Wednesday, May 24, 2017



Melatonin controls mtDNA and heteroplasmy rates in mitochondria and it now appears melatonin also controls DNA expression. Melatonin regenerates the mitochondria respiratory proteins. Cancer is a state when the respiratory proteins are expanded on the inner mitochondrial membrane and mitochondria have high heteroplasmy rates as a result. This activates epigenetic expression programs in DNA. Melatonin is pleitropic for this reason. Endogenous melatonin production from the RPE of eye and skin needs the proper sunrise and sunset signals, via these surfaces, to control the cell cycle and mitochondrial DNA. In the eye there is an UV-A receptor called neuropsin. It is a photoreceptor that helps regenerate our tissues using melatonin as a guardian protector of the respiratory chain in every human cell. This is why AM UVA and IR-A light are critical during the first light daily. The second messenger’s in this system in humans is the triplet state free radicals made by the respiratory proteins in mitochondria. The distance between each cytochrome and the amount of oxygen in mitochondria are quantized to determine what type of free radicals are made. These radicals can limit ELF-UV release from cells at night or increase it. Cancer is a state where ELF-UV light is released in massive amounts because we cannot retain the light due to a loss of electric and magnetic fields from mitochondria in tissues.
Every morning you need the sun to charge separate water in your body to create the battery that creates your life. The key frequencies are UVA and IRA. That life is created by a cadre of photochemical that do things we all rely on. You need to expose all your surfaces to this signals to make sense of the world around you. The food and exercise guru’s that keep bathing in blue light in their gyms every AM will never see this message. They will continue to blame foods or SNP's for yoru issues and a lack of exercise for their clients ills. My Time #9 blog shows you what you might miss when you focus only on food and completely ignore light at night. If you are a mitochondriac, make like the Sphinx every morning, while meditating in the morning sun, look to the East and ground and remain as connected to this environment as you can and food will never be your main driver. Light water and magnetism works to limit food influence at the confluence of your mitochondria and can help you build endogenous ocular and brain melatonin to treat cancer optimally. It’s that simple a Rx to regenerate your tissues even from a cancerous state.…

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