Friday, April 22, 2016

Budwig Diet

She Turned 2 Simple Ingredients Into a Cure For Cancer, Then the Government Shut Her Down
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The Hearty Soul

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Hippocrates might be credited with saying “Let food be thy medicine, and let medicine be thy food,” but biochemist Dr. Johanna Budwig is known for making this belief a reality.7
One of the top experts on fats and oils in the 1950s, Dr. Budwig found that the right combination of quark or cottage cheese and flaxseed oil has therapeutic properties in preventing, treating, and even curing cancer.1,4 Known as the Budwig Diet, could this diet protocol beat cancer?
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Dr. Budwig’s Discoveries
How did Dr. Budwig derive her understanding that this simple strategy has major therapeutic properties? While researching the pathogenesis of disease and illness as a biochemist in Germany, Dr. Budwig observed that quark (a soft fresh cheese) contained the very same sulphydryl groups found in cancer treatment drugs. These sulphydryl groups are cysteine and methionineamino acids.4
While researching fats and oils, Dr. Budwig further established that essential polyunsaturated fatty acids, referred to as PUFAs, are major components of cellular membranes.4 Without a properly functioning cellular membrane, cells lose the ability to perform vital life processes such as cellular respiration and the ability to divide and form new cells.
The two essential polyunsaturated fatty acids critical for cell membrane support are:
  1. Linoleic Acid (LA): Better known as omega-6 fatty acids.
  1. Linolenic Acid (LNA): Commonly referred to as omega-3 fatty acids. Omega 3 polyunsaturated fatty acids have been recognized for their anticancer properties and roles in preventing sickness and disease.4
Cottage Cheese and Flaxseed Oil Work to Re-energize Cells
A chemical reaction takes place when the sulphydryl groups in quark or cottage cheese bind with the unsaturated fatty acids in flaxseed oil.3,4 This reaction allows the flaxseed to become water soluble and enter into a cell to supply energy.
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  • Imagine the cells in your body are the same as the battery in a car. Our cells also require electrical energy in order to run and energize all of our life-giving biological functions. In order for a dead car battery to be recharged, it requires jumper cables to supply an electrical current from a good battery. The combination of quark or cottage cheese and flaxseed oil work together and function like jumper cables.
    In her research, Dr. Budwig’s cancer patients had improved oxygen supply to their cells and found relief from all forms of cancer including cancers of the gastrointestinal tract, brain, breast, and skin cancers.1,2,5,6
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  • How to Make the Budwig Diet Protocol a Lifestyle
    Dr. Budwig advised specific recommendations in order to beat cancer.1 The following is a list of guidelines for using her protocol:
    • Drink only purified water
    • Receive adequate amounts of sunshine to stimulate healing in the mind and body
    • Eliminate all processed foods from your diet
    • Do not consume sugar, meat, or animal fat
    • Prepare only fresh and organic fruits and vegetables
    • Prepare and eat foods immediately, never use leftovers
    • Avoid all drugs and supplements
    • Always grind flaxseeds fresh and consume within 15 minutes of grinding
    • Mix quark or cottage cheese and flaxseed oil in a 2:1 ratio and blend until no visible oil remains floating
    • Do not mix in added ingredients until final cheese mixture results
    Further Recommendations for the Budwig Diet
    If suffering from cancer, Dr. Budwig recommended consuming up to 8 tablespoons of flaxseed oil (in the mixture) daily. Otherwise, 1 tablespoon per day of flaxseed oil can be taken to prevent cancer.1
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