Tuesday, October 27, 2015

These 10 Plants Are All What You Need To Shrink Tumors, Kill And Prevent Cancer

October 28, 2015

  • Healthy diet is very important for prevention of cancer is a fact that is scientifically proven. According to the American Cancer Society the recommended daily dose of fruits and vegetables is 5 servings. In addition, scientists have created a list of the healthiest fruits and vegetables which will keep you cancer free or help you cure cancer.

    1. Garlic
    Garlic will prevent you from cancer of the digestive organs such as the esophagus, stomach, and colon. Just a clove a day will kill the harmful substances in your body and prevent the cancer cells from spreading.
    1. Cayenne Pepper
    Cayenne pepper is strong antioxidant which makes is great ally in the fight of many diseases plus is great ingredient to many dishes. According to new studies cayenne pepper is toxic for the cancer cells and helps in shrinking tumors. Just a ½ a teaspoon a day will keep the cancer away.
    1. Milk Thistle
    This plant has antioxidant properties and is great in the treatment of liver cancer. It eliminates toxins from the body that pile up in the liver and prevent it from performing its regular function, stops spreading of cancer cells and fights inflammation.
    1. Turmeric
    Turmeric is well known as a spice used in meals. However, this spice contains a powerful ingredient called curcumin which is great in reducing the risk of cancer. The American Cancer Society examined the properties of curcumin and came to a conclusion that is kills cancer cells and shrinks tumors in some animals. Try this amazing spice, experiment with different flavors and stay healthy.
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    1. Bloodroot
    Bloodroot is well known to doctors and it is used in treatment of the cancer known as Black Salve. You may search the internet and find interesting recipes of how to use this plant
    1. Feverfew
    A study from the University of New York proved that feverfew is great in killing leukemia cells and cancer prevention and treatment.
    1. Wheatgrass
    This herb is very helpful to patients that suffer from side effects of cancer treatment. It regenerates the body, cleans the blood from many toxins from the medicine, increases the level of oxygen and regenerates the healthy cells. Just one glass of whitegrass a day will improve the health of patients with cancer and prevent cancer in healthy patients.
    1. Ruscus Aculeatus
    Ruscogenins is called the main ingredients to this herb which is so powerful that it may shrink tumors and kill cancer cells. This plant also known as Butchers Broom is great for any type of cancer.
    1. Sheep’s Sorrell
    Sheep’s Sorrell is recommended for people suffering from harmful effects of cancer medications. It regenerates the tissues rebuild and returns them in the condition that they were before. Some have suggested that it can be used to ward off cancer cells and keep them from growing.
    1. Astragalus
    This Chinese herb is great for restoring the immune system. It strengthens the organism, kills cancer cells and cleans the blood from toxins. The most important thing is that it helped patients survive twice as long.

    Plants and herbs are the best way to naturally treat diseases, especially cancer, and heal the body. We hope that scientists one day will come up with entirely natural and safe way without any side effects for the treatment of this deadly disease. Till then stay safe, eat healthy, exercise and remove the stress from you daily life.

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