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Pain From Spasms leg cramps, hiccups, eye-twitching, menstrual cramps. neuralgias and pains of unknown origin Homeopathy

Joette Calabrese, HMC, CCH, RSHom(Na)
March 16th, 2014  |  47 Comments

For problems with leg cramps, hiccups, eye twitching, menstrual cramps, neuralgias and pains of unknown origin, Magnesia Phosphorica 6X can offer fast and lasting relief.
This cell salt is one of the finest analgesics I know. When pain is comforted by applied heat or warmth with pressure, Mag phos can bring relief in very short order.
Put 4 pills of Mag phos 6x in a cup of hot water, allow it to dissolve, stir once and sip it every 30 seconds or so as long as the liquid remains hot. For this remedy, the heat helps to activate and support its action. I like to call this remedy “Mug phos.”
The rapidity with which it resolves pain can be amazing. Menstrual pain, leg cramps and nearly any spasm of pain can be potentially relieved by this gem of a remedy. Because it has antispasmodic capabilities, Mag phos can also relieve hiccups, coughing fits, asthmatic episodes and stomach aches.
Mag phos 6x is the quintessential cell salt for women and children. Think of this remedy for monthly menstrual cramps, leg cramps or Charlie horses. The pain of childbirth can be lessened with several doses of this powerful little cell salt. Of course, the uterus needs to contract during childbirth, but the pain needn’t be as painful or as lengthy. During pregnancy, there is a great need for magnesium, so it’s only natural that there are many applications for Mag phos during this time.
I recall a memorable situation many years ago, while I was taking a class with more than 300 homeopathic students. A fellow student who had traveled from Iran and didn’t speak fluent English suddenly slumped over her desk in desperate pain. The pain so gripped her that she hadn’t the strength to move.
I was only a relative newcomer to the field of homeopathy, but my friend next to me was rather seasoned in the use of cell salts. He very unceremoniously left the room and returned with a cup of hot water, then reached into his briefcase

and placed four pills of Mag phos 6x in the cup. He stirred it once and poured a little into the young woman’s mouth. This was all done without the teacher even noticing. My friend then whispered a few words to her and gently patted her back.
When he returned to his seat next to mine, he spoke in a confident and hushed voice, “She’ll be fine in a few minutes.” Sure enough, within minutes, she lifted her head. Her tear-stained face was in complete contrast to her full smile of relief. She stood up and gave my friend a hug.
This was my first introduction to the power of not only Mag phos but to the world of cell salts. It may not always act in such a quick manner, but if it is the correct remedy, it will pack a powerful punch that is downright memorable.
Was this nerve pain? Was it a muscle spasm? What was it? If this woman had gone the conventional medical route, she might have been subjected to invasive tests, and the answer would have been an analgesic of major proportions. It would likely have only returned in days, months or weeks, only to be suppressed each time with questionable drugs.
Instead, homeopathy got to the bottom of the problem and uprooted it. This event occurred more than 26 years ago, yet I will always remember the calm of my homeopathy friend and the joy on the face of the young Iranian student. This is the way medicine should work.
This is homeopathy, my friends.
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