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Speak Up North Ameicans..Quit Thinking Like A Bunch of Energy Wimps
By Roland Seguin Thursday, January 1, 2009

If you think you are beaten, you are; If you think you dare not, you don’t.
If you’d like to win but think you cant, it’s almost certain you won’t.

Have we created a new generation of spineless mindless whimps? Reminds me of a song we used to sing in our adolesence,..."No-Balls at all...No-Balls at all...She married a man who had No-Balls at all”. The so called environmentalists are trying to doom and gloom us into a bunch of backward thinking losers. If you listen to Al Gore, James Hansen, David Suzuki, the IPPC and their ilk, they will have you believing that we should bow down to their will and cringe with guilt ridden repentance for living on this planet. If we don’t stop listening to those corrupt radical environmental extremists, and get on with progress, we will end up like Cuba, which is what the enviro-retards want of course.

Their goal is to depopulate the earth, thats right, the more people that die, the better it suits their underlying purpose. Most people can’t believe this is true but the enviro-nut movement are fanatics of the exponential overpopulation growth theory. Their agenda is also to starve us of all forms of energy so we can’t progress. Well to hell with them. Naturally we should recycle, re-use and not foul our nest, but lets not go crazy extreme about it so that we can’t enjoy life.

We have only approx. one-half the population of Europe (including Russia), and we have plenty of sustainable energy in North America for decades to come, so lets all smarten-up and put it to use.

We have to get back to THINKING and DREAMING SMART like our predecessors that built our Nations did, and quit wasting our time and tax dollars on non-existent make-believe problems like Global Warming or fantasy Climate Change issues that simply don’t exist. It is a Kyoto contrived United Nations scam to ‘spread the wealth’ from us to countries with corrupt leaders that will spend it to buy arms, promote terrorism and kill their people, which is happening in Africa and other third world countries. The Enviro-nuts are silent on this as it contributes to their depopulation philosophy.

Carbon dioxide CO2 is the most vital necessary ingredient to grow vegetation. It is injected-added into greenhouses 2-3 times ambient to increase growth by up to 50%. We are feeding 5 billion more people on earth than we were 100 years ago, and the more clean CO2 we create in the lower atmosphere, the better it is for food production, greening the planet and mankinds survival. The enviro-whacko-greens have it bass-ackwards. They want to reduce CO2, brown the planet, save the wolves and spotted owls but promote homosexuality, abortion and kill the humans.

If you think you’ll lose, your lost, for out in the world you’ll find;
Success begins with a persons will, it’s all in the state of mind.

Even Ahrnold Schwarzenabler (married to a greenie Kennedy) is girlyman ballet-dancing to the enviro-fanatics crippling tune while his State is going down the deficit sink hole. His latest endorsement is ’same-sex marriage’, trying to encourage the courts to overturn the electoral vote which confirmed that legal marriage is between man and woman. Since they (same sex) don’t procreate, is this Ahrnie’s notion of zero pop-growth? No more American bred people, only same sex marriage and illegal immigrants. Now if they can find a way to get the illegal immigrants to stop multiplying, we are another step closer for Nancy Pelosi and her Sierra Club eco-psyche cohorts to save the planet?

CALIFORNIA, to create the illusion of being green, banned coal generating power plants within the State, however it doesn’t bother their conniving conscience to invest in the building of new transmission lines to import coal generated power through the backdoor grid, from neighboring states Wyoming, Arizona, Utah and Montana.
To make matters worse, they also banned clean Nuclear Power to satisfy the enviro-fanatics and banned drilling for oil, to make sure there is no new energy except dirty coal. They put all their eggs in the unreliable intermittent miniscule basket of wind and solar, then they demand the auto industry (Detroit) bail them out from their stupidity by designing new fantasy (energy-magic) cars to solve all their problems.

They have the highest price of energy on the continent and their Calif. Air Resource Board (CARB) continue to come up with one dumb Air Quality deceptive fraud after another like the toxic fuel additive MTBE oxegenate scandal that poisoned the groundwater. CARB’s latest insane scam is to replace all the millions of big and small Diesel Engines including all accessory engines like the infrequently used emergency power ones in Hospitals etc.

Their State is in the teens of billions of dollars in compounding debt with the economy in the tank nearing depression, but Ahrnie and his CARB gang of idiots are oblivious to reality. They are anti-people, anti-transportation of people or goods, anti everything that makes any sense, and are doing a thousand times more harm than the terrorists.
The problem is that California, (the incubator of extreme enviro attitudes and crippling, unaffordable regulations), schemes this retarded stuff up then do-gooder mindless politicians drink their cool-aid, attempt to corner the market on greenie-wienie votes, and import it around to other States, Canada and elsewhere.

What will tall-talking Ahrnolds legacy be if he continues sissie-whimp thinking and being led around by the enviromaniacs nose ring? He’s the Governator with all the Hollywood experience at creating and portraying images and so far, Mickey Mouse is looking a lot smarter. I get this cartoon image of a big muscular figure with a pear sized head, commuting to work on the freeway riding a donkey. If John Wayne were around, he would have to take Ahrny aside and pound some patriotic sense into him.

If you think you are outclassed, you are; You have to think high to rise;
You want to be sure of yourself before you can expect to win the prize.

What should North America (and California) be doing if we had leaders with some fertile fortitude (real balls)? We would listen to what physicist and renown Energy expert Dr. Bill Wattenburg of San Francisco has been trying to pound into our heads for years, via his radio program on KGO.

1. NUCLEAR - Expand the number of non-polluting Nuclear Power Plants immediately. This would allow electric commuter cars to be introduced as the nuclear generators have an underused capacity of electrical power during non peak hours (night-time) to re-charge the car-batteries. Otherwise, trying to charge them during peak hours would result in black-outs of the already maxed out electrical grid distribution systems. Charging them with Coal fired electricity defeats the purpose.

2. NATURAL GAS - Quit wasting/using Natural Gas for fueling electric generating Power Plants. This currently plentiful but finite resource should better be used for transportation needs, cars and trucks moving people and goods around the continent etc. It’s 50% cleaner than gasolene/diesel. T. Boone Pickens is now also promoting this.

3. COAL needs to clean up its act, extract the toxic pollutants, heavy metals, radiation and recycle them. The Oil Industry has huge massive Refineries that efficiently extract and recycle 99.99% of the products for useful purposes, so why should we expect any less from the Coal Industry? Then there is an enormous amount of cleaner energy to be had for over 1200 years. Consider this: Two coal power plants release in combustion, enough atomic-fuel-energy to power three nuclear power plants of the same size. (1993 ORNL report, physicist, Google - ‘Alex Gabbard’) Coal combustion wastes $7 trillion annually in nuclear fuel. This means if this atomic energy source were extracted and recycled, there could be an almost unlimited supply of nuclear power plant fuel, for the forseable future. The residue waste from Coal, is a far bigger environmental problem than Nuclear ever was or will be. Why are the Enviro-nuts nowhere to be heard on this issue? ’Clean Coal’ is an oxymoron like ‘Healthy Cigarettes’ however if Coal is forced by regulation to clean-up, re-cycle and re-use, it will be our energy savior and todays technology is available to do it.

If the Big Three auto makers are to get a reprieve, why not assist them to convert many of those unsold SUV’s and Trucks to Natural Gas, and have a program to install more Nat Gas fueling stations in designated markets? Americans and Canadians want big cars and SUV’s, not little tin can death traps.

We are being led by a bunch of politically correct envirofraud bullies like Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid mentally deprived types.
Now we have double-talker Barrack Obama, new strong man enviro-programmed with more of the same false ideologue policies who appears to be leading us further along the path of black-hole carbon-tax deficit desperation financing. Mr light bulb will promote more conservation of energy which is a chicken hearted cop-out policy that says “we have no plan so you are on your own to make do with what you’ve got”. More hopelessness that attempts to transfer the onus to the people. George Bush was also energy lame but at least had the sense to avoid the Kyoto trap.

How has Hollywood portrayed the American Dream image? Looks like wev’e gone from macho John Wayne sitting tall and proud on a big horse conveying patriotic confidence, strength and hope, to; whimpy sissy-ass Al Gore with his lieing movies instilling esteem-destroying fear into little school kids that the planet is rejecting them. Enviro-snob Hollywood and the candy-ass Mainstream Media continues it’s brainwashed poison productions of negativity, designed to instill fear, anxiety, paranoia and insecurity.

The current and next generation of American Dreamers are being denied hope. No cigars and no more cars! The new Texas anthem lyrics may as well be ...."Well I’m a long tall Texan,....I drive a little dinky Toyota Prius”.

Well, to hell with them, so Speak-Up, phone and write your politicians and tell them to Smarten-Up before they completely ruin us. No Nation can prosper or grow without an abundant supply of low priced energy.

Lifes battles don’t always go to the stronger or faster man;
But sooner or later, the man who wins is the man who thinks he CAN!

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