Sunday, May 30, 2010

Technology has answers for the Gulf Oil Spill.

Sunday, May 16th, 2010 | Posted by RJ Oil Spill – No Big Deal – May Be Used as a Financial Terror Attack – Technology Answers
Oil Spills could occur any day. Technology has answers for the Gulf Oil Spill.

By Design, are they allowing 4-million or 5-millon gallons of oil pollute the Gulf of Mexico?

From: Mike Castle
Date: Sun, May 16, 2010 at 12:01 PM
Subject: AmeriHaz Crude Oil Solidifier

This is a video that I had made in 1997 and is self explanatory.
That was my Company, Sustainable Technologies Corp., which is now defunct…see insert info…this material which I developed back then is unique and will save those Coastal Marshes Esturaz and the Shorlines.

Re named AmeriHaz…this material will do just what was claimed in the video.

AL…a friend over here where I live, seen the video, I met and gave her a copy, she then insisted we make this a YouTube Video for all to look at what can be accomplished…if the guv would just get off their dead asses and use this type of material down in the Gulf…
It may not clean it all up but will go very far in protecting from further damage the Marshlands and all the Hatcheries areas, Rivers and Streams.

AeroHaz was renamed AmeriHaz….and I would hope some official talks with me about beginning to produce this and get it down there, into the hands and boats of those Fishermen who are watching their entire Livelihoods wash up in Tar Balls.

All we would need is Initiallization money…to produce it and costs of Materials. Temporary workers etc.///and a Special Pass for me to go thru Airports thru the TSA. I'm intolerant to this type of gangsterism and I know I'm on some list…My Battle with the ChemTrails continues! They don't like me very much…know whadda seyin?

Maybe someone will take note and inquire…the contact info has been inserted …Is that Hay werking fer ya?

See the insert contact info….the special addy for this will be

Best to all ….make this go viral…
Dr. Mike Castle