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Dr. Oksana M. Sawiak What does Breast Cancer have to do with Oral Health and 10 things you can do to avoid it.

 Breast cancer is on the rise.  It is going to affect 1 in 4 women in the next decade. Men are not immune either, though their numbers are 1 in 40.
 Genetics?  They may give us a predisposition, but most of the factors are medical-dental or environmental.  What does that mean?

This means:
·      what we eat
·      what we wear
·       where we live and work
·      how we use microwaves,  IT, computers and cell phones
·      What we put on our face, hair and nails eg. Antiperspirants
·      how we deal with stress
·      the water we drink and bathe in
·      the habits we engage in like smoking, drinking to excess
·      mammograms  and other xrays
·      microwaves and Electromagnetic Frequencies
·      pharmaceuticals and recreational drugs (including Birth Control Pills)
·      what we use in our homes from paint to cleaners to deodorizers
·      what dental problems and procedures we undergo
·      what infections we succumb to
·      daily movements and postures of our bodies

The Acupuncture/Dental Connection:
In the 40 + years of my experience, one of the biggest and most consistent causative factor in Breast Cancer that I have found, is the blockage of the acupuncture meridian going through the breast. Each Acupuncture Meridian goes through an organ, a muscle and a tooth. It is like an electric wire that delivers power to an appliance. When the electricity flows through it, the appliance works. When there is a short or breakage in the wire, the power is blocked and the appliance fails to perform as expected.

In the 38 years I have been aware of the situation I have not seen one case of breast cancer that did not have a root canal, an infected tooth, a cavitation (hidden bone infection), a metal implant or a toxic restoration, like an amalgam or a metal crown (that has nickel or palladium,)  on a tooth (teeth) on the breast meridian on that side.

When there is a blockage in the meridian, -whether it's the muscle that is in spasm, the organ that is inflamed or an infection in gums, tonsils or bone, a toxic implant, filling, cavitation (hidden bone infection) or Root Canal Treated tooth- it can contribute to the development of the tumor and eventually cancer.

 Let's look closer at the  “tooth connection”.   When a tooth is abscessed, the nerve in it has died and the pus resulting from that is pushed out into surrounding bone. In today's dentistry, standards dictate that a dentist is required to “save the tooth “ with a root canal procedure. This means that the nerve is removed from the tooth and the nerve channel is filled with some kind of material.  In many cases the root canal treatment is either incomplete or not thoroughly sterilized or not properly filled with a material the seals all the tubules properly. That tooth not only may remain infected but also can become very toxic. In 75% of extracted root canal treated teeth that were studied by Dr. Boyd Haley at the University of Kentucky were infected. In 100% of the cases they were also toxic. 

Can you imagine if you had a rose thorn lodge under your thumb nail and it got infected and without taking the thorn out, you mummified the thumb? It would affect the rest of the body with the toxins it would produce.  Can you see that it does not make sense to keep a mummified thumb on your hand?  Would it not make sense to remove the thorn and heal the infection? 
The Root Canal treated tooth is that mummified thumb with a thorn under its nail. If the immune system is strong and can overcome this challenge over time, no symptoms develop.  However, if the immune system has had a lot of factors to deal with over time, it shows a “cliff effect”. In other words it keeps coping until it is overwhelmed – like falling over the edge of the cliff- and then something breaks down.
Cancer can be the symptom of the immune system falling over the edge of the cliff.

So let’s get back to infections that can originate in the mouth.
If you read the work of Hulda Clark (eg. Cure for all Cancers) she mentions that parasites are a factor in cancer as well. For instance liver fluke and isopropyl alcohol will be the main factors in causing liver cancer. If you remove isopropyl alcohol from your life and eliminate the liver fluke, she predicts that you will cure your liver cancer.

Even gingivitis can be a precursor to an immune system breakdown. We all know that bleeding gums can lead heart infections (endocarditis), arthritis and diabetes. This is easily determined by a microscopic analysis of plaque – a painless, quick and accurate test for gum health.

When we do the Microscopic Plaque analysis we frequently find parasites and spirochetes. One of the main causes of gum disease is a parasite called Entamoeba Gingivalis (amoeba for short). Many people who have long suffered with gum disease have been able to cure this problem in 30 days by eliminating the parasites.

Cavitations (hidden bone infections) can also be a factor.  These may be remains of infections after a tooth was extracted, or caused by trauma etc.  The way we find these is a Cavitat scan or a Cone Beam x-ray (CT scan).

One environmental factor that we can address is what we wear as foundation garments – namely underwired bras. Wires block the Meridian. They also block the lymphatic drainage from the area of the breast. The lymphatic system is like our sewer system.  It takes away the waste products, and toxins.  We need to keep these channels flushed, or they clog and back up.  The breasts are full of lymphatic tissue. When this lymph becomes too thick or is blocked from draining, the stasis causes lumps and tumors to develop. With today's fashion of push-up bras with under wires, the drainage from these areas can be slowed or blocked. Having an underwired “Party Bra” is one thing.  Wearing it 18 hours a day everyday is another.

Environmental issues of another kind are the water we drink and bathe in. When we drink city tap water, we are exposed to chlorine and fluoride. Municipal water often also contains remnants of drugs. Hormones from birth control pills are being eliminated through the urine of users into our sewer system. None of these are safe for our bodies.

Fluoride is a known toxin. It poisons our thyroid, especially when the iodine level in our bodies is low. It also makes our bones brittle, causes fluorosis in teeth and lowers IQ in children.

Cosmetics and Hygiene products:
When we use cosmetics do we always read all the ingredients?
Next time you buy a body care or oral hygiene product, look at all the ingredients.  Even so called natural toothpastes contain fluoride and sodium laurel sulfate which is a carcinogen. Creams and body lotions contain toxic petroleum-based products. Makeup, hairsprays nail polish, hair dye, and cosmetics like lipsticks all need to be carefully watched for toxic ingredients. And read up on tattoo ink‼

 One of the most common toxins that we use daily in our lives are hand sanitizers. They contain isopropyl alcohol, which is carcinogenic.

Heavy Metals:
Heavy metals are another significant player in all cancers. WHO has noted that the mercury level in women has risen by 50% in one generation.  The main reason is dental fillings (amalgams) and vaccines.
Those working in dental offices are most affected by Mercury. A study of dental assistants in Norway showed that dental staff had more infertility, miscarriages, and birth defects, then any other occupation in the world- including IV drug addicts. A new study of dental staff exposure by the IAOMT (international Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology) is showing that the mercury levels in dental offices are higher than in any other industry.  In the USA  the Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) and  in Canada Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System (WHMIS)are government agencies that set standards for the highest  acceptable level of mercury in a work environment. If they applied this existing standard to dental offices, most dental offices in North America would be shut down for occupational hazard infractions.

10 things you can do now:
1.    Start with a wellness consultation that identifies toxins, infections, nutritional imbalances and exposure to Electro Magnetic Frequencies.
2.    Find a biological dentist who can deal with infections and root canals properly and who uses safe restorative materials and procedures.
3.    Read every label and avoid all GMO’s and chemicals in food, cleaners, personal hygiene and cosmetic products.
4.    Promote lymphatic drainage with massage, rebounding (trampoline) exercise, Far Infra Red Sauna, and proper undergarments without wires. 
5.    Get out in the fresh air
6.    Meditate, Pray. Walk , listen to music or dance – whatever reduces stress for you. Take time for yourself.
7.    Avoid mammograms (use ultrasound or thermography instead
8.    Throw away your microwave oven and protect yourself with EMF protection devices (e.g. Shungite) from the radiation of Wi-Fi and Cell towers.
9.    Question the safety of every procedure that a dentist or a medical doctor suggests and insist on full disclosure of hazards and side effects.
10.Do your research.  Search out healthier alternatives for everything in your life – from the soap you are using to the toxic new carpet being installed at your office,- from eating more raw or home cooked organic food, to avoiding pharmaceuticals as much as possible. 

Information in this article is intended for educational purposes only and is not to replace independent professional judgment, medical or dental advice.

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