Thursday, February 18, 2010

Gold revisited
By Anthony Migchels

“You shall not press down upon the brow of labor this crown of thorns, you shall not crucify mankind upon a cross of gold” – William Jenning Bryan

Although it is impossible to know when it will happen, it seems that the days of paper money will be over in the not too distant future. The credit crunch and the ‘Quantitative Easing’ cannot be survived indefinitely in a normal manner by the current system.

The current system will die and a new one will take place. If we let things happen unhindered, people will say Capitalism has ended, but those in the know will see nothing has changed.

New Supranational units will emerge, in Northern- and Latin America, Asia. Eventually we will have world currency, as was prophesied many years back. The new units will be based on gold and other scarce, tightly controlled commodities.

The rise of the Gold (and maybe oil) Standard will lead to a global, excruciating deflation, with heartbreaking poverty all over the world as a result. It will be an enormous wealth transfer from the have nots to the haves. Having gold, that is.

Of course, it will be sold as the price to pay for paper inflation. But you and I know who will be paying……………

It is the usual Hegelian Dialectic at work: paper versus gold, in this case. Both leading to results fully in accordance with the goals of our not so illumined ‘Olympians’.

And that’s what it’s all about.

While most in the broader Truth community will agree that the current system of interest bearing fractional reserve banking is a central hoax in this reality of hoaxes, transcended only by the question whether we are ’shitholes with a brain’, or energetic light beings of pure consciousness, there are basically two strains of thought about solutions.

There is the Gold Crowd and there are the interest free money people. These two crowds up till now have been living in peaceful coexistence. This peace has been inspired by the common enemy of today. But since the slimy monster is nearing the end of its current phase of development and preparing to morph into its next stage, we are nearing the question whether we will be cheerleading it to its rebirth, or take the chance that this transformation brings to slay this beast at last.

Although debunking Gold completely would take to long, there are three items I would like to offer. I believe some contemplation of these are quite sufficient for all who want to be armed suitably for the monetary struggles ahead.

In the first place, it doesn’t matter at all what means of exchange you use. Paper, bits and bytes, shells, tally sticks, salt. They have all been used successfully in the past. I could even create a working gold based unit for you, however superfluous, if you insisted, that’s not the problem.

The question is, who is in control of its supply? And what is he doing with it?

Let’s just one more time repeat a worn out quote:

“Give me control of a nation’s money supply, and I care not who makes the laws.”

We all know who said this and we all know he knew his trade.

This was said when Britain was on the Gold Standard.

What is gained by control of the supply of money?

In the first place the ability to inflate and deflate it. Thereby creating the so called ‘business cycle’, not a force of nature, but an effect of tampering with money.

Inflation leads to higher prices, growth, optimism. Deflation then comes, forcing many to sell below normal prices and in this time of scarce liquidity, a few insiders with lots of cash buy up the whole lot for practically nothing.

All this doesn’t change at all with Gold. The 19th century is riddled with asset bubbles followed by depressions. It is quite clear for all with a little historic awareness, that there is an inverse relationship between monetary stability and Gold as money. Even though Gold’s record is probably not as bad as paper, it is the lesser evil at best.

Most often, however, periods with Gold as money are characterized by deflation. The controllers of the system keep Gold scarce, this is what cartels and monopolies do. Also, global gold output is insufficient to keep up with economic growth, implying structural relative decline of amount of money in circulation, compared to total output of production.

Even more important when controlling money is Interest.

Now, this really exasperates me.

The Gold people say that interest is a normal free market pricing mechanism for money. It allows for ‘optimal allocation of capital’.

Yeah, right in to the bankers pockets………….

Don’t the Gold people care about the enormous price that Labor pays for this?

Isn’t it totally atrocious to allow a few capitalists to control such an important factor of production and reap such massive profits from it just for their own sake?

Let’s get over this.

So it is not about what means of exchange you use, it is about whether we, as a people, are in control of it, so that its supply is steady and dirt cheap.

The second item of interest with the Gold narrative is, that it was financed by Rockefeller. He imported Ludwig von Mises to the US in 1940 and gave him a grant……………

The self styled ‘Illuminati’ would invest in people supporting gold and hiding this message in other, less relevant (dis)information. It would simply be a typical tactic for them, to have some people make some noise about the bankers and perhaps 9/11, at the same time selling gold as a solution and in this way leading the opposition in to a blind alley.

Third, interest free money is not an idea, it is an established fact. It is all around us in the various barter schemes around the world.

Hitler financed his war machine with his own capital and bartered internationally without one dime of gold or ‘hard’ currency. Declaring stuff like ‘breaking the thralldom of Interest is the kernel of National Socialism’ time and again………………

Hell, the greatness of the US itself is built on non interest bearing government notes! Franklin’s Colonial Scrip, Washington’s Continental (even though this was inflated into oblivion, if we take the money supply out of the hands of the bankers, please don’t give it to some career politicians………) and of course Abe Lincoln. He won the war by throwing 30% interest gold out of the window, spitting in Rothschild’s face and buying everything he needed to hammer the South by printing a few hundred million Greenbacks, some of which are in circulation even today!

Of course, he got shot for that, but that just emphasizes the point.

So is there really a case for Gold?

I think not. It is just one more of their memes, and a particularly nasty one.

Gold classically had its uses as a store of value in times of crises and the last couple of years it is making a comeback as a hedge against inflation and total systemic breakdown. But even for that it is a second rate tool. Terrible manipulation of the gold market, and now Tungsten bars all over the place…….. Gold is not very credible, really.

And at the end of the day, all this focus on ‘wealth preservation’ is rather tiring and a big problem in itself. An old friend famously said you cannot serve two masters and it is simple truths like these that need more focus and we need money more in line with it.

For real money, serving the needs of the community, instead of its producers, we need at least a few percent of the people to know about these things. Who have a basic literacy on monetary matters and who can see through the basic schemes.

The import of the matter is such, that the Truth community both has a major opportunity and responsibility to facilitate the necessary education and debate.

Because the production of the means of exchange is simply a trade and science like all the rest and is in urgent need of demystification.

And when it comes to making money in the real sense of the word, there is no reason at all to wait until the governments clean up their act and start doing their job. Its suicide to do so. Commercial barters around show that we can NOW start creating all the liquidity we need.

Waiting for the nanny state to solve our problems IS our problem.

Because “money is anything that is generally accepted by agreement as a medium of exchange”, and although most of the current barter units do not qualify as high quality money (because they are either not convertible to other currencies, or can’t supply interest free credit as I worked out here), it is clear that private, not for profit organization can start issuing interest free money right NOW. The bigger the networks in which these units circulate, the more effective they become, and the more they alleviate the plight of slavery through usury and of course function as a hedge against the continuing financial turmoil.

Let’s not forget that WIR is turning over the equivalent of 2 billion CHF per year in Switserland and is universally seen as an important factor in that nation’s stability and prosperity.

However, privately created high powered working capital is quite something different from simply printing some interest free government notes, since there is no coercion available to make people accept it. Nor are taxes payable in private money.

These challenges have not been sufficiently met. Yet.

But that is an other story.

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