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10 Reasons to Use Bone Broth

10 Reasons to Use Bone Broth
Many cultures have used bone broth to make healing elixers, soups and stews for many centuries.  The Jewish community made chicken soup the popular remedy for the common cold without fully understanding the unique health benefits in this dish.  Science has revealed the amazing health benefits that come with bone broth.
Bone broth can be made from any animal with bones and the most popular soup bones include those of fish, chicken, turkey, beef, lamb and venison.  The bones house a variety of powerful nutrients that become released when they are slowly simmered in water for a few hours.  These nutrients include bone marrow which helps provide the raw materials for healthy blood cells and immune development.

Key Nutrients That Enhance Healing:
Other valuable nutrients include collagen, gelatin, hyaluronic acid, chondroitin sulfate, glycosamino glycans, proline, glycine, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium and potassium.  These all help with the development of healthy joints, bones, ligaments and tendons as well as hair and skin (1234)  These nutrients are considered beauty foods because they help the body with proper structural alignment and beautiful skin and hair.
Glycine and proline are essential for connective tissue function which is the biological glue that holds are bodies together (56) .  Without them we would literally fall apart.  These two amino acids are essential for healing microscopic wounds throughout the body and they also suppress inflammatory activity.  This is especially important for individuals with chronic inflammation or auto-immune conditions (7, 8).
Bone broth provides the nutritional synergy to calm an overactive immune system while supplying the body with raw materials to rebuild stronger and healthier cells.   This is why it is such a great healing food to have when the body is encountering stress from bacterial or viral infections as well as digestive disorders and leaky gut syndrome.

Various Nutrients Within Different Bones:
Different bones have unique characteristics to be aware of.  Larger bones such as the femur and humerus bones of the legs and arms contain more bone marrow than many of the smaller bones.  Individuals with anemia, lung disorders, immune disorders, chronic infections, etc. would more specifically target these disorders using broth with increased marrow.
Smaller bones contain more gelatinous materials than larger bones.  The gelatinous material is especially useful for digestive health as it provides key raw materials that help the cells of the digestive system to regenerate.  This is a key health tool for individuals who are trying to overcome leaky gut syndrome.  Bone broth fasts are one of the best strategies for destroying parasites like Candida and rebuilding the gut.

Finding the Right Stock Bones:
It is especially important to find stock bones from humanely raised healthy animals.  This would include 100% grass-fed cows, bison, lamb and organic poultry bones.  Wild game like deer and antelope are fantastic as well.
Conventionally raised animals that are fed a diet of genetically modified grains loaded with pesticides and herbicides and other chemicals and heavy metals should never be used.  The body naturally stores many toxins in the fatty portions of the bone and that is what you are consuming in the bone broth.
It is best to know the farm and farmer where you are getting your stock bones.  The more grass and green foods the animals eat the more rich the nutritional value of the meat and bone contents.  Beef can and should be 100% green-fed while poultry should have lots of pasture in their diet although they will also need seeds, worms, insects, etc.
US Wellness Meats is a trusted source for Stock Bones.   You can look for traditional stock bones or for oxtail or get a whole chicken, whole turkey, whole duck and use everything including the organ meats.  You can find everything I mentioned here

Other Options:
If you don’t have the time or energy to make your own broth(which is best), you can get it pre-maid in a carton here of free-range chicken broth.  This is an excellent product that I use personally and have my clients using all the time.
I typically recommend the regular version and the not the low-sodium as most of the people I work with are on a lower carbohydrate diet and on a low carb diet, your body does not retain sodium.  On a higher carbohydrate diet, you retain sodium and that can cause a number of health issues.
If you do get a low-sodium version, I would recommend adding in lots of herbs and things like sea vegetable (dulse, kelp, kombu, etc) which is rich in iodine, sodium and chlorophyll.

Beef Gelatin and Collagen Protein
You can also get many of the benefits of bone broth in grass-fed beef gelatin or collagen protein.  You may have seen the Collagen Marshmallows and the Chocolate Skin Enhancing Pudding on our website, which utilize the beef gelatin.
Beef gelatin is collagen protein in a traditional gelatin formula, this means that it will gel in cold liquids. It is recommended to add to hot liquids, or to use in recipes that require gelatin.  You can also use cold-water soluble collagen peptides which are fantastic for putting into shakes and smoothies.
Using this protein gives you many of the same benefits as drinking bone broth. It is exceptional for healing leaky gut and improving joint health.
Suggestions For Use:
  • Add to hot tea or coffee
  • Add to soups or stews to increase thickness and add protein
  • Home-made marshmallows
  • Fruit Jello
  • Desserts such as mousse, pie, or custards
  • Put in shakes for protein and a gelatinous texture

When Not To Use Bone Broth
Some individuals have trouble with bone broth.  This is most commonly due to individuals who struggle to metabolize histamines and free glutamates.  Bone broth is higher in histamines and free glutamates, which are normally metabolized well by most individuals.
Certain individuals that have a histamine or glutamate intolerance may struggle with bone broth.  In both cases, one of the common complaints is that the individual has a headache after they consume something with either histamines or free glutamates.  If you notice you are consistently having a headache and/or other possible symptoms such as fatigue, disorientation, skin rash and joint pain when you consume bone broth than you may have one of these problems.
Individuals with a histamine intolerance often will have a tendency to experience hives or skin lesions associated with higher histamine foods.  Individuals with glutamate intolerances will often experience pain and neurological symptoms (such as disorientation, poor coordination, neuralgia or muscle pain along with headaches).  Here is a helpful article on histamine intolerance and in the future we will have an article on glutamate intolerances.

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