Saturday, February 13, 2010

Greenest Olympics? NO - Reddest Olympics Ever? MAYBE

Greenest Olympics? NO - Reddest
Olympics Ever? MAYBE
By Joseph Roberts
Publisher 'Common Ground'
BC's Largest Circulation Magazine

Just yesterday, like the text at the end of a film "no animals were harmed in the making of this movie", I was saying hopefully to a friend that no athletes would be harmed in the making of this Olympic corporatist marketing orgy.

But, tragically as we saw today, that was not to be.

A 21 year old died sledding down a poorly-designed luge run with killer steel post adjacent to the run's sides. Fake snow doesn't slip the same as real snow, it works differently, and the arrogance of man over nature has taken its first blood. The VANOC vampires have their first victim. But the IOC took swift, legal action to pull the images of his death from You Tube, claiming that the material is copyrighted by them. Damage control in a flash to cover their brand's ass.

But where was the safety inspectors on this one? Where was the equivalent of Worker Compensation? Did athletes have to sign a IOC waiver not to say negative things to the media, and, not to sue or claim damages in the event of an accident or death? How does insurance pay out on this one, if at all. Do they just want us to "believe" that it will all just work out?

Coke's slogan on their promo wagons fronting the torch relay / delay claims "happiness" begins here. I do not believe so, nor do millions of others, including researchers from a recent study that shows drinking pop can lead to pancreatic cancer.

Well, the warm weather has screwed VANOC's boast of the "greenest Olympics yet". Lets hope these will not be the reddest Olympics ever.

The blood is already on their hands.

Their well-paid media will wash it, and even spin it into one more reason to "believe". Their smarmy spinsters may even use it against the protesters who would have preferred safe homes for the homeless than a two week party.

These courtiers and ass-kissers are drunk with their power.

The hangover has just begun.

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