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How to maintain a healthy liver

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– A balanced blood sugar levelHow to maintain a healthy liver
The liver is the largest gland in the human body.It helps with detoxification, glycogen deposition and
production of blood proteins.The liver produces bile.If there is a problem with your liver,you will for sure
fell it.However, there are plants that help maintain healthy liver.
If your liver is functioning well, you probably have:
– Normal levels of cholesterol
– Healthy weight
– Healthy digestion without the formation of gas, bloating, diarrhea or constipation
– More power, morning or afternoon, you will not feel tired
– Healthier muscles
– Good conditions for maintaining good memory
– Clean complexion and youthful skin
If you have problems with liver you should use these foods :
1.Root of turmeric
Turmeric root extract is one of the best natural sources for cleaning the liver and generally has an anti-inflammatory
propertis.For centuries, was used to relieve inflammation in muscles and joints,heart,the digestive tract and especially to the liver.Why is the root of turmeric so special?It’s ability to protect you from the accumulation of excess fat and thus prevent dangerous infections.Studies have shown that eliminates many digestive disorders,and it only need seven days for that.

2.Dandelion root
Dandelion root improves digestion and cleanses the liver.Specifically, it contains a powerful antioxidant tannins. These natural compounds have been found to cleanse the liver of toxins. But this is only the beginning. Dandelion root maintains healthy levels of potassium,which regulates blood pressure and blood sugar levels. This is great for your muscles because potassium is the main protector with painful muscle cramps.

3.Artichoke leaf
Artichoke leaf is one of the oldest natural remedies. In ancient Egypt was used for regulating digestion.Today we know why.Artichoke leaf enhances the production of bile.Bile is a natural compound that is essential to the digestion and utilization of fats and thus prevents the occurrence of fatty liver.That means better treatment of fat that promotes a balanced level of cholesterol. Not to mention that there
are no more constipation, gas or bloating after the rich and fatty meals.

Alcohol – poison for the liver
The liver plays an important role in the breakdown of food , fight infections , regulating blood flow and
removal of toxic substances,including alcohol.
Prolonged use of alcohol damages the liver in three phases :
1st Fatty liver
Ethanol decomposition slows the breakdown of fats,so that they accumulate in the liver.This disorder is called
steatohepatitis or fatty liver.
2nd Hepatitis
With time it comes to chronic inflammation of the liver or hepatitis.It appears that alcohol may also reduce the
body’s resistance to viruses hepatitis B and C.If the inflammation is not treated,the liver cells begin to die.To make
matters worse,it appears that alcohol activates a natural mechanism of programmed cell death,called apoptosis.
3rd Cirrhosis
The last stage is cirrhosis.Due to a series of severe inflammation and cell destruction,that leads to permanent liver
damage.Eventually,the liver ceases to be a sponge and becomes full of nodules,which prevents normal blood flow and leads to termination of the liver and death.


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