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Why Fish Oil Makes You Age Faster

Why Fish Oil Makes You Age Faster
Surprising new research reveals that Omega 3 fish oil may cause you to look older, age faster, and possibly trigger other health problems, too! Don’t take another Omega 3 supplement until you read this Special Report.

For years, you’ve been told that the Omega 3 fatty acids found in fish oil deliver all kinds of remarkable health benefits.
However, new research shows that fish oil may not be the great health wonder you’ve been lead to believe.
Let me explain. In early 2010, a study found that fish oil can boost blood fats in people with blood sugar problems. The study also found that fish oil can promote the formation of blood clots. Because of these surprising results, the researchers suggested that people with insulin resistance may want to reconsider taking fish oil supplements at all.
Another hit on fish oil came out a few months later. This study revealed that even the most purified fish oil still contains measureable amounts of PCBs and other toxins. What’s more, fish oil is extremely vulnerable to heat and oxygen. The minute fish oil is exposed to air, it starts to go rancid.
Now, can you guess what happens when fish oil reaches your warm, oxygen-rich bloodstream? That’s right…it oxidizes and deteriorates immediately! If you get that awful “fish burp” or feel nauseous after taking a fish oil supplement, that’s oxidation in action.
Over the long run, this blast of oxidation can drag down the health of your heart, your arteries, your brain and more.
But here’s the most shocking research of all…
Fish Oil Could Be Making You Age Faster, Too!
In another study, researchers fed mice one of two diets. The first diet was 5%fish oil and 5% safflower oil. The second diet was simply 10% safflower oil. (Safflower oil is rich in omega-6 fat, also known as linoleic acid).
The results were staggering. After 28 weeks, the mice fed the fish oil had shorter life spans than the mice fed the safflower oil! This completely goes against the conventional wisdom that Omega 6’s are inflammatory and high levels are bad for you (I’ll explain more about Omega 6 fatty acids later.)
What’s more, researchers said, the Omega 3 fish oil group showed more oxidative stress, less cellular function, and higher organ dysfunction. As a result, the fish oil promoted aging and shortened the lifespan of the mice!
So, Should You Even Take Fish Oil at All?
My name is Dr. Robert J. Rowen. I’m a practicing M.D. and the editor of the popular health advisory Second Opinion.
What I’m about to share with you is totally against the status quo regarding the health benefits of fish oil. However, because of this new 21st century research, I’m now convinced that fish oil is not the best source health-promoting fatty acids. And once I reveal the reasons why, you may question the shimmer of fish oil, too.
You see, fish oil owes its health-boosting power to two compounds your cells crave. They’re called EPA and DHA, also known as Omega-3 Essential Fatty Acids. And they are the fundamental building blocks of virtually every organ, tissue and cell in the body
These fatty acids are called “essential” because the body cannot make them; they must be obtained through diet and replenished on a steady basis.
We’ve all been told that that fish oil is best source of Omega 3 Essential Fatty Acids for your body. However, new research now shows this is not the case. The truth is…
The Omega 3 Fatty Acids in Fish Oil
are NOT Essential Fatty Acids at ALL!
You see, there are only two real Essential Fatty Acids. They’re called “parent essential oils” or PEOs.
  • Parent Omega 6 is Linoleic Acid. Your body converts this into GLA and other compounds.
  • Parent Omega 3 is Alpha Linolenic Acid (ALA). Your body makes this into EPA and DHA as needed.
About 95% of these EFA’s stay in the “parent” form in your cells. The other 5% are naturally converted into biochemicals called “derivatives.” They include the omega-3s EPA and DHA found in fish oil.
So in reality, fish oil contains limited parent essential oils. It’s promoted for its content of derivatives—and inferior ones at that, since they are not made by the body!
Your body craves the Parent forms of Omega3 and Omega 6 because …
Parent Essential Oils Play a Vital Role in Almost Every Bodily Function:
  • They support healthy cholesterol levels and help keep blood vessels flexible.
  • They manufacture and repair cell membranes, as well as fire up mitrochondria — the energy-producing factory inside your cells
  • They act as natural anti-inflammatories. In fact, your body’s #1 natural anti-inflammatory (prostaglandin PGE1) is manufactured from parent omega-6.
  • They promote healthy circulation. Prostaglandin PGI2 — your body’s natural “blood thinner”, is manufactured from parent omega-6.
PEO’s have a different molecular structure, too. Parent oils are 18-carbon chain fatty acids and come from plants. Your cell membranes contain 18-carbon chain fatty acids as well — so the parent oils absorb perfectly.
Meanwhile, derivatives like Omega 3 EPA and DHA are 20-carbon chains long. They naturally contain more unsaturated fats, too. As a result they are unstable and not as easily absorbed.
Sources of PEO’s include nuts, beans and safflower oil.
Unfortunately, it’s difficult to get the PEO’s you need totally through diet. While PEO’s start out in food, manufacturers often remove these precious oils extend shelf life. Or worse, high-heat processing converts them to unhealthy trans-fats.
That’s why the best way to give your body the Parent Essential Oils it needs to stay healthy is with supplements.
So why am I so convinced that PEO’s are better for you than fish oil?
Because in Head-To-Head Studies Comparing
Parent Essential Oil Against Fish Oil...
PEO’s Win Every Time!
In a series of animal studies, researchers examined the effects of fish oil versus Parent Essential Oils on cell membranes — and the results were staggering.

In the animals taking the fish oil, Omega 3 EPA/DHA was rapidly absorbed by the cell membranes. But their levels of critical PEO’s fell by an astounding 60%.
Meanwhile, the animals in the PEO group saw their levels of Parent Essential Fatty Acids dramatically increase. And as we’ve seen PEO’s are the true essential fatty acids your body needs!
This is just for starters. Take a look at what else the science has to say…
”Arteries Become 11 Years Younger”!
A 10-year study measured the impact of Parent Essential Oils on arterial aging and cardiovascular health. Researchers used a medical device to determine the age and elasticity of small arteries in 35 elderly patients. Then, they gave the volunteers PEO’s daily for up to 48 months.
The scientists were shocked to discover that 25 of the volunteers showed an average 9-year decrease in arterial stiffness. In other words, 73% of the people in the study saw their artery health grow “younger” by as much as nine years! But it gets even better…
In another study, researchers analyzed 16 patients who took PEO’s for an average of 3 months. In this very short time, 7 of the 16 saw improvements in their artery health. That’s a remarkable 42% success rate!
The study also looked at 15 older patients who took fish oil on a regular basis. The researchers replaced the fish oil with PEOs, then measured the results after only 3 months. To their surprise, 13 of the 15 patients saw improved artery health. That’s a whopping 87% effectiveness rate. What’s more, their arterial age dropped by 11 years.
It gets even more exciting. Six of the patients saw healthier cholesterol levels, simply by replacing their fish oil with PEO’s. Another subject with both cholesterol and blood sugar issues improved, too.
These are all incredible results, since they confirm that PEOs can support heart and artery health regardless of your age or existing physical condition.
Free Radical Damage Disappears!
You know about free radicals — and the damage they cause to your heart, brain, and the rest of the body. And you know how important antioxidants are to help reverse this damage.
Well, if you’re taking fish oil, here’s something you should know. Another animal study showed that the cell membranes of the fish oil group were far more vulnerable to free radical damage. In fact, their levels of critical antioxidants like Vitamin E were nearly depleted!
What’s more, the fish oil animals needed 400% more vitamin E to restore natural antioxidant levels. That’s four times the normal amount! Why? Since fish oil is vulnerable to oxidative damage, the body sacrificed its stores of antioxidants to fight this free radical assault.
Meanwhile, the animals fed Parent Essential Oils maintained above-average antioxidant levels. They didn’t need any extra vitamin E. In fact, researchers couldn’t find any evidence of free radical damage at all. PEO’s can actually replace dangerous oxidized fats with the ideal balance of essential fatty acids your body needs to survive and thrive.
No More Age Spots!
Finally, the animals taking fish oil had a 300% increase of lipofuscin. What is lipofuscin? Think of those dark brown spots that show up on your arms, hands and face. They’re known as “liver spots” or “age spots. They’re not pretty to look at, or easy to get rid of. And they are a direct sign of oxidative damage in your body.
And while Lipofuscin is bad enough on your skin, it causes damage internally by slowing your liver’s natural detoxification process. This can trigger health problems down the road.
Meanwhile, the animals taking Parent Essential Oils didn’t have any increase in lipofuscin at all. In fact, their overall skin tone was clear and supple—with no signs of age spots. And their livers were completely normal and functioning.
Introducing Advanced EFA Formula:
The Best Way to Get Parent
Essential Oils You Need
After examining all the research, I finally found a PEO formula that delivers the crucial levels of Essential Fatty Acids you need.
It’s called Advanced EFA Formula, and it contains a balanced blend of organic, plant-based Parent Essential Oils that allows your body to produce its own EPA, DHA and other derivatives … just as nature intended.
Advanced EFA Formula contains Evening Primrose Oil, Pumpkin oil, high linoleic Safflower oil and Sunflower oil — all excellent sources of Parent Omega 6. It also delivers organic flax oil for Parent Omega 3. Plus, we added Extra Virgin Coconut oil. Coconut oil contains medium-chain triglycerides that promote good overall health. It also is high in a compound called Lauric Acid—a natural anti-microbial.
The Result is the Ideal, Science-Based 2:1 Ratio
Parent Omega 6/3 Your Body Craves.
In order to guarantee the utmost quality and freshness, Advanced EFA Formula is produced in limited quantities. The oils contain absolutely no pesticides and are certified 100% organic. After low temperature pressing (to protect the delicate EFAs) we use special capsules that protect the oils from heat and air, so you don’t have to refrigerate them to maintain potency.
Since Advanced EFA Formula is plant-based, anyone can take it. Since it doesn’t contain any fish oil, you don’t have to worry about any toxins or rancidity. You won’t taste it for hours later, either!
With just two capsules twice a day, Advanced EFA Formula gives you the total support you need to protect your heart, your arteries, your immune health and the rest of your body, too. Your body, in its wisdom, will convert the parent oils into the levels of GLA, EPA, DHA and other derivatives that you need on its own.
How Long Will It Take Before You See Results?
Some people report an energy boost and just an overall sense of 

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