Saturday, February 6, 2010

Maitreya is the Global Messiah for the Illuminati New World Order.

The Symbol of MaitreyaAs We have discussed in recent Articles (Maitreya 1; Maitreya 2, Maitreya 3), Maitreya is the Global Messiah for the Illuminati New World Order. A creation of professed Luciferian, Benjamin Creme, Maitreya is also sponsored by the United Nations, along with his organization, SHARE International.

Interestingly enough, after my exposes, the Wikipedia article on Maitreya has been rewritten and most of the information on Creme and SHARE have been deleted.

Benjamin Creme stated that Maitreya would introduce himself to the world following a calamity. He then stated that the calamity would be a stock market crash in Japan. The sign of Maitreya would be a new star that would be visible to all mankind in the heavens. Here is the commercial SHARE ran on CNN in 2009.

Japan is in serious trouble, largely as a result of their holdings in US government debt, the dollar, and the Illuminati banker created derivatives market. The Japanese people, which pride themselves on their thrift and industry (reported annual savings rate in Japan is 10-15%), are literally watching their nest eggs go up in smoke. They blame American monetary policy and our spendthrift ways for sinking their ship. A fact that heavily influenced the recent elections.

What the average Japanese citizen doesn't understand is that this ongoing financial collapse has been manufactured by the Illuminati and is designed to bring about:

1. World War III, which will be a battle between the West and the East. Japan will join Russia and China in a formal alliance against the United States, Europe and its Allies. All three countries will use their tremendous financial losses as a pretext for war.

2. The Book of Revelation states that this conflict will involve "two-hundred thousand thousand" soldiers (200 million) and result in the slaying of over 33% of mankind. (source) This will be a total war of extermination where chemical, biological and nuclear agents will be used. It will also be a global contest.

I have seen the following:

* A strategic nuclear strike on American cities and military installations. The Russians and Chinese already have the locations, given to them by our American Illuminati traitors. They know schedules, personnel, weapons locations, movements etc. They also will take down our computer and communications grid before they strike.

* American Illuminati and those in Western Europe have already sold out and been promised their positions in the Chinese and Russian "New World Order". Because of their betrayal, they will be betrayed . The Chinese and Russians will systematically eliminate the Western heads of the conspiracy once they have fulfilled their usefulness.

* The Russians will invade from the East and North (through Canada) in the US. The Chinese will invade from the West and South. They have been using their control over the Panama Canal and American Politicians to stockpile arms in this hemisphere. I saw that they were also quietly bringing troops into this country with the help of their Illuminati overlords.

* South American troops would join the Chinese when the time comes. Some American Indian Tribes are also being armed and trained.

The invasion will be permitted by God to "cleanse" this nation. I saw that Americans formed effective and organized resistance wherever possible. This was localized guerilla efforts, sabotage, booby traps etc. I also saw the miracles of God in the protection of those that are obedient to his commandments.

Many of these were "invisible" to the enemy, who literally passed by them without notice. They were able to effectively organize into the "Center of the Land" and mount an organized resistance and establish a true Constitutional Republic. I saw that Washington DC lay in ruins and that there was no government, except in the place previously mentioned.

I saw that this new Constitutional Republic was free from the corrupting influences of its predecessor. That the currency was just. That every man was able to provide for his family without excessive taxes interfering with his efforts. I saw that the elected leaders were "Men of God", who loved their fellows and not their wallets. These labored incessantly to establish just laws that treated all men as equals.

I saw that the True Zion would first be established in America, and then spread to the rest of the world so that the "First would be Last" and the "Last would be First".* Read Henry Makow's: "Cruel Hoax" Feminism, Homosexuality and How Heterosexuality Works

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