Monday, January 30, 2012

Vitamin D deficiency in SIDS

Vitamin D deficiency in SIDS

Posted on January 27, 2012 by Dr John Cannell

The BBC reports just recently that two pathologists in England have seen the light. Not only have they identified two babies who died of (vitamin D deficiency induced) heart failure, and one from (vitamin D deficiency induced) hypocalcemic seizures, they found vitamin D deficiency in eight babies who died of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS), five infants who died from asthma and five who died from lung infection. In a group of 45 infants who died from “natural causes,” 75% were vitamin D deficient, making these pathologists think that these infants are not dying from natural causes but from a resurgence of a childhood plague from the Industrial Revolution.

As important as their first realization is, don’t forget their second realization: authorities are unjustly snatching helpless infants away from their parents (and often putting the parents in jail) for fractures caused by vitamin D deficiency. As they say, vitamin D deficiency can make bones “brittle and capable of fracture with little or no real force.”

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