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A Better Medicine for Shingles

Joette Calabrese, HMC, CCH, RSHom(Na)
October 16th, 2016  |  11 Comments

Last week, I wrote about the Chicken Pox and explained that by contracting the illness, children develop a lifelong immunity to the Varicella virus.
But with the advent of the Chicken Pox vaccine, which was introduced in the early 90’s, incidences of this common childhood disease have declined significantly. Interestingly, over recent years and months, the percentage of Shingles developing in adults has increased.
Odd coincidence?
I don’t think it’s a coincidence at all.
It has been suggested by immunology experts that because adults are no longer tending to children who have the Chicken Pox (since most children are being vaccinated against it), adults are not getting a natural immunity ‘boost’ against the Varicella (or Herpes) Zoster virus.
This means it is possible that an adult’s susceptibility to developing Shingles increases by not having been exposed to a child with Chicken Pox.  
I have taken several calls from adults requesting information on how homeopathy can help ease the suffering associated with Shingles.
As it turns out, one of my staff members offered a recent story of her mother-in-law’s experience with Shingles.
The condition initially began as a ‘sensation’ on her back. At first, she thought it was simply an irritation from her undergarments. That is until it spread and was no longer a mild feeling, but an excruciating, stabbing pain.
After diagnosing her with Shingles, the doctor wrote up some prescriptions but let her know that even while taking the drugs, she may still suffer from the pain associated with the virus for up to a year.
A year.
So if the drugs don’t cure the condition and allow the disease to carry on for a year, what exactly do they accomplish?
Not knowing what else to do, she got the scripts filled. But before taking them, she noticed a warning on one of the bottles.
It said that anyone taking the medicine should wear a bracelet warning people about the particular drug they were taking.
This alarmed her.
Ya think?
*I urge anyone who considers taking any drug to inform themselves of the potential side-effects. Given the availability of the internet, there is really no excuse not to take this critical step.*
Hoping for a better solution, this mom called her daughter-in-law, who has been taking my courses and using homeopathy for some years now, to get some advice.
Correctly, her daughter-in-law’s primary concern was to be sure she hadn’t started taking any of the drugs yet.
This is important.
Often, homeopathy can work in spite of allopathic drugs, but not so well when it comes to Shingles.
It is my experience that if drugs are begun, homeopathy’s ability to clear the case is hampered.
If someone has Shingles and they start taking conventional drugs prescribed for it, then realize said drugs are not helping enough so they switch to homeopathic medicines, homeopathy does not work as well. It takes a lot longer.
It may offer some help, but not with the same alacrity and thoroughness as when only homeopathy has been applied.
Need I remind you that the pain of Shingles can be relentless and maddening?
Because mom hadn’t started the drugs, her daughter-in-law quickly headed over with her homeopathy kit.
She had learned in my Good Gut, Bad Gut course that the Banerji Protcol for Shingles is Antimonium crud 6c, (Apply the discount coupon code – “Joette”– at check-out for an additional 20% off!) taken every three hours. Had there been a fever present, she would have given her Belladonna 6c every 3 hours until the fever was resolved.
There was no fever, so they skipped this step.
The next remedy that was given was Hypericum 200 for her acute pain. She took it every hour when the pain was extreme; twice a day when it was manageable.
My staff member checked back in with her mother-in-law after a few days. The pain was still there, but it was less intense. It continued to decrease and after about two and a half weeks, she reported that her pain was barely noticeable.
A month later and it was only a memory.
Pain-free without warning labels. What a concept!
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