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Gulf oil gusher conspiracy cover-up
Was this disaster just an accident, or were other more sinister forces at play in order to further cripple society toward a more manageable population size? Ominous midnight symbolism. BP's "live" feed caught in an obvious short loop shows further evidence of cover-up.

Below I document how BP's "live" feed was actually a brief (less than 15-seconds) loop repeating for more than 8 hours until the image went black at around 4:00 am this morning. The above image, for example, is made using just three frames repeating every 25/100ths of a second.

by Sterling D. Allan
Pure Energy Systems News

The Internet is abuzz regarding the 2008 moving "Knowing" that includes a scene in which actor Nicolas Cage is watching the news on television. The clock shows 11:59 when the anchor announces a devastating fire burning out of control in the gulf. Then the clock flips to 12:00, and the anchor says "that story leads our headlines at the top of the hour."

Midnight has long been associated with end times. With the "doomsday clock", the closer the clock is to midnight, the closer the world is estimated to be to global disaster.

One of the interesting things about the New World Order connivers is that for some reason they believe they must announce what they're going to do before they do it to you. Often, this predictive programming is done through the medium of Hollywood.

Most people would look at this as a coincidence, or maybe a lucky guess. I certainly don't have all the answers, but I do think this is an important question to pose.

Could it be that this Gulf oil volcano disaster was planned ahead of time for some nefarious purpose? What possible benefit could such a breach have for the oil industry, whose image is already suffering from an increasing abhorrence to its pollution and the wars it fosters? You would think that such an unfolding would only galvanize people in favor of cleaner alternative fuels and energy sources.

It's hard to fathom their possible reasons when we look at it from our perspective that has the betterment of humanity as the driving motivation. But if you look at this from the perspective of those who seek to reduce human population down to half a billion – a much more manageable size for control – then the possible motivations begin coming more clearly into focus.

That this particular forecast tucked away in the movie Knowing was associated with the midnight hour is something that shouldn't be taken lightly, especially considering the far-reaching impact that this unfolding disaster could yet have on civilization. That midnight and the black of oil would be paired up serves no small paradox.

But whether or not they actually somehow planned this disaster, guiding the human incompetency and possibly adding in some proactive measures of sabotage; or whether the event was purely an act of human error or of humans getting in over their heads; we do know that the NWO types are going to use an event such as this to their best advantage.

In addition to the fouling of the waters, beaches, marshes and estuaries; the economic ramifications could escalate as the Mississippi export/import artery is affected, additional livelihoods are decimated; harm to fish, animals, and humans becomes more pronounced; and oil prices climb to respond to the true cost of oil and clean-up. Homeland security is on high alert for civil unrest – one of the desired objectives of the NWO plotters. They've been wanting some kind of social disruption catalyst to get people upset and moving into unrest so they have a reason to install their martial law. If it wasn't this, then it might have been a "rogue" (actually false flag) nuke event or more. If I had my choice of bad things they might have done to us to get the population to go into civil unrest; I would have preferred the nuke event inasmuch as it wouldn't have effected other life forms nearly so much as the Gulf disaster, which primarily upsets nature.

Several things about this disaster are blatantly obvious to most people.
- BP is profoundly downplaying the volume of oil gushing from the oil volcano they created. They have public image reasons as well as legal liability reasons for such minimizing.
- The U.S. government has been assisting in the cover-up of the gravity of this situation, and they exhibited gross negligence in preventative measures (a | b). They are allowing BP to self-regulate their operations before and after the disaster, and they are helping keep media attention away.

And no, it wasn't just a comedian's joke that Goldman Sachs placed shorts on TransOcean stock days before the explosions rocked the rig in the Gulf of Mexico sending stocks plunging while GS profits soared -- benefitting once again from a huge disaster, having done the same with airline stocks prior to 911 then again with the housing bubble. Who knew what, and how?

Here's a video I shot this evening showing the supposed "live" feed by BP, yet for nearly eight hours now, it has been the same short (less than 15 seconds) loop playing over and over, even as the clock continues to roll as if its live. What are they doing that they don't want us to see?

I first noticed this loop at around 8:00 pm Mountain time, and I shot this video at around 10:30 pm. I then composed the story on this page, staying up until past 3:45 am to post it, and the loop was still repeating at that time. If you happen to be reading this story and notice that the live feed is still in a loop, do me a favor and post a comment down below to that effect, as a witness. Shortly after I finally posted a link to this story in my news, the BP live feed went off-line to a black screen. It was down by 4:00 am. It was still down until around 11:30 am. Then by 11:48 am, the image was back up and still appearing to loop, but with a different configuration of the mechanism in front of it. At 11:53 am, the image was frozen. At 11:56 am, the image went blank. According to TreeHugger, the above footage shows equipment being used to try to plug a gushing oil well.

It could be that the AV or IT guys who knows how to address this are off sleeping and will fix it in the morning when they gets up. But what is suspicious about it is that the time stamp clock continues to proceed, even as the image continues to loop. You would think that with the amount of attention this is getting during this "kill shot" procedure being under way, that they would be very particular about what image the thousands, if not millions of viewers are seeing; yet for the past nearly 8 hours, it's been this short looped segment.

Again, it begs the question, what are they doing that they don't want us to see?

Within hours of the now famous fly-over by John Wathen on May 7 (ref.) , the FAA imposed a no-fly zone over much of the Gulf spill area. Apologists say this was to avoid mid-air collisions from all the people wanting to take a look, but one account I read today about a boat that went out (against Coast Guard restrictions) said they could only see two other boats on the horizon, and one was towing the other – hardly a scenario of congestion, especially considering the vast amount of work that is supposed to going on for protection and clean-up.

A NASA satellite page gives the superficial appearance of disclosing the size of the oil slick. But in fact it is very difficult to track changes from one day to the next because the settings are so different from one image to the next, making comparison nearly impossible. It seems to me that NASA is participating in the cover-up by making it look like they are helping when in fact they are obstructing. In order to be useful, such time lapse photos should show the same area, using the same camera settings.

So while there are all these actions of cover-up, meanwhile the oil gusher continues to wreak its (intended?) havoc.

So some information is leaking out and making the public irate. I was at a tire shop on the 19th when a CNN segment showed a time lapse satellite image showing a huge chunk of the oil slick being carried off by the Loop current. Yet days later, other reports were wondering if and when the oil was going to go into the Loop current.

Here's a video of Philippe Cousteau, grandson of famous explorer Jacques Cousteau, who went underwater off the Gulf Coast to see first-hand what the Deepwater Oil Disaster looks and feels like. And the answer to the question "What doesn't BP want you to see," he came back with: "This is a nightmare." The ABC News segment of relevance begins at around time stamp 45 seconds.

This Gulf oil gusher situation is like 911 in slow motion. The world is watching, but the events are playing out in days and weeks rather than minutes; and the impact could be even more severe, both for enabling the emergence of the New World Order power, as well as in awakening people and galvanizing them to oppose the New World Order and opt for something the more closely resembles freedom and distributed energy, rather than centralized power.

One of the things the NWO conspirators seem to be forgetting here is that the world now is much more environmentally-conscious, some of which is due to their own agenda of using environmentalism and the bogeyman of "global warming" as impetus to set up world government and taxation. So the mainstream media, which usually serves as the NWO mouthpiece, is slow to defend and cover up these deplorable acts. They've been trained well. Perhaps this is a manifestation of the axiom: the sword of their own hands shall fall upon their own heads. The environmentally-conscious media, who usually do the master's bidding, will not roll over and play dead on this one.

So if BP's "top kill" procedure ends up being successful in stopping this gusher, it may be because the political ramifications to their overall agenda are too grave, so they'll have to opt for some other way to foment social breakdown and martial law.

Hopefully, if some new free energy technologies emerge in time, that could provide a significant boost of hope and economic confidence to prevent the extent of meltdown that the money manipulators are planning.

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