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Foods that are good to eat everyday for good Kidney Function
    Posted Thursday, September 29, 2016 at 02:10pm EDT

    Diet plays a bigger role in kidney function than most people realize. Eating the right foods improves kidney function and reduces risk of kidney disease. But realize that other factors like genetics, obesity, immune system and urinary tract infections also affect kidney function.
    Improving kidney function will – balance blood pressure, regulate acid in the body, reduce water retention, improve excretion of wastes, prevent kidney stones, fight infections and much more. Here are 10 foods that will improve your kidney function.
    1. Garlic
    Research shows that garlic can prevent renal reperfusion injury which is known to cause death due to acute kidney failure. Feel free to add garlic in all your meals.
    2. Apples
    According to research apples contain phytochemicals which prevent oxidative stress and renal dysfunction. Even people with kidney disease can benefit from apples.
    3. Watermelon
    Watermelon will improve your kidney health because it contains lots of water, and it has diuretic properties to clean up the kidneys and prevent infections.
    4. Ginger
    Ginger has strong anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties that increase kidney function. They help in repair of renal tissues and prevent inflammation around the kidneys. Adding ginger to meals and teas can even prevent kidney stones.
    5. Red bell peppers
    Red bell peppers are rich in nutrients that will increase kidney function. Adding them in meals can lower risk of cancer since they’re rich in lycopene.
    6. Cherries
    This fruit is rich in citrate, a compound that reduces uric acid in the blood. And high uric acid levels can lead to gout and arthritis. Eating cherries every day will definitely improve kidney function.
    7. Lemons
    Eating lemons or drinking lemon water can prevent the painful experience of passing a kidney stone. Lemons prevent stones from forming in the kidney by dissolves all the minerals in the kidney due to their acidic nature. You can experience lots of other health benefits by drinking lemon water every morning.
    8. Kidney beans
    They may get the name due to their shape, but these beans can actually benefit your kidneys. They prevent formation of kidney stones.
    9. Olive oil
    Olive oil is key in the Mediterranean diet. And one study found that people with chronic kidney disease experienced less symptoms when they used the Mediterranean diet. It is suspect that components of olive oil improved kidney function.
    10. Celery
    Celery contains lots of water and diuretic properties. It will increase production of urine and enhance clean-up of different organs.
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