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The 'Other' Salt: 5 Foods Rich in Potassium


The 'Other' Salt: 5 Foods Rich in Potassium Posted By Dr. Mercola
October 16 2010
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"A recent report shows that consuming just 4.7 grams of "good salt" (potassium) is the equivalent of cutting out 4 grams of "bad salt" (sodium) in terms of reducing blood pressure.

But there are only so many bananas (.5g each) you can eat. Just in time for lunch, here's a list of 5 foods that can help boost your potassium intake."

The article goes on to list the following sources for potassium:

1.Swiss chard (1 cup = 1g of potassium)

2.Winter squash (1 cup = 1g)

3.Avocado (1/2 Florida variety = .8g)

4.Dried apricots (1/2 cup = .9)

5.Baked potato (1 large = .9g)

The new study found increasing intake of potassium could improve blood pressure levels at the population level.

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