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Rahm Emanuel’s “Plan” for America…Part One
Those that have not read Rahm Emanuel and Bruce Reed’s “The Plan” should read it. It gives insight to what “Plans” they have for America. It is amazing to hear “words” from the book come out of Obama’s mouth sometimes. Do these men help Obama write his speeches? Or are the speeches written for Obama to “orate” to the masses?
Part One:
The most chilling words I read in the beginning are these: Excerpted from Page 52.
re:A new social contract.
“You do your part, and your government, your company, and your country will do theirs.”
“We believe that individuals have a responsibility to make the most of their own lives, and that government has a responsibility to make sure they have the opportunity, the security, and the tools to do so.”
“We believe that this opportunity and security for all—with special priviledge for none—is America’s special mission.”
Worth noting here is the word “Universal” repeated over and over. I noticed they carefully chose not to use the word NATIONAL……because their indoctrination of their plan would sound too Socialistic.
My comments will be in brackets: [ ]
PART ONE: “Universal” Citizen Service……Page 54.
“The Plan starts with you.”
“If your leaders aren’ t challenging you to do your part, they aren’t doing theirs.
We need a real Patriot Act that brings out the patriot in all of us by establishing, for the first time, an ethic of universal citizen service.”
[First time? I thought President Clinton established the AmeriCorps to do volunteer service. Notice I stated volunteer]
“All Americans between the ages of eighteen [18] to twenty five [25] should be asked to serve their country by going through three [3] months if basic civil defense training and community service.”
[Does this mean if you are 18, you go through 3 months of training and then community service? For how MANY years are you committed to community service; until you are 26? This statement is too generalized and vague to know exactly what this means.]
“This is not a draft–nor is it military.”
“Young people will be trained not as soldiers, but simply as citizens who understand their responsibilities in the event of a natural disaster, an epidemic, or a terrorist attack.”
[Isn't this why we already have a Civil Defense, FEMA and the CDC for?]
“Universal citizen service will bring Americans of every background together to make America safer and more united in a common purpose.”
[Again, too generalized and vague......what is meant by "more united in a common purpose?" EXACTLY what is the purpose?]
Source: The Plan: big ideas for America by Rahm Emanuel and Bruce Reed
Copyright (c) 2006
Published in the United States by PublicAffairs(tm) a member of Perseus Books Group
[ Date: May 30, 2008 ---We'd merely note that the (McClellan) book's publisher is PublicAffairs, an imprint founded by left-wing editor Peter Osnos and which has published six books by George Soros. PublicAffairs is owned by Perseus Books, which is owned by Perseus LLC, a merchant bank whose board includes Democrats Richard Holbrooke and Jim Johnson, who is now doing Barack Obama's vice presidential vetting. One of Perseus's investment funds, Perseus-Soros Biopharmaceutical, is co-managed with Mr. Soros.]

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