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Rabbi Handler on Vaccines, Politics and the Autism Holocaust by Anne Dachel

By Anne Dachel

Three years ago I got know a remarkable advocate for medical freedom and vaccination choice. That man was Rabbi William Handler who lives in New York City.
In 2013 there was an outbreak of measles in the Orthodox Jewish community in Brooklyn and pediatricians urged parents to immediately give their children the mumps-measles-rubella (MMR) vaccine to protect them against the disease. The New York Daily News reported at the time that some people linked the MMR to autism. “Some parents, including many religious Jews, shun getting the vaccine, which prevents mumps, measles, and rubella, out of fear it causes autism, said Dr. Yu Shia Lin of Maimonides Medical Center in Borough Park.”
The Wall Street Journal covered the outbreak telling readers that local rabbis and community leaders were urging that children be vaccinated and that any link between the MMR and autism had been “debunked by medical studies.”   
Rabbi Handler however cautioned against blindly following the advice to vaccinate against measles in an article in July 2013 in the Jewish Press entitled, “The Measles Scare and CDC Politics.”   
Handler had researched the vaccine issue for himself and what he discovered made him question the one-size-fits-every-child vaccination schedule in the U.S. His Jewish Press story was a summary of what he’d learned about vaccines during a five year investigation. Handler wrote about the power and influence that drug companies have over our lawmakers in Washington as well as their control over officials at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. He cited well-credentialed experts whose studies raised serious concerns about vaccine side effects.  He brought up troubling issues like the federal government’s concession of vaccine-induced autism in the case of Hannah Poling in 2008.
Handler’s ending pretty much summarized what U.S. health officials and mainstream medicine are up against:
“Increasing numbers of parents—especially the more educated parents—no longer trust the American government’s public health campaigns.”
I was very excited to see Rabbi Handler’s article, and I was fortunate enough to interview him about what he’d written in July 2013
My interview with him ended with this ominous statement:
“The people of this country are slowly losing their freedoms, as the Government becomes more and more intrusive, controlling almost every aspect of their lives.”
That was three years ago, before Senate Bill 277 in California removed any religious or philosophical objection to vaccination in that state. There is now growing fear that what happened in California will happen to all Americans through a federally controlled vaccination program. There will be no choice for anyone when it comes to being vaccinated.
I talked with Rabbi Handler recently about medical freedom and religious objection to vaccination. He has his own unique perspective on freedom since he was born during the Holocaust in Nazi occupied Romania.
Handler is very worried about the future as you can see from his responses.
Rabbi Handler:
 For the past eight years, under the Obama administration, we have experienced a wholesale transformation of America. This is not the America I remember from the 1950’s. It’s very different.
We are going through a reversal of the American Revolution of 1776—a counterrevolution— a reassertion of aristocratic privilege by our elite classes, a repudiation of George Washington, James Madison, Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin and their colleagues.
Big Business, Big Media, Big Education, Big Finance, Big Government, all of these Big powerful interests are now working together to reverse the American Revolution that gave the power to the American People.
The Donald Trump phenomenon represents a protest by the average middle-class American at the prospect of losing the Constitutional freedoms established by the Founding Fathers of this country; the rights and freedoms their parents fought so hard to preserve and protect.
Today’s elite ruling classes look with contempt on those who live in flyover country, who raise families with children, worship G-D, and struggle to make a living.
  1. Rabbi, why do parents seem to be so willing to give up their rights when it comes to vaccinating their children?
The average parent has neither the time nor the expertise to research and understand the issues surrounding vaccination and CDC mandates. It’s a very complex subject, and even most pediatricians don’t really understand it. They just follow the CDC guidelines and the Standards of Care given to them by their medical organizations.
The fact that the media engages in censorship, misinformation and disinformation on this subject doesn’t help either.
My children and grandchildren are constantly harassed by their pediatricians to “bring the children up to date” on their vaccinations.
I understand that many medical insurance companies give large bonuses to pediatricians for each child who successfully completes the CDC vaccine schedule by two years of age.
However, to be eligible for this per-child bonus, about 65% percent of the children in the pediatric practice must complete the CDC schedule on time. If the 65% threshold is not met by the pediatric practice, the doctor gets nothing. This could add up to hundreds-of-thousands of dollars a year in a busy pediatric practice.
You can understand why many pediatricians refuse to serve parents who do not  vaccinate. Their bonuses come first.
  1. What did your experience with the measles outbreak in 2013 teach you about medical freedom?
What we learned from this outbreak was that the CDC will exploit every opportunity to stampede reluctant parents into their vaccine agenda. Fear is an indispensable part of CDC propaganda.
Before the introduction of the MMR vaccine, doctors considered measles a routine childhood disease, best treated with rest and warmth. It was over in two weeks, and the child’s natural immune system was thereafter greatly enhanced.
However, after the introduction of the MMR vaccine, measles suddenly was transformed into a very serious disease, with potentially deadly consequences.
Every year, the CDC tries to stampede the American population into using the ineffective and dangerous flu vaccine by citing the same fake statistic of 36,000 flu casualties.
Flu vaccine damage is the subject of an overwhelming number of lawsuits brought before the U.S Government Vaccine Court, an entity that was established in the 1980’s to award damages to victims of vaccine damage.
The establishment of this government court became necessary when Congress, in 1986, made it illegal to sue vaccine manufacturers and doctors for vaccine damages. Shortly afterward, the CDC tripled the number of mandated vaccinations and the incidence of autism skyrocketed by 1500%.
We are all victimized by the panic propaganda promulgated by the Government.
  1. Do parents have a religious right to object to vaccinating their children? (Leading vaccine promoter Dr. Paul Offit says they don't. In his book, Bad Faith: When Religious Belief Undermines Modern Medicine, Offit said that using a religious exemption was immoral.)
Traditionally, in America, religious rights have been sacred—“Land of the Pilgrim’s pride,”
America was founded to give the Pilgrims from intolerant Europe the opportunity to freely practice their religion. The Quakers, another unconventional religious sect, founded Philadelphia, the city of Brotherly Love, in the colony of Pennsylvania, named after the famous Quaker leader William Penn.
In the 1950’s the Supreme Court recognized the right of the Amish to be exempted from compulsory education laws, because such compulsion would infringe on their religion.
Things are changing. Our First Amendment and Second amendment rights are under vicious attack by liberal forces, some of whom have been appointed to the federal bench.
Parents who fear vaccines are threatened with the expulsion of their children from public schools and colleges. Child abuse agencies even threaten the removal of children from their homes of vaccine dissenters for alleged “child abuse.”
The media, dominated by power of pharmaceutical advertisers, has long  demonized such parents as irresponsible, ignorant people who pose a threat to the community. 
  1. In April 2015 Robert Kennedy Jr. found himself in a firestorm of criticism because he described the damage from vaccination as ‘a holocaust.’
Kennedy: ‘They get the shot, that night they have a fever of a hundred and three, they go to sleep, and three months later their brain is gone. This is a holocaust, what this is doing to our country.’    
Kennedy ended up apologizing for that remark after being attacked from several sides, including all of the major news outlets.
As someone who was born during the Nazi occupation in Europe, how do you feel about his statement?
 You need to understand that words are weapons—the mightiest weapons of all. The pen is mightier than the sword. So, when powerful and influential media disparage you, demonize you, and label you, when they suggest that you are a danger to society, watch out. You have been dehumanized, and anything is possible.
That’s what Hitler and the Nazis did to my grandparents, uncles, aunts, and cousins--sent them to the gas chambers and the ovens. That’s what the communists did to my father-in-law--sent him to the gulags of Siberia to suffer extreme cold and hunger.
There is a holocaust of Autism and auto-immune disease
Webster’s dictionary defines a holocaust as follows: “great or total destruction of life, especially by fire.”
Yes, there is a vaccine-triggered holocaust of autism and autoimmune diseases, like asthma, diabetes, Crohn’s disease, and various forms of ADHD and brain damage.
As one of the last living survivors of Hitler’s Nazi Holocaust, I am outraged that the Anti-Defamation League and other politically-Liberal Jewish organizations have claimed exclusive ownership of this very powerful English word and blocked its use by Autism activists.”
  1. What do you see as the ultimate goal of those who want to take away our medical freedom?
The ultimate goal of the Government/BigPharma Industrial Complex is a society totallydominated by the medical/pharmaceutical establishment, from the cradle to the grave. They are the ultimate drug pushers.
At birth, the newborn’s extremely vulnerable body is immediately subjected to a hepatitis-B shot, an injection that has been shown to cause brain damage in laboratory monkeys.
Just a few months later, that poor child is subjected to a never-ending deluge of toxic injections: MMR, DPT, HEP-B, etc., again and again. Since the poor child has not yet developed a fully-mature immune defense system, is it any wonder then that his health breaks down and he falls prey to disease?
The effect of this assault on the child’s G-D-given immune system is to confuse the system and make it incapable of functioning properly to maintain the body in full health.
What is left is a crippled child who must constantly run to doctors and hospitals—an ideal lifetime customer for the Government/Drug Industry Complex.
There has never been any test of the efficacy and safety of the full vaccine protocol mandated by the CDC.
Obamacare is the culmination of this BigPharma objective, a system that forces everyone to contribute ever-increasing sums of money to the Government/BigPharma Industrial Complex.
 Should Clinton be elected, you can be sure that you will lose all your vaccine options, including the right to a religious exemption.
The late Dr. Mayer Eisenstein, founder of the Homefirst clinics in Chicago, wrote that, out of 40,000 children in his four clinics, not one suffered from autism. The Illinois State health officials who visited his clinics were greatly surprised at this unprecedented zero autism rate.
The CDC sees themselves as a military force, conducting a massive war campaign against overwhelming multitudes of potentially-deadly diseases.
The CDC’s war metaphor is dangerous. In war, there are casualties, and collateral damage to innocent civilians. So, the CDC has a cavalier attitude towards children who become casualties in this war against disease.
As the casualties mount, the CDC responds by hiding the body count. It’s almost impossible for independent researchers to get accurate data on the real health consequences of today’s overwhelming vaccine schedule. The CDC guards their data like a top state secret.
To quiet the increasingly loud voices of its critics, the CDC funded 11 million dollars of fraudulent research with Dr. Poul Thorsen, in an effort to show that vaccines have no connection to the autism/autoimmune holocaust. Although Dr. Thorsen was later indicted for stealing one million dollars from the CDC, his fake research is still cited by television and newspaper commentators as proof that the MMR vaccine does not cause autism.
  1. You wrote that the drug industry controls mainstream medicine, our health officials, and major news outlets. How will this situation ever improve? What can ordinary people do to challenge their message?
Right now, powerful forces want to change health care practices in America.  If they succeed, we  will lose all our rights to choose what kind and how much medical care we receive.
"You can keep your doctor, and you can keep your medical plan (sic).”—It’s already happening under Obamacare. It will get much worse.
We  will be subjected to a government/BigPharma dictatorship. The media will be fully censored and government controlled. Doctors will have no say whatever in the protocols and standards of medical care. They will be under the total control of the Government/BigPharma Industrial Complex.

Anne Dachel is Media Editor for Age of Autism.
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