Sunday, January 25, 2009

Pakistan envoy gets death threat, says high commission

Sunday, January 25, 2009 (18:06:11)
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Pakistan envoy gets death threat, says high commission

New Delhi/Islamabad: Security has been stepped up for Pakistan's envoy to India, Shahid Malik, after he received a death threat, an official of the high commission said today. The official, who declined to be identified by name, said: "The high commissioner received an anonymous letter warning him that he would be killed if did not leave India."

The official said the letter, which reportedly arrived at the mission about a week ago, referred to the alleged involvement of Pakistanis in the Mumbai terrorist attack in November that killed some 170 people.

The official said that Indian authorities were alerted and requested to beef up Malik's security. "The security was subsequently stepped up," the official said.

The official's comments came hours after a Pakistani newspaper reported today that the All India Anti-Terrorism Group (AIATG) held out the threat and Islamabad lodged a protest with the Indian government.

Dawn quoted a source as saying that India "had been told that it would be held responsible in case of any harm to the high commissioner.

"The safety, security and welfare of the envoy are paramount in Pakistan's response to these threats," the Dawn source said.

A three-page letter from the group reportedly asked Malik to leave India in three days or face "dire consequences".

"If the threat is taken lightly, it is 200 percent sure the envoy will be killed," the letter added. (IANS)

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