Monday, January 9, 2012

Far Safer than Vaccines in Limiting Chickenpox Spread

Far Safer than Vaccines in Limiting Chickenpox Spread

Posted By Dr. Mercola | January 09 2012 | 15,484 views

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  • Chickenpox is less common, and less easily spread, in tropical countries where people receive regular exposure to sunlight compared to countries with colder climates
  • Sunlight exposure on your skin may deactivate viruses, including chickenpox, while increasing your levels of vitamin D, which supports your immune system and may also fight off viral infections
  • The chickenpox vaccine is linked to serious side effects and death, is not 100% effective, and provides only temporary immunity, at best
  • In healthy children, chickenpox is typically a mild illness that resolves on its own without medical treatment, providing long-lasting natural immunity

By Dr. Mercola
If your child comes down with a case of the chickenpox, which is, by the way, a mild disease without complications for the vast majority of healthy children, a healthy dose of natural sunlight may be just what the doctor ordered.
In tropical countries, chickenpox is actually far less common, and less easily spread, than in countries with cold seasons -- and increased exposure to ultraviolet (UV) light, i.e. sunshine, appears to be the reason.

Sun Exposure May Help Stop the Spread of Chickenpox

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