Monday, June 22, 2015

You Should Know These 8 Health Facts about Onions

You Should Know These 8 Health Facts about Onions
Ryan June 19, 2015

Onions have health benefits that you should know about. They are among the top foods having enough supplements to keep your body away from bad and unhealthy toxins.

  1. Either you are eating it fresh or by cooking, they can put positive influence on your health. If you can’t eat them raw then cooking is the best option. You can use four onions per day to achieve maximum health.
  2. Onions are also known as “stinky rose” because they really are stinky when you peel off the skin. They have compounds inside that are good for “rose leaves” as well.You can mix water and onion, and spray on “rose leaves”.
  3. If you are ready to eat onion as raw then you must prepare to get rid of smell that come along. If smell is too much then you can drink lemon juice to get rid of effects. You can also eat slices of lemon directly without water.
  4. Onions have many benefits, you can spray them on your wounds and they will heal quickly. Healing with the help of onion was first discovered in World War 2, soldiers use to treat their injuries by using onion on the war field.
  5. If you have acne then you can place onions on areas where inflammation rate is too high. One of the secret ingredient inside onions is allicin, it is one of the powerful compounds that has many health benefits.
  6. One thing you should know, when we cook onions it loses nutrients, but you can prevent it by using proper methods.
  7. How much onion is good for your health? There is different recommendations based on your routine, but 2 to 4 gram of onion is enough. If you want to use as an extract then 1200 mg maximum is enough.
  8. There are many benefits, but at the same time people who are on medication because of blood disease should avoid it. You can eat onion if your doctor allow you, otherwise avoid using it during medication period.

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