Sunday, June 21, 2015

A Potted Plant can help restore Declining Pollinator Population

Written by Molly Solana on 19 Jun 2015

Researchers have to say that everybody can contribute in restoring declining pollinator populations such as bees, bats and butterflies by even putting as little effort as growing a potted plant on an apartment balcony.
Victoria Wojcik, research director for the Pollinator Partnership in Toronto, Ontario, said every contribution has its own value and one must not think about how big or small an effort is as all you want to do is to make a better environment for pollinators.
All that butterflies and other pollinators need for foraging is a flower, she said. "A planter on a balcony, even on the 30th floor - they will find it and visit it. If people do this all over the city, it will definitely help", she added.

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At least 80% of the world's crop species depend on pollination. Several plants are being helped by the wind but many other plants are served by a variety of animal pollinators.
Massive pollinator losses are attributable to changing land use, viruses and pesticides. Kari Houle, extension educator with the University of Illinois, says native plants play a big role in attracting pollinator species. Houle suggests to know the apt ones for growing in your zones to help the troubled species to grow in numbers.
A number of pollinator-friendly annuals for container use include alyssum, cleome, flax, lantana, snapdragon and zinnia.

Pollinators are attracted by colors of certain flowers, for example bees are attracted by bright whites and yellows. Butterflies, on the other hand, are attracted by reds and purples.

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