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Make Your Own Solar Food Dehydrator

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Make Your Own Solar Food Dehydrator
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Dear friends:
YES! I found it.

After hunting the web up and down for a solar food dehydrator which one can make oneself, I got discouraged with what I was finding. Lots of things out of cardboard (made with numerous chemicals) with seran wrap and plastic (from which PVC’s leach into food, cling to fatty tissue and contribute to breast and other cancers) and other hazardous materials. I didn’t want to buy a commercial one because guess what, every single (affordable) one of them is made of plastic…trays, housing units, you name it. It is so important in our chemically-based society to cut back on chemical exposure, considering the recent statistics that 40% of the people in our nation will, at some point, develop cancer (according to Dr. Joseph Mercola). YEIKS! Time to cut back on immune-suppressing chemicals and heavy metals? Methinks “aye”. And, I like the idea of using the sun for cooking, plus having one more way to get off the grid.

Well, I hunted and I hunted the web up and down, trying to find something acceptable for myself and my husband to build together, and here it is. In fact, I got so lucky because not only are the instructions here safe, healthy and the product apparently effective (at least, based on the reports)…further, there is so much great additional information on this marvellous website. Look at the link below to find out about:

Eating from the garden all year around. Cultivating friendly soil bacteria. Root cellar instructions. The solar dehydrator that you can build for yourself (and hide behind your garage away from car fumes, or somewhere else where noone will see it). Solar ovens, solar pots. And more! This is a fabulous website, and written by people who have obviously done their research about health as well as sustainability.
Imagine: Granola with dried fruit that you harvested and made for yourself? Apple pie with reconstituted, sun-dried apples and maybe cranberries plus cinnamon and other yummy seasonings? Dried apricot snacks? Chocolate/prune cake? Storage in smaller spaces (less bulk when dried), with iron-rich dehydrated fruit? Sundried tomato pizza?Mmmm…you could even put together your own sun-dried vegetable soup mix. Just add water (with a touch of white wine) and cook. Not a bad idea, eh? There are tons of dehydrated food recipes on the web, fancy things like beef loin with elegant dehydrated fruit sauces. The variations are as endless as your imagination, and the result can be gourmet!

I hope you enjoy this and please feel free to pass word along!


With best wishes, Drina Brooke, certified community herbalist

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