease.

•Acai berries, from Brazil, contain antioxidants with the power to destroy cultured human cancer cells. Amazingly, these berries triggered self-destruction of over 85 percent of leukemia cells tested.

6. Chlorella

Chlorella, a single-celled fresh water algae plant, is often referred to as a near-perfect food.

Its range of health benefits is astounding and includes:

•Boosting your immune system

•Improving your digestion, especially if constipation is a problem

•Enhancing your ability to focus and concentrate

•Increasing your energy levels

•Balancing your body’s pH

•Normalizing your blood sugar and blood pressure

•Reducing your cancer risk

•Even freshening your breath

But arguably the most important property of chlorella is its ability to help rid your body of heavy metal toxins.

Most people are being harmed in some way by heavy metals in their body. If you’ve received a vaccine, had silver fillings in your teeth, or eaten fish, it’s highly likely you have some level of metal poisoning which is compromising your health.

Chlorella plays a particularly crucial role in systemic mercury elimination because the majority of mercury is rid through your stool. Once the mercury burden is lowered from your intestines, mercury from other body tissues will more readily migrate into the intestines -- where chlorella will work to remove it.

Again, as with any supplement, different brands of chlorella will vary widely with regard to overall quality, potency and purity, so make sure you purchase from a reputable source.

7. Garlic, the “Stinking Rose”

The component of garlic, allicin, which causes the familiar strong smell and flavor, is actually an extremely effective antioxidant. As allicin digests in your body it produces sulfenic acid, a compound that reacts faster with dangerous free radicals than any other known compound.

Garlic is also a triple threat against infections due to its antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal properties. It is effective at killing antibiotic-resistant bacteria, including MRSA, as well as fighting yeast infections, viruses and parasites.

Garlic helps relax and enlarge the blood vessels in your body, improving blood flow, especially to your heart.[4] This can help prevent conditions like high blood pressure and life-threatening events such as a heart attack or stroke. Garlic also inhibits the formation of plaques in your arteries, and prevents cholesterol from becoming oxidized, a condition that may contribute to heart disease.

Both garlic and onions can increase your protection against at least five forms of the deadliest types of cancer: breast, colon, ovarian, prostate and esophageal.

It also appears that allicin may be useful as a cancer treatment. When alliinase and alliin (the two components that covert to allicin) were injected into a tumor cell, the reaction not only penetrated the cell but also killed it.

In addition to all those benefits, research also indicates garlic may be useful for controlling weight.

Garlic cloves must be crushed or chopped in order to stimulate the process that converts alliin into the beneficial allicin. Once the garlic is cut, the active compound loses potency rapidly and can disappear completely within about an hour of chopping.

The best way to eat garlic is to take a whole, fresh clove, chop it, smash it or press it, wait a few minutes for the conversion to occur, and then eat it. If you use jarred, powdered, or dried garlic, you won’t get all the benefits fresh garlic has to offer.

It is important to know though that a number of people are allergic to garlic. If you are one of them you should definitely avoid garlic. Actually that is true for any food in this article. It might be the healthiest food in the world, but if your body gives you a signal to avoid it, then it is typically best to honor your body’s wisdom.

The Most Important Way to Slow Aging

Do you know what the number one way to slow aging in your body is? If you’re like most people, you don’t.

Most people don’t understand the importance of optimizing their insulin levels, as insulin is without a doubt THE major accelerant of aging. Fortunately, you can go a long way toward keeping your insulin levels healthy by reducing or eliminating grains and sugars from your diet.

This one crucial step, combined with nutritional typing and the inclusion of nature’s anti-aging miracle foods in your diet, can dramatically improve your health and longevity.

It is also crucial to include a comprehensive exercise program as that is another lifestyle choice that will radically improve the sensitivity of your insulin receptors and help to optimize your insulin levels.


[1] Harvard School of Public Health, The Nutrition Source, Fats and Cholesterol: Out with the Bad, In with the Good,

[2] Journal of Vascular Research, Identification of Differentially Expressed Genes in Human Varicose Veins: Involvement of Matrix Gla Protein in Extracellular Matrix Remodeling, 7/20/07,

[3] Tufts University e-news, Researchers At Tufts University Report Blueberries May Reverse Memory Loss,

[4] Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, A new gaseous signaling molecule emerges: Cardioprotective role of hydrogen sulfide, 11/08/07,

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