Thursday, November 26, 2009

Squalene? Long-term neurological damage?

Vaccine facts were not fully investigated
Squalene? Long-term neurological damage? The Georgia Straight really hit the nail on the head with the article [“What’s in your vaccine?”, November 19-26]. Squalene may be natural, but injecting the substance produces an entirely different outcome than ingesting it, as shown by a number of independent studies.

The problem is that for too long, vaccine stats have reflected a “don’t look, don’t find, don’t report” syndrome. Anyone who doubts this should access [TV station] WLWT’s investigative report on vaccine victims in the military, “Secret Shots”.

As for damage-control claims that the anthrax vaccine never had squalene, award-winning investigative journalist Gary Matsumoto has compiled an impressive body of evidence in [his book] Vaccine-A, showing it was, indeed, used in an experimental anthrax vaccine. As retired U.S. army colonel David Hackworth remarked: “Even the Nazis didn’t run medical experiments on their own troops.”

> Darren Pearson / Vancouver

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