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Mustard Seeds Cancer and Thyroid Function and reduce Pain

These Seeds Can Prevent Cancer, Maintain Thyroid Function And Reduce Pain

When we mention the word mustard, the first thing that comes to our mind is burgers or hot dogs. However, mustard seeds are incredibly beneficial for our health. Mustard seed comes from mustard plants, which belong to the group of cruciferous vegetables. Other commonly known foods that belong to this group are: broccoli, cabbage, brussel, and sprouts.
Mustard seeds contain low level of saturated fat, cholesterol and sodium. They are a great source of: proteins, iron, dietary fibers, calcium, magnesium, manganese and phosphorus. On the market, mustard seeds are usually sold whole but you can also find them as a ground powder. Below we offer you a list of some health benefits from consuming mustard seeds.
Mustard Seeds Affect Cancer
Mustard seeds contains high level of phytonutrients that are called glucosinolates. Moreover, other enzymes inside the seeds divide these glucosinolates into other phytonutrients known as isothiocyanates.
Many studies have shown that these isothiocyanates stop the growth of already existing cancer cells and prevents these cells from developing.
The results of a research have shown that muster seeds which contain high level of isothiocyanates also known as allyl isothiocyanates (AITC), have successfully inhibited the bladder cancer growth. The results of these researches suggest that everyone benefits from including the mustard seeds in their diet on a daily basis, because it prevents cancer and even inhibits the growth of the existing one.
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Mustard seeds are rich source of selenium. Only one tablespoon contains 21% of the recommended daily doses. This powerful antioxidant reduces asthma symptoms, the symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis, lowers the blood pressure, calms down migraines and helps in cancer prevention.
Selenium affects the thyroid function. It plays a great role in boosting T4 – thyroid hormone into T3 – more active thyroid hormone. Together with iodine, selenium also helps in maintaining a healthy function of the thyroid. Researchers have found out that the problems connected with the thyroid gland can be solved in just two months, by including selenium in the diet.
Thyroid glands regulate many body functions. Therefore, they need to function well. Certain amounts of hormones are constantly released by the thyroid glands. In certain situations when the body needs more energy even more hormones are produced. Such situations are: coldness, pregnancy or growth.
Mustard seeds contain curcumin – an active pharmacological agent found in ginger, turmeric and many other yellowish types of herbs. Curcumin are strong antioxidants which have given incredible results in fighting cancer.
What is more, curcumin is also a powerful anti-inflammatory ingredient.  Many research results have shown that curcumin positively affects and reduces the pain in inflammatory illnesses such as: irritable bowel syndrome, rheumatoid arthritis and inflammatory bowel disease.
Mustard seeds and the mustard seeds powder can be mixed and combined with almost any food or meal. So we hope that the positive effects listed above are good enough reason to start using it as soon as possible.
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