Monday, November 28, 2016

Nailing MRSA with Homeopathy

Joette Calabrese, HMC, CCH, RSHom(Na)
November 27th, 2016  |  9 Comments

MRSA is short for Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus. It is basically a specific strain of the Staph bacteria; one that adapts quickly to suppressants, especially antibiotics.
This means that if you take one round of antibiotics for MRSA, this bacteria has a history of adapting and becoming resistant to that particular antibiotic, which usually leads to the doctor prescribing another round of stronger antibiotics.*
Now, if you have MRSA, I’m not saying that you don’t go to a doctor. Indeed, they at least have to diagnose it, and perhaps you want to be under their observation while dealing with this condition, but what if you don’t have a doctor nearby? What if medical facilities are not available? What would you do?
Wouldn’t it be wise to prepare? Right here and right now, we can learn how to become more self-reliant and independent—how to brush up on our skills should we face unexpected health challenges.
So if I had MRSA, this is what I would do.
My wonderful friends, the Drs. Banerji, have a protocol for this condition:
But I also learned from another renowned homeopath and my teacher of 5 years, Dr. Ramakrishnan, that one can employ:
I have seen both protocols work, but I must admit that I have had a lot more experience with the Aurum arsenicum protocol, as I learned it years before I began the Banerji Protocols.
I have yet to see it fail. Let me share one such experience.
My cousin was nailing on a roof to his home when he accidentally whacked his thumb with a hammer in the process. He cleaned it when he came down from the roof, and never gave it another thought. It became painful over a period of days, and soon it was clear that it had become infected. He was scrupulously clean and cared for it consistently, but it got worse and worse.
In short order, he went to the doctor who diagnosed it as MRSA. I’m sure we all know that he was given an antibiotic for a period of time that I don’t recall (but I dare say this round of antibiotics lasted weeks.) The MRSA infection simmered down a bit, but then it came back with more intensity. 
And this repeated over a period of many months: Antibiotic, the infection waned, then MRSA would flare; antibiotic, wane, flare. Until finally one day he called me. He asked if I knew what could be done, and I told him about my favorite protocol of that time: Aurum arsenicum 6.
It took about four days for the color to return and the pain to minimize, and about two more weeks for the pain to be permanently gone. He continue until the wound and its infection was completely clear. Meanwhile, I urged him to have his doctor look at it regularly, which he did.
And THAT is how we nailed MRSA.  
Jot down these protocols and tuck them away in your personal notes.  We never know when an infection might become a threat and to have such important information at your finger tips is the best way…the only way to own your and your family’s health care.

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