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These Three Brands of Mineral Water Help Prevent Dementia and remove Aluminum from the Brain

These 3 brands of mineral water help prevent dementia and remove aluminum from the brain
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    We are living in the “Age of Aluminum”, according to Dr. Chris Exley who has dedicated over twenty years of his life to research into aluminum toxicity. The increased presence of this metal in our day-to-day lives has lead to an increase in cases of aluminum poisoning in people, with results ranging from brain degeneration to skeletal deformities (1).
    Why is this happening?
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  • We find aluminum in cookware, drinks containers, foil, cigarette smoke, and even in cosmetics, sunscreen, and antiperspirants to name a few (1). Not to mention its presence in our daily diet, occurring naturally, but also being added to many processed foods. The Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry estimates that the average American eats around 7 – 9 milligrams of aluminum every day in their intake of food alone (2).

    As this metal surrounds us in increasingly higher volumes, it can begin to affect our health in a pretty dramatic way. Aluminum nanoparticles find their way into our bodies through inhalation, ingestion, or absorption through the skin, and are then carried by the blood around the body. Sometimes, these particles come to reside in the brain, which is bad news!

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    Aluminum in the Brain
    The brain is an area of the body which has a much slower turnaround of natural cell death and replacement in comparison to other regions of the body. Because of this, should aluminum come to reside in the brain, it could build to toxic levels over time. This is also observable in other slow cell turnaround areas like the bones and heart.

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  • Because of this, Exley has claimed there to be a marked correlation between the increase in the mining of aluminum, bringing it into our daily lives, and an increase in neurological diseases.
    What is the Solution?
    In a 2011 conference, Exley revealed to the audience how he was able to help improve neurological damage in aluminum toxic children suffering from autism spectrum disorders. He was able to dramatically reduce the toxic levels of aluminum in patients through the use of silica – the second most abundant mineral on Earth.
    For silica to be best absorbed by the human body, it should be oxygenated, which creates silicic acid. In this form, the silica can be absorbed through the gut and into the blood, and delivered where it is most needed. If there is a large amount of aluminum in the brain, for example, the silica will bind to the aluminum molecules and safely remove them from the brain through the urine. It does this without any associated effect on the urinary excretion of iron and copper, both vital in our bodies.
    How can you find this essential element in its most bioavailable form? In mineral water!


    In a later study published in 2013, Exley had 15 patients suffering from Alzheimer’s disease drink a mineral water rich in silicic acid. They drank one liter per day over the course of 12 weeks. The results were incredible – he found that aluminum levels were lower by anywhere from 50 to 70 percent in his patients. Further to this, eight of the patients no longer deteriorated and three of them showed substantial cognitive improvements (1)(3).
    Which Brands are Best?

    In his study, he used Malaysian mineral water brand Spritzer. In the U.S., brands that have high enough levels of silicic acid to penetrate the blood barrier and remove any aluminum present, are Fiji and Volvic. Fiji has the highest levels of the mineral, so it is the most effective brand available in the U.S. However, you should steer away from sweetened or flavored versions of either of these waters.
    For those concerned about drinking from a plastic bottle, both Fiji and Volvic are BPA free. (Some other notable brands that are BPA free include Voss, Smart Water and Evian). 
    If you drink a substantial enough amount of a silica-rich mineral water, then you too can help your body remove aluminum from the brain safely and effectively.

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