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How to Regenerate Knee Cartilage Naturally

By Gabriela Kiprovska / 07/07/2015

Proper diet is the key to prevention of almost all joint problems and it is equally important for regeneration of the knee, hip and spine cartilage.
It is proven that in order to minimize the risks of excessively wearing down and potentially damaging the cartilage one must maintain an optimum body weight by using well balanced food and avoid hard physical strain throughout the day.
Before I explain how to regenerate knee cartilage naturally, you should know the following:

Symptoms of damaged knee cartilage
The cartilage is a kind of elastic binding tissue that is part of numerous body structures in the human organism. It can be found in the chest, nose, bronchi, ears, and it covers the spine disks, elbows, knees and hip. It is less elastic than the muscles and it is not tougher than the bones.
Its main function is to allow movement of the joints by preventing the bones to rub one another – this is when the damage happens.
It is very important to be protected from injuries especially the knee cartilage. Having in mind that the knee is the largest joint in the human body, it is very important that the meniscus or cartilage is healthy and smooth from the inner and outer side so that the knee could be mobile and functional.
Yet all kinds of factors can cause disorders – aging of the organism or diseases, such as osteoarthritis, that mainly affects the joints in the shoulders, neck (hinders the mobility of the head and causes dizziness), hips, knees, arm and leg joints.
Symptoms that indicate lower quality of the structure of the cartilage or its total disappearance are:  pain during movement and swelling and tension in the muscles.  Beside degenerative changes, the cause of worn down and damaged cartilage can be something else – mechanical injury from impact, excess physical activity, carrying heavy objects, and excess body weight.
Below you can find the best natural remedies for cartilage regeneration.

How to Regenerate Knee Cartilage Naturally (and Hip Cartilage)
Recent study showed that consumption of foods rich in amino acid called lysine can be of great help, because it plays an important role in regeneration of the collagen from which the cartilage is made of.  Because this amino acid is not synthesized in the body, it must be introduced through food – the optimum quantity is 12 mg for each kilo of body weight.

Rich in this substance are foods such as legumes, codfish, red meat, eggs, soya, yogurt, cheese, dry fruits, beans etc.

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