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Our Electric Selves: EMFs in Pregnancy POSTED BY KELLY BROGAN MD IN


EMFs in Pregnancy
While I have grave concerns about pharmaceuticals, I recognize that as long as we have a choice to engage the medical model, we should be relatively more invested in the involuntary exposures we accumulate everyday – from industrial chemicals to glyphosate t0 technological pollution. At this point in our rush toward greater and greater mechanistic excellence, we find ourselves amidst a species-wide experiment, and the preliminary results are not comforting.
And, we have forgotten that we are, in essence, electrical beings. We administer EKGs and EEGs in hospitals, but then dismiss the relevance of our electrophysiology in every other arena including determination of risk and sensitivity, let alone considering energetic methods of healing.
Perhaps the image of a pregnant woman on a cell phone also triggers in you, some deep sense of dissonance, much like if she were smoking a cigarette. Now we have more reason to feel this way. With this latest study out of the journal Endocrine, Yuksel et al investigated the effects of mobile phone and wifi exposure on pregnant rats and their offspring. They were divided into control, 900, 1800, and 2450 MHz groups and exposure was for 60 minutes per day. They state the following:
In conclusion, although EMR exposure decreased the prolactin, estrogen, and progesterone levels in the plasma of maternal rats and their offspring, EMR-induced oxidative stress in the uteri of maternal rats increased during the development of offspring. Mobile phone- and Wi-Fi-induced EMR may be one cause of increased oxidative uterine injury in growing rats and decreased hormone levels in maternal rats.
They even posit a mechanism involving TRPV1- channel calcium influx into uterine cells and associated mitochondrial dysfunction.
And what happens if developmental exposure imprints for sensitivity later in life as was posited in this review? These exposures come in the form of cell phone contact, shown to change brain waves within minutes and neurons in the developing fetus,  laptops that should be used anywhere but, cables and powerlines, and the many gadgets that we surround ourselves with.
Our children’s vulnerable bodies are bathed in this “possible carcinogen” with corporations marketing electronics to children without regard for these demonstrated risks. Dr. Nick Gonzalez was very concerned about this generational shift contributing to the scourge of cancers and neurodevelopmental impairments, and you can listen to his thoughts on the matter in this incredible interview.
What to do? What if you’re not ready to break up with your tech?
  • Charge laptops, then use them unplugged, and at a desk
  • Turn wifi off at night and sleep with cell phones in airplane mode or across the room
  • Speak on an airtube headset or speaker phone if you are using your cell
  • Don’t move around the world with your device on your body
  • Take time to unplug. Try a silent meditation where you simply sit or walk in nature for an hour (or more!), with your phone off or at home
  • Consider earthing to counteract EMFs and normalize electrophysiology in the way that we did pre-shoes and pre-tech
  • Reconsider the necessity and seeming benefit of home gadgets from baby monitors to wearable tech.

For even more practical interventions, head over to Fearlessparent, and do what you can to protect your incredible electrical body.

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