Wednesday, May 10, 2017

What Liberals Are Missing In Trump’s Comey Firing…

by Celkim Veritat
By now, everyone who even loosely follows politics knows about the removal of James Comey as FBI Director. The Left is thrashing about with gasps and gnashing of teeth, trying to find a way to spin this as a new scandal. But if you are a Trump supporter, Comey’s removal comes down to a few, very solid talking points. You may want to memorize, or even print out this list, for addressing your Liberal friends:

  1. The Assistant Attorney General, Rod Rosenstein:
    1. Was overwhelmingly approved two weeks ago by the Senate in a vote of 94 to 6. That means most of the Democrats voted for him. Why? Rosenstein was an Obama appointee. I’m sure the Left felt Rosenstein could balance or negate any efforts put forth for investigations by Attorney General Jeff Sessions
    2.  The Assistant Attorney General is officially Comey’s boss; he is the person Comey reports to directly.
  2. Rosenstein is the person who drafted the letter calling for Comey’s resignation. If you haven’t read it in full, you can find it here.
  3. Among the long list of offenses committed by James Comey, he lied under oath to Congress and he overstepped his bounds as FBI director, putting is prosecutor hat back on instead of remaining the head of the investigative unit of the government (the FBI).
  4. Attorney General Sessions agreed with the assessment put together by Rosenstein. Together, they presented their recommendations to President Trump.
  5. Our Leftist “Friends” are trying to paint this as a unilateral move by the president. It wasn’t. In fact, Trump apparently called Diane Feinstein (D, CA) and Lindsey Graham (R, SC) before releasing Comey.
  6. As President of the United States of America, Inc., President Trump took action on the recommendations of two of his top “executives.” A bigger scandal would have arisen of Trump had not taken action to remove Comey.
So, what needs to be done next? How about following through with the investigation into Hillery Clinton’s escapades:
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  1. Hillary Clinton potentially broke more than 25 federal laws and was never prosecuted. These need to be investigated as part of “draining the swam.” You can find the list here.
  2. Hillary Clinton was involved in at least 25 scandals that need to be investigated as part of “draining the swamp.” You can find the list here.
The Left consistently looks to paint any move by Trump as a “blunder,” but the truth is, this move makes all the sense in the world. And this is turned yet again, into an opportunity for the left to create chaos and divide where it isn’t relevant or needed.

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