Saturday, April 29, 2017

Water Purification

The Most Deadly Water Purification Mistakes

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Water. Water is the key to survival. If the grid goes down or the dollar crashes or, well, you just get hung out in a bad hiking situation, you might need to figure out your water situation in fast order. And for many folks, that’s a complicated matter. Many people think they are filtering when in fact, they are leaving themselves open to getting themselves and their families sick.

Often times, water appears to be a clear source for drinking; but looks can most certainly be deceiving. Water can be deadly even when it looks quenching and blissful. Filtration is a huge necessity to water purification.
The issue with skipping the filtration process in a survival scenario is that your water is often left with what is known as, micro waterborne cysts. While that name alone should terrify you, I will extend upon my point here for those who still aren’t freaked out. These cysts really are not visible in water. It isn’t as if we see them floating about and can allow ourselves a common sense warning system. Instead, they are too small to be visible. They also reside in a tough shell casing that allows them to avoid the destruction of boiling water (purification processes). You know where that shell breaks down? In your digestive system. And then the cysts are able to do their damage.
You never saw them. You never FILTERED them.

So, my fellow survivalists, let’s get practical here. Filtration doesn’t have to be super complicated, but it does need to be accomplished if you want to keep you and your family as safe as possible. You can filter using charcoal or coffee filters. You could use cotton balls plugging the top of a bottle. There is a grip of ways, the idea is that you need to filter out particles like the evil cysts we just discussed.
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If you are in a dire situation with no practical filtering applications (as mentioned above), you could just pour the water in a glass and allow it to sit and then scoop the water off the top. In this case, you are hoping that bacteria have settled at the bottom. Following this, you purify the water via chemical or boil. Certainly, this isn’t the safest way, but if your option is this or severe dehydration, then I suppose you have your answer.
The concept is that you want to filter the water down into a container whereas you can then treat the water. You could use some purification tablets. I recommend that everyone have purification tablets on hand, these are essential survivalist product.
Now, sans the tablets, you could use bleach. Here’s a chart. Graph via Clorox Company.

Prep For That TIP: You can destroy bacteria if you boil water for one minute at 212 degrees Fahrenheit. The same is true for 145 degrees Fahrenheit for one hour. Higher elevations can and do effect this chemistry.
Here’s a cool way with a survival water bottle that can go inside of your bug out bag. This is called a Berkey Sport Bottle for Purification.

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Here’s a cheap DIY filter bottle.

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Keep surviving my friends.

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