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Why Should I Care About Breast Cancer Stem Cells?

Blog | Feb, 17 2014
Why Should I Care About Breast Cancer Stem Cells?

Breast Cancer Stem Cells (BCSC) are the underlying cause of chemo-resistant cancers  and are a major reason for  such a low success rate with conventional medicine in attempting to heal cancer.
Cancer stem cells are cells that are found in a tumor and can differentiate or change into various types of cancer cells. Breast Cancer Stem Cells (BCSC) are very tumorigenic (love to grow tumors) and like to branch out and spread to various parts of the body. The cancer stem cell theory believes that these cells reproduce and sustain the cancer. This has important implication since these cells may be responsible for a relapse after all “observable” signs of cancer have been eliminated.
The medical model of “treating cancer” is to cut out the visible cancer, radiate it and then poison the body to try to poisoning the cancer. Most doctors will not tell you that the tumor they are attacking is loaded with BCSC that may not respond to treatment because they are chemo-resistant.  The tumor may shrivel and die, but unless the BCSC are addressed the chances of recurrence are quite high.
According to Stanford School of Medicine, “Shrinking a cancerous tumor may offer temporary relief….but it will not offer a long-term cure if the Cancer Stem Cells are not eliminated.”
Sadly, many of the medical treatments for cancer actually produce more BCSC! Chemotherapy might reduce the size and volume of the tumor, but in doing so, it increases the Cancer Stem Cells ratio, which actually makes the cancer more malignant.
Research scientists have discovered that when they radiate Breast Cancer Cells, they reprogram and change into Breast Cancer Stem Cells, increasing the growth and spread of cancer. These BCSC are resistant to traditional treatment!

Fortunately, Nature comes to the rescue once again. There are many natural medicines that can offer alternatives to conventional treatments and even offer support while conventional treatments are being applied.  Natural medicines are safe, non-toxic and only kill cancer cells, not your healthy cells. Many natural compounds target BCSC, thus eliminating one of the causes of recurrence.
Curcumin  and Sulforaphane from Broccoli Sprouts have been shown to inhibit BCSC, without any toxic side-effects. (The most concentrated form of Broccoli sprout powder can be found in my store. )  Fermented soy products such as Haelan, have concentrated amounts of genistein, a plant estrogen. Genistein significantly targets Breast Cancer cells by promoting apoptosis or cancer cell death. However, it also inhibited BCSC production by down-regulating certain signaling pathways.  Resveratrol, a natural plant compound found in the skin of red grapes, red wine, dark chocolate and blueberries, significantly suppresses the growth of BCSC.
Whether you simply want to prevent Breast Cancer or if you are on a Breast Cancer healing journey, incorporating natural medicines that inhibit the growth of Breast Cancer Stem Cells will increase your body’s ability to be happy, healthy, whole and complete.

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