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Just The Way It Is By Karl Schwarz

Just The Way It Is
By Karl Schwarz


I have been getting emails from all over the world for that past three months asking what I've been doing, and where are my essays. Well, I have had plenty to say about the fiasco going on in America but I also have had to focus on business.

This Saturday, December 13, 2008, I watched a movie that I had never seen. I rarely get time to just relax and watch TV so this was the lunch hour break with a part of a movie.

The movie is titled 'Article 99' and is about a VA hospital. Due to a bureaucratic butt-wipe hospital director, the veterans, doctors and nurses took over the hospital. Sort of like what needs to happen in Washington, DC but that is another story, another day.

The movie has a great line in it, quoted by Noble Willingham (deceased 2004) who played the VA Inspector General in this movie. When he decided that the VA Hospital Director was the problem, had to go, this is the line:

"I have been in government service for 40 years and have seen your type from Germany to Saigon, proof positive that shit does in fact float to the top."

If ever there was a cruel lie put forth by the US government it is that the Uncle Sam will provide that top quality medical care for our veterans. That is one of the ugliest fictions ever invented in DC.

I liked Nobel Willingham as an actor, just natural like Slim Pickens, Wilfred Brimley and William Farnsworth. If you do not know who Willingham is, recall the movie "Good Morning, Vietnam". He is the General that told Forest Whitaker "damn son, the shadow of your ass weighs 30 pounds" when the two were discussing his diet and meeting the US Army weight requirements.

DC is also proof positive that shit does in fact float to the top. George H W Bush was a useless president, 4 years of the essence of nothingness and really nothing at all memorable except his big lie regarding Desert Storm. It was memorable that he crashed the US economy just like Junior, but most people prefer to not remember bad economic times.

One has to wonder about the memorable quotes of such a president that were merely damnable lies. Like father, like son, it is a family defect.

Then we got Clinton, Mr. Corruption. I have known Clinton since 1981 and can say with certainty that he is the only American I know who has contributed nothing to America in the entire time I have known him. I am not aware of anything he has done but teach our children to lie, do weird things with cigars and White House interns, and give an Oscar level performance in lying and equivocating. Most of us Arkansans know what the meaning of 'is' is and were quite offended with Mr. Slick Waffle playing all of those word games to save his sorry ass.

For all of that Hillary rhetoric about 'the politics of personal responsibility', she frankly needs to start in her own home and deal with that. It would take an entire village to keep her husband off the nearest whore.

Most Americans seem to not remember that Clinton did not win the State of Arkansas in either 1992 or 1996. Seems most Americans failed to read what the largest newspaper in Arkansas had to say when it DID NOT endorse Clinton for President of the United States.

"Finally, and sadly, there is the unavoidable subject of character in a presidential candidate.... But it is not the duplicitousness in his politics that concerns so much as the polished ease, the almost habitual, casual, articulate way he bobs and weaves. He has mastered the art of equivocation. There is something almost inhuman in his smoother responses that sends a shiver up the spine. It is not the compromises he has made that trouble so much as the unavoidable suspicion that he has no great principles to compromise.'' -- Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, October 28, 1992

It would be so nice if Americans could read, or grasp the content of what they read. Pulitzer Prize winner Paul Greenberg (Editorial Editor, Arkansas Democrat-Gazette) could not have summed up the nothingness of Bill Clinton more succinctly than the above non-endorsement for President of our nation.

Sad, another 8 years wasted, another huge fraud in the Oval Office and many Americans put into the poor house because of it.

Sadder still is another 8 years of lies, genocide, a completely fabricated Global War on Terror out chasing American Unipolar hegemony that died in 1991. That there are at least 7,000 Americans dead (9-11 and combat), another 10,000 or more GIs dead since they returned home, and about 4 million dead Afghans and Iraqis. I am a devout Ecumenical Christian and feel pretty certain that there are sins that are in the unforgiveable realm.

We have Pelosi leading the House, Reid the Senate and homosexual page boy chaser Barney Franks appearing in every bailout photo op. I rest my case, shit floats to the top and the United States of America is now the pre-eminent global example of that.

If you missed the show I did with Jeff on December 9, check in the archives at Jeff and I did the second hour on that Classic Clinton Fraud, Global Double Crossing. That crime happened on the Bush watch but it was conceived and executed during the Clinton watch, as were many other massive corporate frauds like Williams Communications, Enron, Tyco, WorldCom, etc. It is a long list and that alleged $1 trillion surplus was actually about $2 trillion in losses for American investors, like you.

Have you figured it out yet America? Saddam Hussein was no problem to the US. The powers-that-be wanted all of that oil and gas, and through the GHWB, Clinton and current fiasco Bush Administrations, our nation at the behest of its Zionist NWO controllers has inflicted genocide on about 2 million Iraqis. Those are the facts and they are undisputed.

The US desperately needs a pipeline across Afghanistan, but it is now about 8 years too late for that since most of the natural gas has been contracted with Russia, China and India. I have written on it many times, BRIDAS CORPORATION had the deal sewed up until Bush launched his bogus war on terror and the Clinton Administration made sure that Turkmenistan and Pakistan were not going to cooperate with the pipeline route the US coveted.

The oil is being carved up as you read this and the losers are US and UK. The Grand Chessboard is in checkmate and the US lost. Got that? Those are the facts and they are undisputed except in Washington, DC, aka: Delusionville, USA.

You need to 'get that' because the US has murdered 2-3 million Afghanis, too, and still does not have that pipeline. Of course, Barky Obamanation is going to 'surge' Afghanistan and prove to the world he is dumber than Bush.

Lest you missed the past 2 years, all of those DNC promises that they would stop the Iraq War in 2006 if America would vote them back into power have proven to be total, traitorous, treasonous lies. Pelosi, Reid, et al should either rot in Hell or face a firing squad.

If you have been hanging on the edge of your chair regarding the GM - Toyota battle to be the World's Largest Automaker you can take a deep breath and relax. GM is bankrupt, closing 20 plants to stop the need to stack cars on top of cars that no one wants to buy or can afford to buy. Toyota, meanwhile, is doing fine and GM has major problems. I heard that GM has to sell 15 million cars a year to break even, have been averaging about 11 million cars, so yeah, they are in big trouble.

I recently saw a US car dealer ad, buy one, get the second for $1. Folks, that is not a bargain. That is a warning sign flashing in big red lights "America is in TROUBLE".

I hear through the grapevine and Internet that Mighty George Bush is going to 'surge' Detroit next and show how worthless his MBA is. Stay tuned to the news on that one.

If you are not mad yet about the $7 trillion bailout of the gangsters, banksters and criminals on Wall Street, you need to pay close attention to how that knife in your back is going to affect your quality of life. The US is not in a recession, it is now in a depression and with all of this newly printed bailout debt money deflation of the US dollar is going to come home to roost like an elephant crapping in your chili.

No foreign nations are buying this new DC debt. The Fed is just printing money and where necessary sending some of it overseas to buy the US and Wall Street out of massive litigation as a result of the completely bogus, propped up US housing market so idiot Americans would think all was rosy and hunky-dory.

Next to crash will be the $14 trillion or so in US consumer debt, propping up an economy that was dead back about 1997. Many foreign nations are livid and hopping mad at having their banks and their pension funds plundered, looted and robbed by this criminal cabal on Wall Street and their RICO buddies in Washington, DC.

Maybe when that bailout reaches about $25 trillion you will get mad, sitting out on the curb of what used to be your home?

If you Barky backers have not figured it out yet, you got hosed big time in this last election. You morons thought it was raining and Barky was the Sun. No, that was Barky pissing on your feet and lying out his butt to get elected. Barky has been appointing and installing all of the thugs and thieves that America loves to hate. There is no 'change'. What in Hell made you think Barky was telling the truth?

The only change I see is we now have a part Black president who has not done anything in his political career but talk, and cannot seem to find his birth certificate.

I predict many Democrats will be asking by June or July, WHERE IS SARAH PALIN?

Of course, there is still that Constitutional question as to Barky's eligibility to even be president. Regardless of how much obfuscation his handlers spew, remember well that other world leaders will look at him as being

unqualified - so nothing will get done during his 4 years if office except more harm to America. If you Barky backers do not think that China, Russia and India, and much of the rest of the world are laughing their asses off at America electing Barky, you will learn soon enough.

If Americans think Hillary Clinton is trading up from Condoleezza Rice, think again. All we get with Hillary is no buck-teeth, a different skin color and still rotten to the core. Most of the rest of the world hates the Clintons with a passion and for good cause. I predict American foreign diplomacy is about to hit a low point like never before in the history of our nation. We might soon miss the Little Black Poodle scurrying around to peeing on the feet of other nations, like the Russian Bear.

If you missed the confession, Mikhiel The Tie-Eater Shakashvili did, in fact, admit that Georgia attacked and started the flap with Russia ON AUGUST 7 the day before the Olympics. So, consider that and all of the blowhard bullshit we all saw from the EU and Washington, DC.

Georgia is not happy about NATO saying NO, but the Ukrainians are breathing a sigh of relief. They know Russia cares more about them than the US or UK or EU.

If Americans are not thinking already about taking the House and Senate away from Barky in 2010, better start making plans. By the middle of 2009 most Americans will wish they had never heard of Barky Obama. I predict numbers lower than Bush in 2009 alone and that is a hard hat trick to do, but Barky will get it done. That is the CHANGE I predict. Barky will set a new low in American Presidential politics.

I am wondering how many 18-40 year old Americans are prepared to just stop their lives and go serve Barky's Mandatory Serve America program. I bet the shirkers on that deal will make Vietnam draft- dodgers look like no big deal. I would not follow Barky across the street for coffee, much less change my life plans for him.

If you are one of the many Americans who cannot afford Christmas this year, do not fret, try something different. Try celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ rather than celebrating the lies emanating from DC and Wall Street about how important it is to shop.

Factory orders are down, unemployment skyrocketing, as are foreclosures on homes, Citibank shedding 12,000, Bank of America 35,000, 20 GM plants idled, Chrysler vendors want cash to deliver, etc, so Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night.

Some ask, "what do I do?" Hmm, buckle up, make sure you know where the lifejacket is because the waters are about to become far rougher for America.


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