Saturday, January 12, 2013

Can tree bark cure Crohn's disease?

January 12, 2013
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Can tree bark cure Crohn's disease?
If you do an internet search on the words "can tree bark cure Crohn's disease," you'll find a news report about a woman in the United Kingdom. She says she cured her Crohn's disease by eating tree bark.

As you may know, conventional medicine has little to offer for those who suffer from Crohn's disease. They use powerful medicines that help treat the symptoms, but don't ever cure the disease. In fact, they will tell you there is no cure.

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But this British woman insists that's not true. Her doctor will tell you that she now has no evidence of Crohn's. And other doctors are finding that the extract of a tree bark does help Crohn's. Dr. Ron Surowitz, DO, says the way that Pycnogenol or Maritime Pine Bark Extract causes "adequate blood flow to all cells, tissues, body organs and systems is absolutely vital. It's one of the primary keys required for the body to heal itself. Good blood flow improves tissues permeability, thereby improving the health of tissue itself. Pycnogenol helps tissue permeability to every organ of the body."
Dr. Surowitz also says that Pycnogenol "is the most potent free radical terminator yet discovered, which is just one reason why it is effective for health challenges related to virtually every organ and system within the body. I am amazed at the number of symptoms that have improved in my Crohn's patients with the use of Pycnogenol."
However, Pycnogenol doesn't just work as a free-radical scavenger. It also helps reduce inflammation. And inflammation is a major problem in digestive issues. That's why medicine classifies many of these illnesses under the heading "inflammatory bowel diseases."
Another doctor, Claude L Burgher, MD, is a Crohn's disease patient. He wasn't finding any relief until he tried Pycnogenol. "After starting Pycnogenol," he said, "my Crohn's disease had markedly improved. Then I ran out of Pycnogenol. All of my symptoms returned."
On one of the Internet forums, one poster said, "I'm a Crohn's disease sufferer for 39 years. After taking Pycnogenol, I can tell you this stuff works." Sounds great. But here's the problem. I can't find any studies showing the pine bark extract works. It very well may, but we don't have any scientific proof. All we have is anecdotal evidence. That's significant, but hard to say definitively that it works.
With that said, why not give it a try? Nothing else works for Crohn's disease (at least in conventional medicine). Pycnogenol has thousands of studies behind it for other conditions. Since bowel problems cause so many of these conditions, it's possible the Pycnogenol is helping the gut. There are no known side effects, so it's definitely worth a try. You can find Pycnogenol at any health food store and online. Your insider for better health,

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Ken Nicely said...

I find it odd that most of the time we see these wonderous ways of healing disease and illnesses, but its specifically only ever one single being that it works for.

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