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Are Dental Implants Safe

Are Dental Implants Safe?

    Posted Friday, October 14, 2016 at 11:41am EST
    It goes without saying that in order to be healthy overall, you have to have healthy teeth and gums. In Chinese medicine, every major organ in the body is connected to a point in the mouth, often in relation to a particular tooth or tooth area. Even in western medical terms, there is no denying that the bacteria that exists in your mouth can and does affect every major system in the body.
    What Happens When You Lose a Tooth
    If a dental issue causes you to lose a tooth, then what? No one likes the thought of going around with a gap where a tooth use to be. Socially and emotionally, the ramifications are real. When you are missing a tooth and it shows, your confidence level goes down, you may not smile as much and you may miss out on opportunities both professionally and personally.
    On the physical level, there are trickle down effects to missing teeth as well. Gaps in the oral cavity where teeth use to be can affect the proper mastication of food, which in turn can affect digestion. Your facial structure may change, which could affect your speech. Over time, missing teeth can permanently change the structure of your jaw and mouth, as bone recedes and tissue forms around gaps. This process can have ramifications for surrounding facial structure.
    For these reasons and many others, most dental professionals (both holistic and conventional) will recommend doing something to fill in holes where teeth use to be. For thousands of individuals every year, the remedy of choice is dental implants.
    Dental Implants and Galvanic Toxicity
    Galvanic toxicity is a condition that occurs when the metal in your mouth reacts with saliva, creating the equivalent to an electric current in your oral area. In truth, subtle currents are happening all the time in your body; they are the foundation of how your body operates biologically. When you introduce a foreign metal into your mouth (the go-to metal for implants is titanium), the presence of the metal can cause an imbalance which can over-stimulate your brain. Signs of galvanic toxicity include insomnia, a sensation of an electric charge when using metal utensils and a metal taste in your mouth. In some cases, mild to severe headaches can also occur.
    Autoimmune conditions are sometimes exacerbated by the use of titanium and, according to recent studies published in the Journal of the American Dental Association, dental implants either aggravated or outright caused the onset of oral cancers in some patients. Issues such as neurological problems, depression, severe headache and chronic fatigue syndrome were experienced by others. Once the implants were removed, the symptoms disappeared.
    There Are Alternatives to Metal Implants
    Most conventional dentists are competent and dedicated professionals. That being said, it is simply in the nature of their training to see the teeth and oral cavity as a compartmentalized, mechanical unit that is separate from the rest of the body. Holistic dentists, on the other hand, understand the connections between this area and major organ systems such as the GI tract, the immune system and the heart and will treat oral complications with these connections in mind.
    If you are considering dental implants, a well-trained and knowledgeable biological dentist will be able to perform a biocompatibility test prior to the procedure that may be able to detect if a substance, such as titanium, will cause a reaction. In addition, they may be able to offer alternatives, such as biocompatible dentures or tooth-regeneration therapy. Making wise choices about your teeth is important because these choices will inevitably influence your health overall.

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