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The Budwig Protocol vie Jane Mac Ross

The following information is from Dr. Budwig's books - The Oil-Protein Cookbook and Cancer-the Problem and the Solution and is on my website at http://budwig-videos.com Please be aware that most websites and books, other than Dr. Budwig's, usually have incorrect information about the Budwig plan.

Below are Guidelines, in brief, of the Budwig Diet & Lifestyle Plan - you don't have to consume all the foods on this list, ADJUST THE AMOUNTS OF FOOD TO FIT YOUR SIZE AND DIGESTIVE ABILITY, but do your best to follow the general guidelines. Each food or liquid in this plan has an important purpose. They all fight cancer, heart disease, arthritis & more. ADJUST THE SCHEDULE TO SUIT YOUR NEEDS.

1. 1st thing in AM--Sauerkraut Juice, preferably raw and homemade. Raw unheated kraut has enzymes, probiotics and vitamins - all help the digestive system metabolize foods & improve immunity. Almost all sauerkraut in stores has been pasteurized [heated] and won't be as powerful as raw kraut.

2. Just before breakfast-- green or herbal tea w/one teaspoon raw honey, a cancer-fighter.

3. Breakfast--3 Tbs Flax Oil & 6 Tbs Quark or Cottage Cheese+3 Tbs milk if needed for thinning. Blend Well. Add 2 Tbs whole flaxseeds, freshly ground, fresh fruit, pure fruit juice, raw nuts, 1 tsp raw honey. Afterward, if hungry, choose whole grain bread, raw vegetables, & quality cheese - 1oz Edam, Gouda, Emmentaler, Sbrinz or Camembert. You can watch a video of the FO/CC mix being made at http://budwig-videos.com

Scroll midway down the front page to find the link to the video.

4. Mid-morning - Homemade Vegetable Juice (carrots, beets w/lemon or apple or greens) . Homemade carrot or beet juices are very important cancer-fighters.

5. Before Lunch - Champagne or sparkling wine with 1Tbs whole flaxseeds, freshly ground, OR ground flax seeds in small glass of fruit juice. The champagne helps with absorption of the seeds, allowing their benefits to reach the brain.

6. SUNBATHING outside 10 to 20 minutes around noon [weather permitting] without sun lotion or glasses, expose as much skin as possible to get vitamin D & the healing energy of the sun. Avoid washing with soap after sunbathing. Give vitamin D time to be made on the skin and absorbed[at least 24-48 hours]

7. Lunch - raw vegetable salad + Budwig dressing. If still hungry, boiled or steamed veggies, grains and beans, lentils, or potatoes. [See 'DINNER' for more information]

8. Lunch Dessert - an important 2nd serving of 3 Tbs. Flax Oil & 6 Tbs. Quark or Cottage Cheese with 3 Tbs milk, well blended. Add raw fruit, pure fruit juice, raw nuts, raw honey and other flavors you like. People with a smaller appetites can reduce the amount if necessary.

9. Mid-afternoon - 1 Tbs. whole flaxseeds, freshly ground, in 2 to 8 oz of pure fruit juice, homemade or store bought. Flaxseeds are very strong cancer fighters and are high in fiber for good digestion & elimination.

10. STRESS REDUCTION/RELAXATION PRACTICE --Meditate to relax the mind, EFT to change thinking, & other techniques that reduce stress. [EFT is Emotional Freedom Technique-it's demonstrated on youtube]. Chronic stress can be very damaging to our health.

11. Late afternoon - Papaya or pineapple juice, 2 to 8 oz, with 1 Tbs whole flaxseeds, freshly ground.

12. Dinner - Cooked grains & nutritional yeast flakes or grains & beans plus vegetables w/oleolux, nutritional yeast flakes & spices. Grains & beans combined make a complete protein. Vegetables such as spinach, asparagus, broccoli, & cabbage as well as onions & garlic[major cancer fighters] add nutrition. Suggested grains: brown rice, buckwheat, millet, oats, quinoa. Starches produce serotonin which is calming to the mind and body, which helps with sleep. Dine early.

13. Evening - 1 glass Red Wine [optional]. Go to sleep early - by 10pm if possible.

14. Dr. Budwig said to AVOID cancer promoters such as chemicals, preservatives, damaging fats, meats/poultry/eggs/fish, sugar, sugar substitutes [other than raw honey], highly processed foods, most supplements, ozone treatments, dental infections and wean off drugs if possible [under a doctor's care].

15. Most people do not need ELDI oils, which Dr. Budwig created mainly for patients who are too weak to eat. These oils are sold in Germany. They are rubbed on the skin or used for an enema. [Some people make a version of ELDI oil at home by mixing 75% flax oil with 25% wheat germ oil to help preserve it. ]

For a more complete explanation of Dr. Budwig's plan, please read the Summary of the 'Budwig Plan in Detail' in the Menu on the front page of http://budwig-videos.com

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