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Folks, I hope those of you in America had a bountiful Thanksgiving Holiday. I went to our yearly vegetarian potluck where I brought the last of the season tomatoes made up in a delicious snappy and raw Gazpacho soup. Now its time to turn back to matters at hand.
New information about vaccines and a new potential link to autism, as well as a potential huge religious conflict. Dr. Theresa Deisher, is a PhD in Molecular and Cellular Physiology from Stanford University. She is the first person to discover adult cardiac derived stem cells. Now she has determined that residual human fetal DNA fragments in vaccines may be one of the causes of autism in children through vaccination.
She writes: “It is possible that these contaminating fragments could be incorporated into a child’s genome and disrupt normal gene function, leading to autistic phenotypes.”
Her research strongly suggests that our cells can take up foreign DNA intact. And, inflammation might increase that uptake.Vaccines have foreign DNA, inclusive of animal DNA and for some people here, DNA from a worse source – aborted human fetal tissues. This foreign human DNA can be taken up by normal cells and alter that cell’s function to that of the foreign DNA coding. I’ll copy and paste her article below. But I have some comments first.
There is always an interplay with the environment. Many people eat animals, so they might be exposed to DNA by ingestion. We are also exposed to the body fluids and DNA of our loved one. We exchange DNA during sex. Our bodies are designed for oral ingestion. We have enzymes which break down the DNA into constituent nutrients for assimilation.
We now know that compounds in seminal fluids are actually absorbed into women through the vaginal wall. On the spiritual side of me, I believe that might help us actually draw closer to the one we love. Our Creator designed us this way. But I don’t know of any logical connection of this biological process to being needle injected with foreign DNA. Sorry pro-forced vaxxers. I don’t equate a needle injection of foreign DNA into an immature baby with a sexual (or pregnancy) transmission of DNA into adults who have fully mature cells. I am certainly willing to allow some of my beloved's DNA into my system, as I am sure you all are as well. We would not be here if we were not so willing. That said, I am not willing to be injected with someone else's DNA.
I don’t consider this, or any one thing, as “the cause”. But all the insults to our babies together might be acting synergistically to create the current autism and immune system nightmares our younger generation faces. I can certainly and strongly consider that the uptake of another human’s DNA into a young child’s system might be another significant cause of significant cellular dysfunction. We just don’t know.
I conclude with my personal feelings that it is abhorrent to force vaccinate children when questions like this, and other questions we’ve considered here, remain unanswered.
From the report:
“Cellular and nuclear DNA uptake in human foreskin fibroblast (HFF1) cells and in NCCIT cells suggests that embryonic and neonatal cell are more susceptible to DNA uptake than cells from a more mature source. These results indicate the need for further study of DNA incorporation from exogenous sources to compare the susceptibility of infants and toddlers versus teens and adults. Increased DNA uptake after LPS activation suggests that systemic inflammation or immune responses could increase susceptibility for exogenous DNA uptake. Human diploid cell produced vaccines are contaminated by exogenous DNA fragments and a retrovirus, and vaccines elicit systemic inflammation and immune activation. Our future research goals are to localize the sites of DNA integration, to demonstrate phenotype changes caused by foreign DNA integration in factor dependent cell lines, and to determine the biological and/or pathological activities of Human Endogenous Retrovirus K (HERVK) fragments in vaccines.”
“Not only damaged human cells, but also healthy human cells can take up foreign DNA spontaneously. Foreign human DNA taken up by human cells will be transported into nuclei and be integrated into host genome, which will cause phenotype change. Hence, residual human fetal DNA fragments in vaccine can be one of causes of autism spectrum disorder in children through vaccination. Vaccine must be safe without any human DNA contaminations or reactivated viruses, and must be produced in ethically approved manufacturing processes.”

PS Thanks to Facebook family member Mary-Lis Uruena, for alerting me to this work.

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