Wednesday, November 28, 2012

More proof your water is poisoning you

November 28, 2012
More proof your water
is poisoning youere
Your government likes to understate the safety of heavy metals in your water and in the environment. They consistently tell us that poisonous levels of lead, arsenic, and other metals are safe - when research has already shown them to be quite dangerous.

For instance, the government recently lowered the threshold for lead in children, as if the higher level was safe a few years ago, but unsafe now. Now it’s happening again. Another study has proven your government wrong about what levels of a poison are safe.

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This time it’s arsenic. The EPA tells us that 10 ppb of arsenic in drinking water is “safe.” But researchers from two separate institutions in New England have discovered that drinking water with 10 ppb of arsenic given to pregnant mice damages the animal as well as the offspring. The babies were substantially smaller. And the pregnant or lactating mothers experienced lipid problems substantially degrading their milk quality. The moms put out fewer triglycerides in their milk, which is an important fat nutrient for the pups. That’s one reason they were smaller. When the researchers took the pups to feed on non-arsenic exposed moms, they began to recover, suggesting that the metal’s effects were on the mothers. The research team cautions that we can’t infer human effects since our biochemistry is different from the rodent. However, this is cause for concern, especially since some waters in this country (New England, Florida, upper Midwest) have arsenic levels over 100 ppb.
Action to take: I think everyone ought to have a test for heavy metal poisoning. We’ve all suffered dangerous exposure to lead, cadmium, mercury and arsenic in this industrial age. Some communities might draw water from wells that have more naturally occurring metals.
The best place to get tested is from your integrative doctor. However, I tell out of town inquiries that they can contact a company called Mercout (877-530-4800 or to order a kit for metal testing. Please make sure you get a complete heavy metal screen and not just mercury. If your level of any of the toxic metals comes back high, that’s the time to see your integrative doctor, or make a phone consult with me.
Chelation therapy is the best way to remove heavy metals. But if you can’t find a doctor who performs chelation therapy or can’t afford it, there’s another way - Detoxamin. I’ve told you about Detoxamin in the past. It’s a chelation suppository that works far better than oral chelation. You can order Detoxamin by calling 877-656-4553. It’s very effective and safe. You can still get 10% off when you order by simply mentioning the word SAVE.
Yours for better health and medical freedom,
Robert J. Rowen, MD
Ref:, June 01, 2012.

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