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Will Natural Substances Provide A Cure for Type 1 Diabetes?

By Jacqueline Marshall, Nov 11, 2015

Type 1 diabetes occurs when beta cells within the pancreas, responsible for the manufacture of insulin, are impaired or destroyed.
There are no drugs that can rejuvenate pancreatic beta cells. However, several peer-reviewed, published research articles indicate that certain plant compounds, some found in commonly enjoyed foods, stimulate beta cell regeneration in the pancreas.
As reported in the Canadian Journal of Physiology and Pharmacology, a substance in flaxseed provided broad benefits in a type 1 diabetes animal study. The flaxseed component called LU6 (short for Linun usitassimum) was found to:
  • Improve utilization of glucose in the liver.
  • Facilitate normal glucose forming activity (glycogenesis) in the liver and muscle tissues.
  • Lower post-meal blood sugar levels.
  • Normalize plasma insulin and C-peptide levels—signaling that beta cell function was effectively restored.
Flaxseed improved blood sugar disorders in other research as well, and is only one of many natural occurring beta cell healers.
Other Natural Beta Cell Boosters
Berberine is a naturally occurring compound that the Chinese have used for centuries to treat diabetes. In scientific studies, berberine triggered beta cell regeneration in diabetic rats.
Corn silk and curcumin (from turmeric) have both been used to stimulate beta cell regeneration in rats with type 1 diabetes. In other animal studies, chard extract facilitated the healing of injured beta cells, avocado extract had a protective and rejuvenating effect on pancreatic islet cells, and arginine stimulated beta cell formation.
Research involving humans indicates that Nigella Sativa (black seed) increases beta cell function, and stevia, nature’s sweetener, revitalizes damaged beta cells. Scientists compared stevia’s effects to the drug glibenclamide, a sulfonylurea—minus any adverse side effects.
Research Continues
These promising research results in no way suggest that eating foods containing these beta-cell boosting substances, or taking them as supplements, will alter the course of an illness.
Whether any of these plant compounds actually prove to be a cure for type 1 diabetes depends on further research, which depends on research funding, which is typically scarce for natural substances. Yet, there are intrepid scientists out there studying what nature has to offer in the way of healing.
Anyone interested in learning more about this type of research can find plenty of information at websites such as GreenMed Info, or Natural News (

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