Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Egypt Denies Doctors Access to Gaza

Jan 7th, 2009 by kawther.salam

The Egyptian officials at the Rafah crossing refused the request of 55 doctors from the “Union of Arab doctors” to allow them to cross to the Palestinian side to provide assistance and medical help to the huge number of Palestinians who were injured by the Israeli war criminals and are in the hospitals of the Gaza Strip. The doctors waited for more than five hours for a decision to allow them to cross, but the request was ultimately rejected by the Egyptian government.

The hospitals of Gaza need more doctors who can deal with the increased number of injured people, especially the thousands of Palestinians who are in critical conditions and need surgery and continuous intensive care. The Israeli war criminals bombed these Palestinian civilians using forbidden bombs, including so far is known phosphor incendiary bombs as well as bombs with uranium, which caused dangerous burns and injuries for over 3090 persons. Many of them lost parts of their organs or were left without feet, legs, arms, eyes…

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