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Cure for Cancer???

There Is a Cure For Cancer Since 1923 – It Was Hidden From The Public!

By Mr. X / 04/12/2015

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“Is there a cure for cancer?” – Is the question that lingers for years.
Do you know that some scientists have known about the major cause of cancer 90 years ago? But this fact has never been revealed to the public because it has been secretly held by the pharma and food industries. Although the finding was made back in 1923, Dr. Otto Heinrich Warburg (a German researcher) won the Nobel Prize for determining the cause of cancer in 1931.
According to this German scientist, cancer is caused because of anti-physiological lifestyle and effects. When you have anti-physiological food habits and lead a sedentary lifestyle without much physical activity, a kind of acid environment is built up in your body. This acidity causes the release of oxygen from the cells and the shortage of oxygen further intensifies this acidic environment.

The German scientist further added that the shortfall in oxygen and the high level of acidity complement each other in deteriorating the situation. If your body is experiencing one of these conditions, the other will be created automatically.
All normally functioning cells require oxygen. However, tumor cells are capable of living without oxygen. It has been found that tumor tissues have acidic properties and healthy normal tissues have alkaline properties.
The scientist also found in his studies the anaerobic property of tumor stations. He noticed that they cannot live if there is high amount of oxygen. These stations can live only in environments where there is no oxygen and abundance of glucose.
According of Dr. Otto, removing just 35 percent of oxygen from normal cells can make them cancerous within 48 hours. Thus, it has been established by scientists that cancer is a kind of defense system used by body cells to survive in an environment where there is lack of oxygen and excess of acid.
Food Habits
Your eating habits and food will have a major impact on the development of cancer. Your body will create the acidic or alkaline environment depending on the kind of food you take – carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins, fats and minerals.
Acidic and alkaline environments are measured over the pH scale. The values can range between 0 and 14, with 7 depicting neutral environment. If an environment’s reading is between 0 and 7, it is acidic. If it ranges between 7 and 14, it is alkaline.
Make sure to understand how different foods can have an effect on your health. If your cells need to work properly, they must get an environment with pH value of more than 7.

If you are healthy, your blood will have a pH level in the 7.4-7.45 range. If it falls below 7, you could enter coma.

Foods Creating Acidic Environment
The following foods can create acidic environment in your body:
  • Refined sugar and derivatives
  • Refined salt
  • Bread
  • Animal origin products like cheese and milk
  • Cigarettes
  • Refined flour and derivatives like pasta and cakes
  • Coffee
  • Margarine
  • Alcohol
  • Cooked and processed foods
Avoid processed foods available in cans. They can have preservatives, flavors, colors and stabilizers.

Foods Creating Alkaline Environment
You should take more of the following foods to create a more alkaline environment in the body:
  • Vegetables
  • Fruits
  • Water
Exercising regularly will also supply sufficient oxygen to your body. Keep in mind that if you lead a lifestyle where you spend hours daily sitting in one place, it could have an adverse impact on your health.
It will be best to take alkaline and acidic food in the 60:40 ratio. Don’t take refined juice, soft drinks and sweeteners. If you are ill, then change the ratio to 80:20 and don’t take any hazardous products.
If you are already suffering from cancer, you should alkalize your body to the maximum level. The world needs to know that chemotherapy isn’t cure for cancer. In fact, it works to increase the acidic environment in your body.

On the other hand, chemotherapy will increase the level of acidity in your body. It will increase it to a level where your body has to spend all the stored oxygen. Your body will counter this high level of acidity by eliminating minerals in the hair, bones, nail and teeth.
According to Dr. Otto, this is the reason why people suffer from hair loss and loss of body mass when they undergo chemotherapy.

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