Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Homeopathy For Colds and Coughs

Joette Calabrese, HMC, CCH, RSHom(Na)
December 20th, 2015  |  43 Comments

I’m traveling this week and am having a hard time getting to writing as I usually do, so I’m going to make this week’s article short but super useful. Perhaps you’ll even use it this week.
First, let me establish that through the years, I’ve used many remedies for colds and coughs, and had accepted that there is not just one solution. It can depend on the type of weather the person has been exposed to, the way the illness presents itself (you know…fever, type of cough, weakness, etc.), and various other circumstances.
But these days, I like simpler solutions.
That means fast, simple and straightforward results.
So here is my answer regarding what I recommend for the common cold and cough this year: I like to start with Oscillococcinum made by Boiron. You may purchase this at Walmart, your local health food or drug store, or online through Amazon. I find that the sooner you take this, the better it works.
But then, a few years ago, I learned a lovely little protocol from the Drs. Banerji, and have taught it to my students and personal clients ever since.
Trust me, it’s a winner.
It is Bryonia 200, mixed with Aconitum 200.
“Mixed with” simply means you put a dose (as indicated on the outside of the bottle) of one in the mouth, close the bottle, followed by  a dose of the other remedy in the mouth….
There. It’s mixed.
Continue doing this approximately every 6 hours or so. However, the more severe the illness, the more frequently it can be taken.
I’ve seen this remedy work time and again.
Every time?  No.
Lots of times? Yes.
So there you have it. Consider it my early Christmas present to you and your family!
Let’s make 2016 the year that homeopathy becomes your go-to medicine, no matter where you are in this great big world.
Pass it on to your friends, relatives, neighbors, colleagues, Facebook and so on.
And cure your corner of the world.
Merry Christmas and Happy (belated) Hanukah!


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