Monday, February 1, 2016

Lead Poisoning

Joette Calabrese, HMC, CCH, RSHom(Na)
February 1st, 2016  |  1 Comment

The poor people of Flint, Michigan.
I’m trying really hard not to go off on a tangent about my thoughts surrounding the irresponsibility of government, and how we are more on our own than we’d like to believe (although I may have just done so by making that statement.)
This time, it’s the local government who apparently, knowingly allowed the populace to be exposed to noteworthy amounts of lead in their municipal water system.
The families in Michigan are now left to fend for themselves, which is what we need to understand about life in the first place.
At the risk of nagging, I’ll remind you that the only one looking out for you is you.
This is an essential perspective, and the first step towards health autonomy.
You may be asking yourself what I would do if I learned that my family had been exposed to lead?
After years of homeopathic practice, and relying solely on homeopathy for my family’s healthcare, I know the homeopathic medicines that are consistently used throughout the world to antidote heavy metals.
But if I didn’t know them, I’d go to one of my many trusted (and even beat-up) repertories, such as the Homeopathic Clinical Repertory, by Robin Murphy, my voluminous notes of what I learned in my classes back in the 80’s, my files of clients I’ve worked with through the years and my notes of case observations from my fellowships with the Banerjis in Calcutta.  
1) First, I’d consider Alumina.
It has been consistently shown that lead poisoning can be treated using this powerhouse homeopathic.
Sometimes it takes a few short few months. Sometimes many.
Homeopathic literature consistently indicates Alumina to be a good choice. For example, the Concordant Materia Medica, by Frans Vermuelen, tells us that it is a specific antidote for lead. But it is commonly described throughout most all other Materia Medicas as well.
Alumina is reported to stimulate brain function, while also correcting other neurological symptoms generated by the presence of high amounts of lead in the body.
Lead poisoning can induce specific physical symptoms such as tiredness, fatigue and even stupor, as well as mental confusion.
2) Another great homeopathic that has been used as a general antidote for lead poisoning (as well as mercury, I might add), is Causticum.
This medicine is credited with correcting nerve paralysis and urinary weakness induced by the toxic effects of lead.
Homeopaths worldwide have employed the use of Causticum to combat such effects as lethargy, mental confusion, muscle weakness and ligament fatigue, to name a few.
There are other important remedies to consider as well.
Plumbum (homeopathic lead) may also be considered, but I have decided to include the differentials between only Alumina and Causticum because they are where my experience lies.
The method is to choose between one of these medicines, based on the symptoms that present most prominently.
For my family, I would employ it in a low potency, such as 6x or c, 12x or c or 30 x or c, once or twice daily until great improvement was established.
I can’t tell you exactly what to do for your family and community. I can only share with you what I would do for my own.
One caveat: It is not prudent to use a homeopathic medicine without evidence that it is fully warranted.
In other words, these remedies are to be used only if lead poisoning is determined in conjunction with reliable testing provided by a healthcare professional.
Join me in spreading the word about the gift that is Homeopathy.

Be ready, help others and GET THE LEAD OUT!

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