Monday, April 30, 2018

Glaucoma How To Release Intraocular Pressure


Hey folks, it’s Dr. Sam and I want to talk to you today about glaucoma and MSM eyedrops.
So Glaucoma is a very scary disease. It’s called the silent thief because almost 50% of those with glaucoma don’t know they have it, but it can cause you to lose your peripheral vision very quickly.
So what happens in glaucoma is basically there’s an imbalance in the fluid in the eye in terms of the production and the flow. And this causes a buildup of intraocular pressure that begins to attack the optic nerve. When the optic nerve is damaged, you begin to lose your visual fields. And this can in some extreme cases lead to blindness.
So the standard approach of treating glaucoma is using eye drops. They actually work very well. However, there certainly are side effects to those pharmaceuticals, but it’s certainly the first line of defense from an allopathic point of view.
But can you complement these drops with a holistic approach? Absolutely! In the holistic world, what I look for in glaucoma is around the inflammatory response in the eyes and the body. Certain pharmaceutical drugs are known to increase inflammation, and sometimes getting off these can reverse the buildup of intraocular pressure. It is very important to consult with your doctor before doing this.
Toxicities in the eye, specifically heavy metals toxicities or anything that contributes to free radical damage can clog up the fluid in the eye. Physical traumas and stress can also contribute to glaucoma.
Now in terms of eyedrops that reduce inflammation AND detox the eye, I recommend MSM eye drops. These are fantastic eye drops that actually soften up the cellular tissue, so they increased cell permeability which allows fluids and nutrients to flow more freely, which balances out pressure levels in the eyes. MSM is a sulfur-based compound that acts like a sticky flypaper and attracts toxicities in the eye. So it is excellent for detoxing the body.
We also know that MSM facilitates the production of and recycles glutathione, which is known as the “master antioxidant”.
Now the way I instill MSM eyedrops is I put a couple of drops in the corner of my eyes. I’m lying down on my back so I let gravity do the work. And with my eyes closed I massage my eyes especially the lids the eyelashes because again the more circulation you can bring to the eyes, you begin to neutralize the glaucoma pattern. So I would do that three to four times a day. I would also recommend supplementing with omega 3 fish oils. The Omega 3s are wonderful for increasing Optic Nerve health. So again it’s neutralizing any damage that may be occurring. I also would include lutein, zeaxanthin, magnesium, chromium, selenium, and other eye-healthy nutrients that reduce inflammation in the eye. Similarly, getting off inflammatory foods and consuming probiotics can help.
Last but not least, do 2 eye exercises twice per day. This will take 10-15 minutes per day and help facilitate the flow of aqueous fluid through the eye.
These are all things that you can use to systemically neutralize and reduce the glaucoma pattern.
So that’s my message for today I want to thank you so much for tuning in. And until next time take good care.

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