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Homemade Squeezable Toothpaste

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I have been making my own toothpaste for almost a year now and while I do love my toothpaste, I was getting a little frustrated with it being hard to get from my jar onto my toothbrush. You see, we keep our house pretty cold (because it is so unbelievably hot outside right now). Because my homemade toothpaste is made with coconut oil, it is basically rock hard. I have to use a butter knife to cut off a piece and then put this ‘pebble’ on my toothbrush. I end up losing a few crumbly pieces down my drain all the time and the texture is not pleasant in my mouth until it warms up a bit!
The one upside was that my hard homemade toothpaste was quite easy to travel with because I never had to present it at airport security as a liquid. This freed up my ‘liquids’ bag for other products. Yet I still longed for a squeezable toothpaste. So I experimented with a few recipes and finally landed on this one.
Eureka! Squeezable toothpaste! And the cute BPA-free tubes make the whole thing quite fun. My daughter helped me fill up the tubes and was so excited to try it herself! She was not a big fan of the hard toothpaste at all!
Squeezable Toothpaste
The recipe makes enough to fill one 3 oz. BPA-free tube. You can double or triple the recipe as needed to make a few batches at once for the whole family or as gifts.
In a small glass bowl, blend together the coconut oil, stevia, salt, baking soda and essential oil until well incorporated. Mix in the bentonite clay and then slowly add the water a tablespoon at a time. When you have a smooth paste you are done! Scoop into your BPA-free tube and you will have squeezable toothpaste!
It is important when making homemade toothpaste that you use top quality ingredients as I have suggested.
The natural stevia is what gives this toothpaste its green color so I guess you could say real toothpaste should be GREEN!

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