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Top Natural Supplements for Hepatitis A

Hepatitis A: Top Natural Supplements for Treatment
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What is Hepatitis A?
Hepatitis A is the most common of the seven known types of viral Hepatitis; a viral infection that leads to inflammation of the liver. However, the complications are rarely serious.

Top Natural Supplements for Hepatitis A
Nutritional supplements for Hepatitis A treatment support the liver and strengthen the immune system. Your doctor should be notified of any kind of nutritional supplement being taken for Hepatitis A. These natural supplements include:

1. Reishi mushroom herbal remedy has shown favorable results in the natural treatment of Hepatitis A.

2. An important natural treatment for Hepatitis A is the use of a herbal remedy known as Milk Thistle. Silymarin health supplement found in milk thistles protects the liver by preventing toxins from entering the cells. They are strong antioxidants and reduce damage to liver cells.


3. Hepatitis patients are known to experience relief with the use of liquorice root as part of natural treatment for Hepatitis A.

4. Some studies reveal that one particular herb, Uncaria gambier, containing a flavonoid known as catechin, can be an effective diet supplement for Hepatitis A.
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5. Natural antibiotics, colloidal silver, and olive leaf capsules, are considered beneficial in cases of Hepatitis.

6. Zell oxygen natural health supplements for Hepatitis A are known to strengthen the immune system.

7. Dietary supplements with Zinc (30-50mg), vitamin C (1000 mg), and vitamin E (800 mg) are also recommended as natural remedies for Hepatitis.

8. Sterols and sterolins health supplements for Hepatitis A are prescribed to strengthen the immune system.

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